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VBBF Challenge: One Million 1,000,000 Push Ups

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The forum goes up and down all the time....it was actually at it's busiest a couple of years ago, but now is fairly busy with overall posts per day (weekends are slow) and totally visitors, views, new members, etc.


It always goes in waves, but we continue to grow and move forward.


I did 100 push-ups today.


Running total = 11,346

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I did one thousand and twenty five push-ups today


It took all day, but I added 1025 just today....my boss thought I was crazy but I did 340 during a chest/back workout and figured it was close enough to 1000 to go for it. I think this is only the 2nd time I've broken 1000 in one day and first time in a long time.


Running total: 12,536

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