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MaryStella's Triathlon training crossfit endurance

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You can PM me mate anytime, I'm always hanging around and can answer any questions- not that I'm an expert yet but will try and help.

I think I will try some of MaryStella's training routines when I'm into my diet, it would be a good change.

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You can PM me mate anytime, I'm always hanging around and can answer any questions- not that I'm an expert yet but will try and help.

I think I will try some of MaryStella's training routines when I'm into my diet, it would be a good change.


wow! I am excited to hear you might want to do some of my workouts. Some of them are my design, some are crossfit workouts of the day and some are my modifications to crossfit workouts of the day(mostly if I can't use the recommended weight or don't have access to the equipment such as ring dips). www.crossfit.com if you want to check it out and are not already familiar with it. I just use it as a supplement to my routine not as my only real workout of the day. On the conditioning circuits the key is to do them as fast as you can, not to pace yourself in order to get the most out of it.

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Great intense workouts you do.

They would be great for dieting bodybuilders too, especially the conditioning circuits.


SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you were here i'd be requesting your expertise and guidance to work with me and tell me what to do and force me to do it.....


not sure if this was for me or joelk but like joelk I would be willing to help you any way I could. If you looking for a conditioning circuit to add to your weight training Here is a potential "Finisher" for you. When your done training for that day top off your workout but getting yourself under a pullup bar and doing A "burpee" which I think is technically called a squat thrust, do a plyometric pushup with it, or if that isn't good for your shoulder condition a regular pushup would be fine, on the vertical jump up off the ground on the end of the burpee jump up to grab the pullup bar and complete a full pullup. You can do this as a burnout, or do it for time. If you've got someone to count how many rounds you can do that might be interesting to track too. It is hard to count them yourself as you get a bit disoriented. let me know if you ever try it.

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3.13.9 I went to my second Dr. appointment for my shoulder today. The problem lies in my Teres Minor and infraspinatus. I am getting ART or active release therapy to break up all of the scar tissue that is developing as a result of things not working correctly. It isn't the most pleasant treatment as it could be rather painful but it does work and rather quickly. I've come a long way to get rid of the muscle imbalances causing my impinged nerves. I felt great after the appt. and put in some back work mostly today.


6am - 3 mile run 25:07 - This included a slow warmup at the beginning as my legs were really tight, sore & tired.

Scarecrows - using this to rehab my shoulder, that is why the weight is low.

3lbs DB X 15

4lbs DB X 15

5lbs DB X 15


Superset: 3 sets of 10 reps

Decline Bench Situps with 10lb DB behind neck

Weight Knee Raises with 10lb DB



Shoulder Stability Circuit 6lb DB 3x15 V raises, rear delt raises, Scapular Pushups, Rotational Holds


Superset: 3 x 15

One Arm DB Rows - 20 DBs Finisher: 30 lbs X 5 reps

Back Extension - BW


Superset: 3 X 15

Lunges with 15lb bar in Military Press Overhead

Upright Row w/12lb DB


Face Pulls 3 x 15 - 15lbs on cable - another rehab exercise


Pullups - Negative only 5,3,3,2,1,1


50 - Ab V raises

50 - Bicycles (each leg)

50 leg lifts


Parallel Grip Pulldown

70 lbs - 3 X 10 reps

80 lbs - 3 X 6 reps

90 lbs - 3 X 5 reps

100 lbs X 1 rep

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4 rounds for time

60 plyometric jumps

20 scapular pushups

Time: 14:24 - Had a tough morning was tired and moving slow. Just haven't had enough rest all week. Hope to catch up a bit soon. I got through the workout but it didn't feel like i was moving as quick as I could have.


Face Pulls - 25 lb cable weight - 4 x 15

Shoulder Stability Circuit

V Raises - 1 X 15 = 6 lb DB

Rear Delt Raises 1 x 5 w/ 6 lb DB - My shoulder felt like it was giving out so I dropped the weight down since it is only a rehab exercise. they might have been still tired from last nights session.

Rear Delt Raises 1 X 10 w/ 5 lb DB - What a different 1 LB makes. It is kinda funny

Scarecrows RH 3 X 15 w/ 5 lb weight, LH 3 x 15 w 4 lb weight. I really want to make these equal but my left hand just can not handle the weight yet.

V raises & Rear Delt Raises 2 X 15 w 5 lb DB

4 X 25 Leg Pushes (In and Outs on end of bench)

3 X 20 Situps on AB Ball done slowly


11 Jeet Kune Do - Kali Escrima Angle Drills. I turned southpaw and completed everything left handed today. This was a challenge as I normally hold my stick in my right hand but it was good work to do.


