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MaryStella's Triathlon training crossfit endurance

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didn't train today still sick. Hopefully will be good enough to go tomorrow. Spending some time uploading some short training videos of me practicing cleans. It is taking a lot longer than I expected. I'll post a link here when I figure out how.




Sprouted Grain Bagel

VEGA WFO /coconut water

Tofu Scramble w/mushrooms spinach & tempeh bacon

Smoked Almonds


Quinoa Salad w/Mustard Green

Grit Tofu

Vanilla Tofu

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CF WOD - Mayhem - for time complete:


15 cleans @70

30 Knees to Elbows

30 Box Jumps @ 24 inches

30 Pullups 30 Dips (subbed for muscle ups - used blue band for pullups, dip r box onto plates)

30 Dumbbell Presses @ 30lbs (2 - 15's)

30 Double Unders

15 Thrusters @45 lbs - was supposed 2 b @ 70- but I just didnt have it in me to get it up @ that point

30 pullups - blue band

30 burpees

90 lunges with a 25lb plate overhead


Time 27:48


Warmup 3 minutes jump rope

arm circles - 10 each arm front and back

10 squats

15 ghd situps


One of my friends taped me doing the whole thing. I might upload it later so you can all watch me suffer. This was a tough WOD for me as it was pretty shoulder intensive and that is still my weakest link post op. Still getting over the sinus infection and I think that hurt me a bit too but still fun stuff!

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Ok Here is some video from the Crossfit Mayhem WOD I talked about earlier. Unfortunately the person recording for me didn't understand the 10 minute time limits so I lost a good portion of the middle of the workout but here i the beginning and the end. You will be able to tell the difference! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHBakj2EwGo





Hope I did it right this time!

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3 rounds of


3 kettle bell snatches left then right


3 KB over head squats left then right


3 KB sotts press Left then right


3 surrenders left then right


round 1 - used 25


round 2 - 20


round 3 - snatch 25 over head squat 20 press 25 surrender 20



3 turkish getups with 10 lb DB left then right - haven't work on these in forever so it really showed!


Sprouted Grain Bagel w/EB

VEGA WFO w/coconut water


Grit Tofu

Roasted Yams

Hot Sauce Glazed Tempeh

Broccoli w/tamari & nutri yeast

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Thanks VJ! Muscular endurance & strength was more of the issue than metabolic conditioning for sure. especially on the pullups and toward the end with the plate.



I got a sample of the new vega performance sport so Im trying it today. I can't wait. I am addicted to vega and pretty excited about this product.

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230x2 - new PR!! got video will post later


WOD - "dead go in the chipper"


100 deadlifts @ 1/2 PR (115) for time. foul if you do not pull for 5 second. foul - 5 burpees immediately for each foul.


time - 6:44 - no fouls! Yay! no burpees today!



VEGA SPORT performance w/coconut water - crazy blue green color. not crazy about the taste. I mixed a vanilla and a berry sample. i'm more of a chocolate vega person.

2 vega vibrancy bars

hot sauce glazed tempeh


roasted ruttabagas & yams

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@lobster - I agree with the hot. I never got into sushi. I'm not a fan of veganese either. I never liked mayonnaise when I wasn't vegan. Probably why I never made that recipe. Did you ever try the asian pear and tempeh salad w/wasabi dressing out of veganomicon. I think u would like that.


@chewy thanks! I have to agree on the WOD. I am complaining a bit in the video of it! lol!

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