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VBBF Challenge: One Million 1,000,000 Push Ups

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I like this thread!


It keeps me pumped!


After my 1,000+ day, I have slowed down....I was SORE...but today I set records in chest exercises at the gym so it was cool.


I did 40 push-ups a couple of days ago but didn't record it.


I've done 170 today but will likely do more so I'll just add 40 for now


Running Total: 13,171

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250 today.


As long as I do 189 before midnight tomorrow I'll have completed my secondary goal of 5000 pushups for January.


I had good steam on the original 6 sets of 35 or 210 total a day but lost commitment half way through the month.


Unsure about what I'm going to try and do (or not do) for february yet...




Running Total: 13,771

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189? Easy as pie. Done and dusted before 11 am.


Did an extra 25 just to be sure (not to be counted)...whilst listening to Eye of the Tiger...


January: 5000 pushups YEAH BUDDY!


Aluck: I think it would be far better for you to set out your own goal and complete it. The person who knows you best is you after all so you'll know what kind of goal would push you but also is doable. Also you would be 100 times more satisifed in pulling off something you set yourself


Running Total: 13,960

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