12 Kickboxing - 1 Hour of live partner drills. 1 Hour of situational sparring ( could only use certain punches or kicks for each round) I only used my right hand to block I didn't throw it at all. Can't wait to have it back in play.


Partner Leg Lifts - 3 minutes

Alternate Crunches, V Raises and Bicycles for 2 - 3 minute rounds with 30 second recovery.

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Thanks JohnV - Much appreciated!


3.15.9 - I was really dragging a lot of yesterday. I think the sparring took a lot out of me because I was feeling crappy all day. So much that I thought about taking a day off today and I never schedule rest days. I only take one when they have to happen. I decided I would just go into the gym today and see what I could do. It wasn't one of my best workouts but I got through it and I am happy I did it. Did a bunch of abs since everything else hurts. Also did a recovery run just to work through the soreness and hopefully be back on my feet for tomorrow.


8am Shoulder Stability Circuit - Through 1 round just to warmup a bit. (see SSC below)


Modified CF WOD "JT" Complete 21 - 15 - 9 reps of: Shoulder Presses (12lb DB), Chair Dips, Scapular pushups - My arms were smoked right towards the end of the first 21 reps of the presses and it didn't get any easier but i made it through it.

Time - 7:30


Ab Circuit

10 situps on Ab Ball - SLOW

Weighted Cable Side Crunches - 5 X 135

Weighted Cable Crosses - 10 x 20 lbs

20 situps on Ab Ball - SLOW

Weighted Cable Side Crunches - 5 X 135

Weighted Cable Crosses - 10 x 30 lbs

30 situps on Ab Ball - SLOW

Weighted Cable Side Crunches - 5 X 135

Weighted Cable Crosses - 10 x 30 lbs


Weighted Knee Raises

15 lbs - 2 X 10

20 lbs - 2 X 10


Face Pulls

15 reps X 20 lbs

15 X 25

15 X 30

15 X 35

15 X 40

15 x 45


Superset of:

Decline Bench Situps with 10lb DB behind neck

Weighted Leg Lifts 14 lbs

3 sets of 10 reps


3 mile recovery run - 26 minutes


I also keep a nutritional journal. Mostly to track my protein intake. I am thinking about starting to post that too just to see if other think it needs improvement.

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6am - rough morning, lots of issues so i took it light just doing some routine rehab exercises and abs.

Shoulder Stability Circuit - V raises, rear delt raises, scapular pushups, scarecrows. 3 X 15 w/ 5 lb DB

Facepulls - 30 lbs X 15 reps, 35 X 20, 40 X 20, 45 X 15

Weighted Knee Raises - 10lb DB 3 X 15

Decline Bench Situps with 10 lb DB behind neck 3 X 10

Weighted Leg Lifts 14 LB - 3 x 10

5:30 Run 3 miles - 23:00

1 hour - Kickboxing - Shadown Boxing, Power work on bag - still not using right side. Another Dr. appt. tomorrow.

Conditioning - 2 - 3 minute rounds of Crunches, Leg Lifts, Bicycles, Jumping Jacks, Burpees & High Knees, alt. every 30 sec 45 sec rest between rounds.

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3 X 15 Shoulder Stablity Circuit, V Raises, Rear Delt Raises, Scapular Pushups, Scarecrows


Face Pulls - 3 sets of 15 - 40 lbs


Run Stairs- all up no down - as many as can be completed in 20 minutes

105 floors - 2.25 miles



Jump Robe - 18 minutes

Kickboxing - Drills - mostly lead roundhouse work

9pm Jeet Kune Do - Entry techniques


Had my shoulder worked on again with ART. Its painful to have all of the scar tissues broken up. It was very fatigued.

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Shoulder is very sore and bruised today. Recovering from the ART. Decided to do the rehab exercises later in the day


6am - Split Jerks - Wanted to test the shoulder a bit to see how it is working but kept the weight light just to be safe. Didn't want it to give out. Hopefully it will heal soon so I can start pushing it a bit.

Warmup - 18lbs - Didn't count the reps


55 lbs - wasn't using good form and getting a good drop probably because the weight was light and I was getting away with it.

55lbs - stayed here to practice the form

60 lbs

65 lbs

70 lbs - my lifting partner luckily helped me on this one. I didn't do a good drop of getting my body under the bar so I had a bad catch which jarred my shoulder.

Decided to call it a day with before any more damage could be done. Not sure why this happened I had really good form on the on the 60s.


