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VBBF Challenge: One Million 1,000,000 Push Ups

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If we don't speed up, we can expect to be done in 2015

Have no fear we will all progress loads if we stick at it! And there's only 10 contributors so far.


Imagine if all 1622 users did 30 a day lol! Not gonna happen I know but still


Edit: And every little helps HCP! Wasnt long ago I could barely do 10 good ones either

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Awesome! Get going or the VBBF legal team will be round your house...


...... (And Robert Cheeke)


Yeah could do! The VBBF 1 Million Pull Ups thread...I can see it already ha!


Won't be making one at the moment because I don't really have anywhere to train them


I guess push ups is easier for people because you can more or less do them anywhere.

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You da man Sosso!



Running Total: 3615


Were you training pushups much before this thread?


I do them if I'm sitting around at home, such as in the commercial breaks if I'm watching TV. Before this challenge I wasn't doing as many as I have been lately. Doing 200+ a day wasn't normal for me, but now I'm really enjoying it.


What about you?

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