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VBBF Challenge: One Million 1,000,000 Push Ups

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100 more today.

Running total: 6145


Individual contribution running total: 500



If the individual running total thing is too competitive, I understand. Just wanted to see where everyone else stands since I see a lot of sosso, zinzen, and a bunch of others really driving the totals...I'd just like to see where some others are on their individual contributions to this.


Again, if it doesn't fly, no worries.

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No worries Robert, besides I think it might inspire people to do more! They still tot up as a whole regardless so I'm fine with it.


I keep a record of how many I do in a notebook so I won't be posting my running total on here much but with todays:


6 sets 35 - 210


Running Total: 6405


Contribution: 2735

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This site is pretty cool and has a 6 week schedule that will have you been able to do 100 pushups at the end of it. Worth a look whether you're advanced and can do lots or can only do a few currently... or if you cba to make your own schedule




I'm going to try that. I guess I'll start at week 3.


I did this program 2 months ago and didn't end up being able to do 100. I started at Week 3 and stayed in the Advanced column until the last week it seems like I wasn't making progress. I think it's because I was a bit cheating, doing fast push-ups or often with a large stance, and not going down to touch the floor. So do the pushups with a perfect form and maybe it will work




Did 50 this morning... and 5 now...


Running total: 6600

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