Ab Circuit:

40 Situps on Ball

20 Jack knives

50 Situps on ball

30 Jack Knives

10 Curling Back Extensions

60 Situps on Ball

30 Jack Knives

20 Curling Back Extensions


I don't take any rest between my circuits or as little as needed toget setup for the next exercise. The jack knives were really tough after the situps today. Loved it!

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3.18.9 - 5 pm

Run - 2 miles - 15:50

Face Pulls 3 x 15 @ 40 lbs, 1 X 10 @ 45 lbs

Superset: 3 sets of 10 reps

Weighted Knee Raises w/ 10 pound DB between feet

Decline Bench Situps W/ 10 lb. DB behind neck

+10 Weighted knee raies w. 10 lb DB between feet

Kickboxing - 1 hour Jab Defense please kicking combinations with defense


joelk & LnG - i ran across this on the crossfit website and since you both mentioned this I thought I would post this for you. This is in response to the question can I get BIG doing Crossfit? I also want to say I was hesitant to post it because I don't want to seem as if I am encouraging steroid use because of course I am not. I do CF for strength and conditioning not for BB so I wasn't sure what to say about it for that function. Just found this interesting and thought you might too.


From the FAQ section of the crossfit website:

If you train the WODs hard, and eat right and get lots of sleep, you will definitely gain lean mass, lose fat, and yes, you can build muscle mass with the crossfit protocol. More specifically, according to Coach,

Here is a hierarchy of training for mass from greater to lesser efficacy:

1. Bodybuilding on steroids

2. CrossFitting on steroids

3. CrossFitting without steroids

4. Bodybuilding without steroids

The bodybuilding model is designed around, requires, steroids for significant hypertrophy.

The neuroendocrine response of bodybuilding protocols is so blunted that without "exogenous hormonal therapy" little happens.

The CrossFit protocol is designed to elicit a substantial neuroendocrine whollop and hence packs an anabolic punch that puts on impressive amounts of muscle though that is not our concern. Strength is.

Natural bodybuilders (the natural ones that are not on steroids) never approach the mass that our ahtletes do. They don't come close.

Those athletes who train for function end up with better form than those who value form over function. This is one of the beautiful ironies of training.

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3.19.9 - My shoulder feels the worst it has in days. Very sore all day, It is beat up from the ART. I am supposed to go again tomorrow for another treatment but if it feels like this in the morning I am going to call the Dr. and see if i should still go because i don't know if i could get it beat up more right now. Hopefully it will heal up while I am sleeping tonight. It is getting frustrating I have been doing a lot of running recently. Also, I haven't been doing the CF WOD's as much depending on what they are for the day and I would really like to get back to them. I also have been working around it in kickboxing as much as possible but it is limiting my arsenal and I can't wait to have it back already.



Face Pulls 3 X 20 @ 40 lbs

Shoulder Stability Circuit - 3 x 15 - V Raises, Rear Delt Raises, Scapular Pushups - this was hard to get through today because of my shoulder


Ab Circuit: 3 x 10

Weighted Knee Raises - 10 lb DB between Feet

Decline Bench Situps - 10 lb DB behind neck

Weight Leg Lifts - 17 lb Ankle weights


Run Stairs - all up no down as many as possible in 20 minutes:

108 floors, 2.25 miles



Jump Robe 20 minutes - this was really tough on my shoulder, it is just that sore.

Muay Thai Kickboxing - Line and Partner drills utilizing, Knees, Elbows, Kicks and Counters.

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10 rounds for time of:

10 Deadlifts using 95 lbs

10 Pushups

10 Bent Over Rows using 25 lb DB's

10 Situps on Ball

Time: 16:31


I decided to put half of what I normally deadlift on since it was for time and it wasn't enough,while it was work I will make it heavier next time. I found the Bent over Rows the toughest for me. Around round 5 I had to break it down to two sets of 5 which slowed my time up a bit. I might make this lighter next time around, maybe use 20's. No issues with the pushups or situps I flew threw those.



Run 3 miles - 23:50

Ab Circuit: 3 sets of 10 each

Weight Knee Raises with 10 DB between feet

Weighted Leg Lifts - with 17lb ankle weights

Decline bench situps w/ 10 DB behind neck


I must have pre-exhausted my lower back with the deadlifts or bent over rows because the weighted leg lifts were killer hard today. Or maybe it was because they were directly after the Weighted knee raises. not sure just happy they are over for today.


