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MaryStella's Triathlon training crossfit endurance

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thanks guys! the sunburn is getting better but still hasn't gone away. I like the twice a day formula because it allows me to keep the intensity up for both workouts.



10 minutes on c2 - rowed 1900 meters

10 minutes on stair climber - 55 floors - 1.15 miles

10 minutes on c 2 - rowed 1858 meters


6pm CF WOD - "Eva"


5 rounds for time of:


Run 800 meters

30 kettlebell swings at 35 lbs

30 pullups (on rings)


Time: 46:48


Our course is over an 800 and it has a slight hill. The worst part of this WOD was the pullups for sure.




VEGA WFO w/ Coconut Water and Hemp Milk

1 Heart Thrive - apricot

Peanut Butter Waffles w/ Tempeh Sausage

Sunwarrior w/ Coconute Water and Hemp Milk



French Lentils and Brown Rice

Leaf Lettuce Salad

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6am - Run 5 k



6pm - CF WOD - "half the beast"


3 rounds for time of:


33 wallballs a 14 lbs - 9 ft target


33 situps on small ab ball


33 deadlifts (round 1 @ 135 - dropped rounds 2 and 3 to 65 - just to work on speed up timing)


33 dips


33 scapular pushups


Time 33:45


We now have ropes to climb up and kettlebells at NEPA CF. I started to climb a rope a bit tonight. Need to work on it and learn how to put my legs into it and give my arms a break. But it's fun.





vega wfo w coconut water and hemp milk



French Lentils & Brown Rice



Steamed Broccoli with Hummus

Peanut Butter waffle w. maple syrup

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been really busy and tired lately, hoping to catch up on things over the weekend. I was really sore when I woke up this morning. I did get a run in but it was more of a recovery pace.


6am - Run 5k


5 pm - CF WOD - "Who needs enemies?"


This was a really fun workout, you do it with a partner. The key is that someone must always be holding a plate overhead. it is falls you incur a foul for each time it falls. We only used a ten pound plate because of my shoulder being torn and needing surgery and my partner Kevin already having shoulder surgery. normally a 25lb plate is used.


The level We completed was "drinking buddies"


There is a 30 minute cap. If you do not complete the exercise by then a foul is incurred. any order or breakup of the exercises is acceptable.


800 ft walking lunges (kev completed all of these. thank u kev!)


1.5 miles ( i did all of the running half of it with a plate overhead, kev and i kept switching off the plate while he was completing the lunges. Carrying the plate overhead really slowed down my running pace)


200 situps - i did 150 of these while kev held the plate and he did 50 while i held the plate


70 - 14 lb medicine ball cleans - not sure of the division on this one - we just kept switching out whenever the plate overhead got too heavy


15 - 45 lb push presses - kevin did all of these while I help the plate.


my shoulder isn't feeling the greatest after this one but my surgery is coming up soon.




vega wfo w/ coconut water and hemp milk

mango pineapple kombucha coconut yogurt smoothie w/ vega SI (LARGE)

PB waffle & tofu Rancheros

Sloppy Tempeh w/ 2 ezekiel wraps


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thanks! I appreciate the nice comments.


@lobsterrific - While the PB waffles were tasty they were way too heavy for me liking. Another friend of mine made them and we agreed on that point. I actually enjoyed the cornbread ones I made more. I would make them again but they won't be my fav. I do hope you find a wafflemaker though they are fun!




was sore and tired again this morning but


6am - C2 - Row 5 minutes - 900 meters

Run Stairs - 20 minutes - 99 floors 2.07 miles

c2 - row 5 meters 900 meters






Strict Pullups w/ band

12, 10,10,10,10,10


V Raises & Rear Delt Raises w 5lb Dumbbells - 3 x 15

Scapular Pushups - 3 x 15


Back extensions - 6 x 15


Situps on small ab ball - 6 x 50


took a walk at a riverfront park that just opened near my place. it was very nice.

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@lobsteriffic - i had them as sweet. but I think they would be good both ways.


forgot to post my meals for yesterday I have been so tired when posting lately

7.3.9 meals


vega wfo w/ hemp milk and coconut water




mango pineapple smoothie w/vega si

sloppy tempeh w/ezekiel wrap

lemon pepper tofu over leaf lettuce salad



one of the most fun cf wod's i've done yet.


"united we squat"


for time as a team complete


Flag Run - 2 laps

Squat Jumps - 200 ft

Farmer's Walk w/25 or 45 lb plates in each hand

Bench Press 20 reps at BW

Row - 500 meters

Plyo Jumps at 24"

Sidewinders - 1 lap

Pullups 30

Wallballs 20

Pushups 30

Plank 120 seconds

Dips 20

Bicycles 50


this workload gets multiplied but the number of people on your team. (ex. if you have four people on the team you need to do 8 laps, 100 bicycles etc.) each participant picks their best two events. Only to find out they can not participate in those events. Teams are given two minutes to talk strategy.


I did this WOD twice today with two different teams


time #1 - 33:00

time #2 - 27:30


I didn't complete every event of this exercise as we were doing it as a team but with doing it twice it is hard for me to remember how much of the workload I carried. It was a fun time though.


