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VBBF Challenge: One Million 1,000,000 Push Ups

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Question: How fast do you think you and I and everyone else here at VBBF can reach the combined total ofOne Million Push Ups?


I was browsing the forum and was surprised to see we didn't have one of these threads which are very popular elsewhere. Basically everytime you do pushups, remember how many you did and then post here. We'll keep a running total and see how fast we can all contribute to One Million Push Ups completed by members of VBBF.


What will YOU contribute?



1. Be honest! (no hijacking with posts like '5 billion in the past 20 minutes' and imaginary push ups do no count). This is no race, 1 is a contribution. This is only for Strength gain. You can lie all you want, but it won't get you anywhere.

2. Keep the content strictly push up related as much as possible (ideally posts shouldn't be that long anyway as most posts will be people posting their total for the day)

3. Any pushups you post will be assumed to have been completed the day you posted unless you say otherwise

4. With every post, please note whether you did them all at once or in sets and what type (push ups done on knees count as half by the way)

5. Post how many you contribute each time and the running total, like I have at the bottom (in bold)...(saves me counting up )

6. Under VBBF Law, once members have read this you MUST, under pain of severe nipple whipping, post all and any push ups you do, here.


That's it! Pretty simple really so get doing some Push Ups!


I'll start us off with the pushups I did today and yesterday:


6 sets of 35 pu x2 = 420

Running Total: 420



Let's see how many people we can all get involved!

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