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Before & During Photos (Notes, Observations, Progress)

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Your transformation is wonderful! You've done lots of work and can be proud of yourself " title="Applause" />


You look a bit like Sigorney Weaver on the last pic of the process pictures I decided a couple of days ago that i'll be her when i grow up, but maybe i'll be you instead!

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I dig you too, Candy! I like the way Sigourney Weaver looks and I'm very into her work as I'm a Sci-Fi / Fantasy freak. She's a whole lot taller.


It's the cheek bones that came out when I lost the round face.


Today I did this at the gym. Bigger butt HERE I COME! I FINALLY joined a gym today! I was the only woman at the weight area! They were all wasting away their muscles doing tooooooooo much cardio without foooood.



* Do 1-to-2 sets of 8 reps using a light-to-moderate weight to warm-up and then...

* Do 3 sets of 5-to-8 reps with a moderate-to-heavy weight (rest 2-to-4 minutes between each set) and then...

* Rest 5-to-10 minutes and then...

* Do 3 more sets of 3-to-5 reps with a moderate-to-heavy weight (rest 2-to-4 minutes between each set) and...

* Do this only once a week and take every 4th week off and...


Do some stretching (as shown in the video above) if you have trouble going down deep for your squats to work your butt and...


Try to increase the amount of weight and/or reps you do in each set (but do no more than 8 reps per set) so for example - going by the workout plan above - your squat workout should look something like this*...


* 55 pounds for 8 reps (take a 2 minute rest)

* 65 pounds for 8 reps (take a 2 minute rest)

* 80 pounds for 6 reps (take a 3 minute rest)

* 85 pounds for 6 reps (take a 3 minute rest)

* 85 pounds for 7 reps (take a 3 minute rest)

* Take a 10 minute rest/break

* 95 pounds for 5 reps (take a 4 minute rest)

* 97½ pounds for 4 reps (take a 4 minute rest)

* 100 pounds for 3 reps (take a 4 minute rest)


*Please note: The weights used in the example may be too heavy or too light for you so make sure you only use weights that are moderate-to-heavy for you and when using heavy weights...

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Fork over the money, but please don't fork the animals!



(Ooo, that's sick Christina, are you sure about that headline?)


Be CompassionATE and help animals by sponsoring me for the 3 October 2009 Walk in St. Petersburg, Florida. Your donation/sponsorship of $5.00, $10.00, $15.00, or more really helps! Whatever you can spare. But don't spare a rib! I hear it's painful.


I used to eat meat and I understand that it's a huge change to become a vegan. You don't have to be a complete vegan to make a difference. See VeganOutreach.org and TryVeg.com for loads of non-judgemental info to help you cut down. Listen to your heart, young Skywalker...



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Thanks Sweetheart!


Damn quads and glutes are hard as hell to build. Giacomo has loaded me up with SunWarrior and Vega for the VeganProteins.com site so I've got the good stuff. Every other day, because I recover quick, I'm working the lower half and just maintaining strength for the upper, except I want wider lats. It looks nicer, especially 'cause I am low in the boob department!!!


VeganPersonalTraining.com Melissa helped TREMENDOUSLY. She rocks!


I know this post is a couple months old but I wanted to respond about the glutes and quads.



My legs recently exploded in size this summer. I train legs only about once a week.. sometimes twice depending on how energetic I feel


Ass to grass squats is how I did it. My leg workout is pretty intense, and the first time I did it I couldn't walk the next day. Not just squats but also leg presses and lunges did the trick.

I've also been eating a high protein diet and taking creatine which really helps make those muscles grow.



My routine is as follows:


10 minutes on the stationary bike

squat warm-up: 10 ass to grass squats with 40 LB bar

Throw in some walking lunges

Rest a few minutes, load up the bar. I squat 90 LBs right now, going slightly below parallel for 6-8 reps.

After my squats I do stiff-legged dead-lifts. About 8-10 reps with the 58 LB barbell.

Then I go back to squats, and then deadlifts until I've done 3 sets of each.


To really fatigue my leg muscles I hit the leg press. I am currently doing 180 pounds on it, about 2-3 sets for 10 reps. I use a close stance to target the outer quads, and have my feet up high to target the glutes.


If I still have some energy after that I'll do some plie squats with a 35 LB dumbbell.


This workout isn't for the faint of heart. I've nearly puked doing this but it's making my legs grow like crazy!


I'm gonna start DC training to increase my size even more. Ruz sent me a bunch of stuff and I can't wait to try it!

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