Recon Ron Pullups w/ Band



Situps on Ab Ball 15 x 4




vega wfo w/ hemp milke & Coconut water


2 nectarines


2 ezekiel wraps with sloppy tempeh

golden bowl grit tofu

exeziel pasta with chili oil sauce & broccoli


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run 10k outside course w. some hills. took an hour.




leftover chili oil pasta w/broccoli

vega wfo w. hemp milk and coconut water

vega si smoothie with frozen bananas & blueberries coconut water hemp milk and carob


sprouted grain bagel

hummus & steamed broccoli

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had a hard time waking up this morning and was pretty tired most of the morning. Not really sure why. did a workout this morning but it wasn't up to my normal standards. i was just so tired I couldn't get moving. I was also pretty hungry this morning. not sure if it is related.


did 10 minutes on the c 2 rower then 15 minutes on the stairs. pace was slower than normal.


Felt much better for CF in the evening




"Badger" modified


3 rounds for time of


85 lb back squat - 30 reps

30 pullups (strict pullups using band)

Run 800 meters (our course is a bit over 800 and it has a little hill which seems huge when your tired)


Time 30:56



Warmup was 10 - 85lb back squats, 1/2 mile jog, 5 aussie pullups

cooldown jog 400 meters, walk 400 meters


also did my usual shoulder stability circuit and many situps on an ab ball. I lost count so many times as I was chatting it up that I am not even going to guess how many I really did. I hurt my injured shoulder a bit trying to rack my squat bar when I was tired after one of the rounds.





vega wfo w/ hemp milk and coconut water

clif bar

heart thrive - apricot

tempeh bacon

sprouted grain bagel

kombucha, banana, blueberry, carob, hemp milk smoothie with vega si

tofu thai green veg curry w/ red pepper, zucchini, yellow squash, green beans over quinoa

dark chocolate. mmmmm!

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7.7.9 - felt better today not as tired. Sore tonight though after two days in a row of squats. Taking tomorrow as a rest day. my shoulder is still irritated from yesterday but not too bad.


6am - CFE WOD


warmup - 1/2 mile jog


90 seconds on - 90 secs off x 6 rounds


forgot my pen so I didn't track the distance but I cleared a quarter everytime and I felt like i held distance pretty accurately.

felt a little sick afterwards. intervals always make me feel sick though.


cooldown - 1/2 mile jog








1/2 mile warmup jog & usual shoulder stability circuit


For time reps of:


95 lb. Back Squats

GHD Situps


Time - 11.49


Felt really sick after this one. Headache, dizzy, nauseated for awhile afterwards. not really sure why.


I am going to NAVS vegetarian summerfest tomorrow so I really need to go pack ( I HATE IT!). Won't be back until sunday. Internet access is funny there so I don't know if I will be online until I get back. But I will be eating some delicious vegan food (that i don't have to prepare) and I plan on taking some strength and conditioning circuit classes and boot camp with john pierre.






VEGA WFO w/hemp milk and coconut water



chocolate (yep again!)


Sprouted Grain Bagel

Kombucha, banana, blueberry, hemp milk, carob smoothie with VEGA SI

Ezekiel pasta w/ Kale & Red Pepper - Chili oil

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packing done! whoo hoo! I REALLY disliking packing! I always overpack yet feel like I need things I don't have. it is weird.


Maybe you're in a different frame of mind when you're packing so things you don't need then you need when you get to your destination

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Have an awesome time! glad you got your packing done (what are the odds that you will have forgotten something?)

I have come to realize that no matter how much time I spend, I ALWAYS forget something.

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I'm back and it was a really fun trip. Training wise I did Boot camp & circuit training and also bought some kettlebells that I was swinging around. It was really fun. John Pierre is a super coach. I really love that he takes the time to mention love and compassion in his work even though it is a fitness class. That was really special. I can't remember what exercises we actually did to log them but it was running, jumping, pushups, that kind of work. I loved the added bonus of working out in the sand everyday and working on stability. My diet wasn't as clean as usual with lots of vegan food around that I didn't have to prepare. But back home now so that will get resolved. Took today as a rest day and will get back to crossfit endurance in the am and crossfit main page in the evening. I'll post more about summerfest in my summerfest thread when I get a chance.

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Run 2 miles



Four Rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters

50 Squats (BW ATG)


Time 12:43


Pullups 15,10,10,10,3,10 2w/ band



VEGA WFO w/ coconut water

Trail Mix - Cashews, Peanuts, Pineapple, Sesame Seeds

Lentils and Brown Rice

VEGA SI w/ banana, blueberries, coconut water, hemp milk and ground flax seed

celebration roast, broccoli with shallots, garlic and almonds, curried squash


Getting back on schedule today and tired tonight, catching up after being away, didn't get a chance to go to the store so just using whatever I have on hand to eat. Have to go to the ENT surgeon tomorrow to get more scabs removed from my nose. I don't really like getting this done and hope it will be the last time it is necessary.

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thanks! surgeon went well. Had my scabs removed for the last time thankfully. That was not a very fun part of the recovery. Now I need to focus on my shoulder surgery next week! it is coming up fast. let's hope the six weeks in a sling go just as fast.



6am - 10 minutes c 2

- 20 minutes - stepmill - 100 floors 2.14 miles





1 min at each station for a 5 minute round. then 1 minute rest. complete 6 rounds

station 1 - back extensions

station 2 - bicycles

station 3 - GHD situps

station 4 - situps on small ab ball

station 5 - plank hold


Pullups - 6, 10, 10



vega wfo w/ coconut water, hemp milk and ground flax


trail mix - cashews, peanuts, pineapple and sesame seeds

Lentils and Brown Rice

VEGA SI smoothie w/ banana blueberry, peach, ground flax, coconut water and hemp milk

Black and Pinto Bean Chili w/ 2 ezekiel wraps


really tired - need extra sleep tonight.

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