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Man Goop

Dr. Pink

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Because Soup just isn't manly enough for me.


The main ingredient is Lentils. An extremely high protein, high calorie food that I recently discovered. Cook on high( Once the water starts to boil ) for about 10-20 minutes or so( Or until the lentils are edible ).


While that's doing that prepare the other ingredients. Chop a block of Tofu into cubes( Whatever size you want. I recommend either extra or super firm ) and add to drainer. Chop an onion into bits and add to same drainer. Next peel and de-seed one Avocado and add it to drainer. Wash ingredients thoroughly.


Next add cooked lentils to same drainer to drain water( Using same drainer to save on dishes ). Once fully drained put all of the contents into the same pot and stir on medium heat. Add a few dabs of sea salt( I recommend Hains brand ) until the taste is to your liking. Keep mixing so the Avocado mixes and melts together with the ingredients.



I'm eating this right now. And, My god. If this isn't the best thing I've ever made. . Oh, I can't wait to add more to the recipe and make it even more manly.

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