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Before & During Photos (Notes, Observations, Progress)

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Thanks everyone! I'm VERY happy with feeling younger and looking a ton better. In real life, my arms are really muscular and defined (in the right lighting . I will be pleased when the time comes when the body fat is lower and I've got the ripped arms that I dig.


I was so sick, tachacardia (sp), foot pain/swelling, well on my way to diabetes or something bad like a heart attack. Amazing things people can do when properly determined and when they believe they are worth their own effort.

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Thanks everyone! Blush emoticon goes here, but I can't find one!


I believe it's this one?


I can't resist piling on yet another compliment here--you look great; your hard work really paid off! Congrats, and keep it up!


I dropped a similar amount of excess baggage over roughly the same time frame. I was about 190 last March, and by September was in the low 150s, with more than half of the weight loss happening in July and August when I was exercising an insane amount. A couple of months of holiday eating and being sedentary brought me back up to 170 (about where I was in my avatar photo), alas, but at least I'm starting out the year 20 pounds ahead of where I was this time last year!


Anyway, just wanted to say, wow! Way to go!

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Thanks, that's the embarrassed emoticon (and if I was bare assed, I'd use it - bada bum - rim shot).


I appreciate the compliments, Veginator! It's been really a good time and long enough at over 6 months now to make it stick. I love exercise a lot and have to force myself to eat, so my problem has been not getting enough calories. When I get more calories, I loose more weight. Weird. This last week I amped up the calories, kept the exercise the same, and lost a pound. So I'm 123 now! Yeah.


But with so much weights, I feel leaner but not lighter. But I would like to get really defined and that will take a while. Fun though. I don't want to be a stick figure.

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Today my brother gave me two BowFlex adjustable dumbell sets, SelecTech!!!







Just like those!!! Yikes! They are brand new! I really wanted some and wasn't even going to spend the money. The cost for used dumbells are 60 cents a pound. Now I can go up to 52.50 (which I never will). My brother rocks (actually he does, he owns two American Rock School's in Tampa - guitar/music schools and studios).



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Anyone familiar with jiggly fat that gets jigglier and (smaller, though slowly)?


I didn't used to have jiggly fat. Thankfully, no cellulite! But more spider veins now that I'm lifting stuff. Like kids, weights, bags of cat litter!!


This is what I read on a secular (LOL) body building site:



Jiggly fat is fat that has empty space interspersed through out the mass...most of the time caused by weight loss. I know all about jiggly fat after losing 420 lbs. in the last four years (not all at once, lost the 330 the first time and I am working on yet more).


Eat Like a Pig + Workout Like a Slave = Body like God


Shawn Muder

Height: 5ft. 10 in. (According to the Navy)

Age: 26

Starting Weight: 520 lbs. BF - 62% (3/24/04)

Current Weight: 215 lbs. BF - 15.2% (7/20/05)


Simplyexplained.com Expert




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strawberryriddick's awesome arms inspired me to post some of mine. I'm so happy, so far. Yeah, my pits look dark, it's partially the shirt (seriously) and then I have to shave, dark haired people, ahhh...








I'm almost getting both sides even. I started just working the other a little more.


My shirt reads "I am you, only different". My design...

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I'm still maintaining at 121 and want to lower the body fat, so I'm on VeggiePrincess's program. I was gung ho, but then got so stressed out with finances, lack of support from my ex, and loads of work too (thank God), that the second week didn't go so well, but now I'm back on the horse again (the faux horse, I'm vegan ya know!).


So when I get stressed out, do I eat? Nope, I forget to eat and that's not good either, I chug stevia coffee all day, so I had one week in there where the calories were too low.


I'm back at it and forcing myself to make the effing time. I feel good after wards and I like to sweat.


The exercises are tough for me and I've noticed an increase in strength in my legs and upper body. I was at the playground two days ago and did under hand (bicep heavy) pull ups with chin over bar! I did three, rested and did a total of 9. I couldn't even do that before, but then again, I was much heavier before. So as I get waif like (kidding) I'll be able to take a bendy straw and aim it at my torso and blow myself over. Just checking to see if you're still reading.


Stay tuned in the next few days for an AWESOME website I've worked on for three of the kewl vegan rippitDudes here at VBBF!

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117 most days. Now I have to build more muscle! I think I should stop with fat loss and get ripped more. Anyway, in time!



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This was the only full length shot of the before. That was the weight I was on any given week. I started the exercise in mid July and eating small, frequent meals. So 5.5 months and more to go! The white pants look good in real life, but not too flattering here. And no make up. Oh well. I'll post the after photos in a few months. 42 years old in 12 days! (shh


5' 3/4" Size 14-16 to size 3/4. Neato!


By the way, I added the design to the shirt, it's not really on there in real life. It reads: As long as there's slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields. - Tolstoy. And "Eat in Peace" with a fork, knife, and spoon. A best seller at redbubble.com





Was 168 - 172 or so (May 2008). Middle 129 lbs (January 2009). Current (right) 117lbs June 2009.


Still got work on my lower body, but it's coming along! About a year to go on that for the muscle I want. No more weight loss, just building muscle (so weight gain!!). Maintaining for 2-3 months.

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Thanks Sweetheart!


Damn quads and glutes are hard as hell to build. Giacomo has loaded me up with SunWarrior and Vega for the VeganProteins.com site so I've got the good stuff. Every other day, because I recover quick, I'm working the lower half and just maintaining strength for the upper, except I want wider lats. It looks nicer, especially 'cause I am low in the boob department!!!


VeganPersonalTraining.com Melissa helped TREMENDOUSLY. She rocks!

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