Shoulder Stability Circuit 3 X 15 w/ 5lb DB

V-Raises, Rear Delt Raises, Scapular Pushups

Face Pulls 15 reps 2 each weight of 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb


I had my shoulder worked on again today with ART. The Dr. recommended I do a few more treatments but if it doesn't start showing more improvement I might need an MRI. This was disappointing news. I am going to ice my shoulder as much as possible this weekend.

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ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what it was; how did you find out? Thanks for reminding me! That is goal numero uno for myself right after the competition.


My hurt shoulder prevents me from lifting at 100% intensity and heavy till this day from 9 months ago. It hasn't healed or has healed improperly. I need it looked at. I'd like to go on a massive weight gain/bulking/powerlifting and then max size for say 8 most after the comp is over BUT I refuse until my shoulder is 100%.


It won't be able to handle what I intend to put my body through. Nothing out the ordinary but it needs to be functional and right now it is not.


Anyhow. what knd of costs have you incurred from it? What do you think would be the total cost at the end? Has it helped at all? Is it worth it?


MRI costs?


total cost w/out MRI estimated at? After? Post therapy?


keep me posted! This is of upmost importance to me and will be my main focal point come may 1st and thereafter


thanks MS!!!!!!

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LnG - I've actually had ART on a couple different injuries. Plantar Fasciatus and Achilles Tendonitus from running too much, back injury from kickboxing. It has been highly effective at treating my other injuries. I am trying to use it for my shoulder injury since like you i am not able to use it 100 percent now. I am trying to work around it as much as possible.

costs depends on if you have insurance or not. if you have insurance it is just your copay. If you don't have insurance then it is the cost of the office visit which is about $50. Total costs would be determined on how many times you need to go. I went twice for my back but about 10 or 12 times for my feet. I've already gone about 5 times for my shoulder. I can't go too many more times because once the scar tissue if broken up there isn't much more to be done. I've been doing strength training exercises daily to rehab it. It has helped with my other injuries. ALthough I must say the treatments are not the most pleasant, they can be painful. I have not had an MRI yet for it, trying to avoid it if possibly. The cost there depends on your insurance. I believe they are expensive. Hope this helps.

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10 rounds for time of:

10 Deadlifts using 95 lbs

10 Pushups

10 Bent Over Rows using 25 lb DB's

10 Situps on Ball

Time: 16:31

ps I flew threw those.


MS, that looks hella fun. Is it?

I hope your shoulder is better today.


sure is. you should try it! Still working on the shoulder.

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Back Squats

5 x 95 - ATG

5 x 135

5 x 145

5 x 145

5 x 95 - ATG


Incline Bench - Chest Press - Shoulder not stable on 25 used spotter for stability

5 x 15 DB

5 x 20 DB

5 x 25 DB

5 x 25 DB


One Arm Bent Over Rows

5 x 35 DB

5 x 40 DB

5 x 45 DB

5 x 50 DB


Shoulder Stability Circuit - 3 x 15 of V-raises, rear delt raises, Scapular pushups


Face Pulls - 15 reps @ 15, 20, 25, 30,35, 10 reps at 40 ,45


Ab V Raises - 25

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Modified CF WOD "Lynne"


Five rounds for max reps of:

Body weight bench press - changed to Flat Bench Chest Press - wanted to work with dumbbell instead of bar to work on shoulder stablity issues

Strict Pull-ups - used 60 lb weight assistance


Bench Press - with 20 lb DBS

1 - 33 - used 15 lb DB

2 - 18

3 - 16 - shoulder gave out on this set used spotter for the rest of the reps for stability

4 - 12

5 - 16



1 - 12

2 - 10

3 - 9

4 - 10

5 - 9


20 GHD situps, 20 back extensions, 20 GHD situps, 20 Back Extensions - 10 GHD situps - SLOW


Face Pulls 5 sets of 15 reps @ 15 lbs


Shoulder Stability Circuit - 3 X 15 - v raises, rear delt raises, scapular pushups

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6am - Face Pulls - 15lbs - 5 x 15

Shoulder Stability Circuit - 3 x 15 V Raises, Rear Delt Raises, Scapular Pushups


CF WOD "Karen"

For time 150 wallballs w/ 10lb Medicine ball

Time 4:57


wallballs are a squat with medicine ball, you launch the medicine ball up and off the wall on the way up and catch the ball on the way down.


Leg Lifts - 50 X BW

Bicycles - 50 each side

V raises - 50 X bw


5:15 - Run 3 miles - 23:18

6 rounds of kickboxing bag work

3 - 3 minute rounds of ab work, alternate each minute between crunches, v raises, In and Outs, flutter kicks, bicycles

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