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Schweinsteiger video for flanders77


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Flanders, some good friends and I were thinking about you. Thank you again so much for this wonderful Schweinsteiger scarf! I've been wearing it today on a cold Portland day with GourmetVeganChef and Julia


Awesome times! Photos to come. We miss you buddy!


I have saved the letter you send me and love having this scarf I've taken many photos with!



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Of course....I need to say that it is Daywalker who first gave me this nickname and flanders77 who embraced it and sent me this awesome gift!


So this dance is for Both of you!


Miss you both very much and so do my Portland friends!

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I have more videos and more photos! Just haven't finished uploading all of them


Although the Schweinsteiger name came from you originally.......flanders77 sent me that scarf so I wanted to thank him for the gift.


But you're both my Schweinsteiger's!


Both of you have come all the way from Germany to our Vegan Vacation on the West Coast of the US and we really appreciate it! Both of you left very good impressions on so many of us out here.

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hey flanders....here are a few more


I'm holding up fingers for the only number I know how to say...which I'm sure you remember











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I could not stop laughing when I watched the vid and I really love the pictures!

Give the two german girls a big hug from me when you see them!

Having been part of VV2007 is very important to me because all the persons I got in contact with where inspiring and lovable!

Some of you may have noticed that I do not spent as much time on vbb&f as I did before. I still enjoy reading some of the topics but I had some serious problems with my elbow (I mentioned this somewhere else already) and stopped training for a little while. Instead I focused on yoga to support the healing processes of my joints. Additionally I am really busy (I sound like Thinthin ) with my job and family.


Anyway: I am still part of vbb&f and love it!


Here is a newer pic of the kids!

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I love you too man! I always speak very highly of you and miss you. You and Alex were both wonderful guests, one year after the other.....this past Vegan Vacation.....no Germans


Hopefully again in the future!


A bunch of us miss you man, you were a very positive, fun, friendly guy to have around, with nice Schweinsteiger muscles too!


I appreciate the gift as well and got so busy I never got to post any photos earlier of me wearing the scarf of the most awesome soccer player around! I think he scored 3 goals in the recent World Cup or Euro Cup game, against Russia or someone else.


Anyway, miss you man.


Thanks so much for photos of the kids....I used to see them all the time in photos, watching them chew on my DVD or wearing a Vegan Bodybuilding shirt! Good times!


Glad all is well and glad you're busy too. Busy often means productive and good things come from that.


All the best!



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