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Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness Strength Table


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Please post a new post every time you make a pb. That way this topic stays on focus and it's a LOT easier for the updater guy to keep track of new results. It's hard to update the table if you have to go through every page in the thread instead of just checking the last posts.

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Hey, awesome topic! You guys have some strong folks here.


My stats are:


Bench: 295lbs

Squat: Haven't maxed since a knee injury last Fall, but ballpark 415lbs

Dead: Never do dead, going to start so I can post


Body: 171lbs


I know you guys are just doing power lifts, but if anyone wants to post other 1RM's I have:


Weighted Pull up: 100lbs

Barbell Curl: 135lbs

Power Clean: 210lbs

Working on more...

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Thanks! Yeah I had my power lifting phase the last couple weeks and my new numbers shocked me. Guess I'm doing something right.....I really need to get DL into my routine. What day do you all train it? I can't decide if it should go with back, legs, or somewhere else...

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