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one year vegan!!!!


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so just about this time last year, i decided to never eat meat again. about 2 months prior to that, i got off dairy products.


needless to say, ive gone through A LOT of changes this year, all of them for the better. im only about a million times healthier. all those constipated mornings and acid reflux days are history (im big into proper food combining)


the only major setback happened over the summer, spanning a period of two or three months. i decided to drink distilled water exclusivley, and that led to horrible vitamin defficiencies that really had me feeling bad. once i fugured out what was causing it i quit the distilled and got back to normal pretty quick.


im pretty much 90% raw, a lot of fruit, greens, and lots of beans, peanut butter, etc. theres a whole world of food out there that i never even knew about, so im always trying new things: papyas, kiwis, bok choy, turnip greens, thats all news to me. ( i was raised onlittle debbies and mcdonalds)


anyway ive always been scrawny, no muscle with a little fat, or a lot of fat...

im 6' 2 with an avg build i guess. i was always about 165- 180lbs.


one year after turning vegan and getting on an exercise program, i still weigh about 165, but now i have hardly any fat, only a small amt left on the belly, AND i actually have a chest now. i have muscles in my chest. its the weirdest thing bc my whole life it was just fat covering breast plate.


so im doing about 100 pushups every 2 days right now, but im about to kick it up a notch i think. i was a runner in high school (im 25), so naturally i focused on distance running over the summer, nothing too serious though, only about 20 mi/ wk.


now im ready to cut back on the distance running, switch over to more sprints and whatnot, and a lot more pushups and pullups. my reasons are two fold. for me, id like to see myself in awesome shape. but also, id like people to see that all this protein stuff is nonsense.


as you all know, the first thing they ask is where do you get your protein, as if they have any clue what that really means. so i guess in a way im out to show people that they can do it if they want. leading by example, u know?


btw ive influenced a lot of people in my first year as a vegan. i work at a mall, so there are tons of people around and some of them are quite receptive, theyre looking for change, and they dont know where to find it. thats where i come in.


also at the start of this year i killed my tv, stopped drinking, and started to gain a whole new understanding of life through the internet. ive learned a lot from ppll like robert from this site and also tim from running raw among so many others. without the unlimited reesources of the web i would have never come so far so quick.


ive been using fitday to keep up with everything i put in my mouth, started doing that on aug 6. so i can actually say how many calories im getting and where there coming from. last two months im avg 3500 a day about 50%carbs 30% fat 20%protein.



SO here i am. i will try to keep up with this forum, as i dont have too many friends in my life that i can relate to. hopefuly i'll meet some cool people here and we can all learn from each other.


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