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MaryStella's Triathlon training crossfit endurance

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Crossfit Endurance Certification Day 1 done. All went well today. Mostly mechanics of running. Pose Technique. Nutrition lectures. Injury prevention. Day 2 tomorrow for more fun stuff.


Lost of running drills. I really have to commit to these over the upcoming weeks and up my running skill level.


WOD - Death by 10 meters


Every minute on the minute run increase your distance by ten meters. Touch the 10 meter line with your hand. run 10 meters, next minute run 20 meters etc. Go through 15 rounds out on the 16th.the hand touches make it harder to get the rounds in.


Tempeh Bacon

VEGA WFO w/coconut water

Thai Tofu & veggies

Vega Vibrnacy bar

VEGA Sport Performance Protein with coconut water

Tofu & veggie soup

Tofu & veggies w. brown rice

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Crossfit Endurance Certification Day 2 done!!! Worked on Trigger Point, Stretching, Recovery. DId more drills. Worked on Programming. A really good experience overall.


Tempeh Bacon

VEGA wfo w/coconut water

Thai Tofu w. vegtables

VEGA vibrnacy Bar

Cumin Lime Tofu

Broccolu Caulifloer

Vega Sport Performace Protein


@lobster - I cooked and packed most of the food. just 2 b well prepared.

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15 overhead squats with PVC pipe

2 minutes of jump rope

10 muscle snatches with PVC

10 Hang Snatches w/PVC

10 pushups

10 Dips

10 Pullups - Kipping


Hang Snatch - worked on from with reps from 25 lbs to 55 lbs


Back Squat

45 x 10

95 x 5

135 x 5

155 x 5

165 x 5

175 x 2

185 x 1

190 x 1

195 x 1 - new PR!


Handstands Hold 1 minute on 1 minute off for 5 rounds - feet touched against wall when needed for balance


Hollow Rock - 2 minutes


Tabata Rowing on C2 - 20:10 x 8


Kippings Pullups 5 - 5 -5 - 3 - 2 - 5


Dragon Flag Practice


VEGA wfo w/ coconut water

Vega Vibrnacy bar

Lime Cumin Tofu



Vibrnacy bAr

Grit Tofu

Sprouted Grain Bagel w/ earth balance

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15 box dips


Running Drills - need to work on my pose so I will use these drills as a warmup


Ball of foots hops

wall drills

holding wall pulls

forward lunge


4 x 30 sec @ 94 cadence

2 - 2 minutes @ 91 cadence


Jump Rope - 5 minute mix

5 Bridges - 30 seconds on: 1 minute off


5 rounds for time of

15 pullups (35 - kipping 40 - kipping with extra small purple band)

15 pushups

25 meters of standing broad jumps


time - 18:25


I hurt my shoulder doing one of the last pullups so I need to back off of it for a few days.


ice storm yesterday so had to do this inside on treadmill


2 minute recovery between rounds


Run 2 x 800 meters


1 - 4:02

2 - 3:49


Run 2 x 1K


1 - 4:34

2 - 4:52


VEGA WFO w/coconut water

Vega vibrancy bar

Thai Tofu

VEGA sport Perforance Protein


Rum glazed Tempeh & mushrooms

Gingered broccoli

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Range of motions exercises

Ball of foot hops

Wall Drills

Forward Lunge

4x30 sec pose then 1 x 2 min


Tempo Row on c2 - 1500meters rest 1 minute 1500 meters - time 14:49


Jump Rope - 5 minutes


5 rounds for time of:

run 400 meters

30 box jumps @ 24 inches

20 kettlebell swings American 1 pood - 35 lbs

Time 27:30


VEGA WFO w/coconut water

Vega Vibrnacy Bar

Vega Sport Performance Protein

Rum Glazed Tempeh w/mushrooms

Ginger Broccoli

Grit Tofu

Sprouted Grain Bagel

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Warmup - pose drills


Run 4 x 300 meters

1 - 40

2 - 28

3 - 39

4 - 39


Dips on Rings - done in sets of 5


Tabata GHD situps 20 on 10 off for 8 rounds


rest 1 minute


Tabata Hip Extensions 20 on 10 off for 8 rounds


Chest Press - 20lb dumbbells - 3 x 15


Kettlebells Swings - 35lbs 3 x 15


Pullups - strict (blue band) 3 x 5 rounds - kept it light shoulder still sore from last set of pullups


vega wfo w/coconut water

vega vibrancy bar

VEGA sports protein


Red Beans & brown Rice

Tempeh Bacon

Baked Beans

Vanilla Tofu

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Rest Day today. Did some stretching to get ready for the 5k race im running tomorrow.


VEGA WFO w/coconut water

tempeh bacon


VEGA sport proteinw/coconut water

Brown Rice Tofu, mushrooms, broccoli, carrots

black white cookie

hummus with exekiel wrap

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Thanks ladies. I had a fun time today. I came in third place in my age group and picked up a medal at the race. It was a 5k trail race although the terrain wasn't too rough at all. I ran it in 25:57. I posted some pix on facebook of me with my new hardware. not sure how to do that here.


hasn't been the best day foodwise as I wasn't home until now. way too carb heavy.


Spouted grain bagel with earth balance


Vega Vibrnacy Bar

VEGA wfo w/coconut water

amys veggie no cheese pizza



sloppy lentils

vega sport performance protein

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thanks ladies! I didn't exactly negative split it. My first mile was 8:02 2nd was @ 16:20. final time 25:57 so my last mile was approximately a 8:16. Averaged about 8:13 for the race. Getting better slowly! I have been out of racing for so long my pacing needs improvement. Hopefully with all of the races I have coming up I will work on all of that. I keep making rookie mistakes too like not utilzing my technology. I forgot to start and stop my own watch. I forget to time my splits. All things i work on for upcoming races. Just other there having fun mostly.


I was a little sore this morning mostly lower back but good enough to workout but the afternoon.


warmup pose drills.


On c2 rower - 6X3 minute intervals with alternating rest. Rest 1 minute as intervals 1 3 5 and 3 minute after 2 and 4.


in meters

1 - 682

2 - 661

3 - 655

4 - 656

5 - 646

6 - 651


total 3,951


3 sets of 5 strict pullups using the extra small purple band. Shoulder is getting better from the other day still a little clicky.


4 rounds of : do as intervals try to keep each round time consistent rest 1 minute between rounds


2 - 15 ft rope climb ascents


100 single count jump ropes


2 - Deadlifts @ 205


1 = 3:07

2 - 2:30

3 - 2:33

4 - 2:30


First time trying to rope climb with INov8s on. I know understand why people use these sneakers to do parkour. I looked like a declawed cat falling right down the rope at first. Why my first round times isnt consistent with the rest.



vega sport performance protein with oj

vega wfo w/coconut water

vegan lasagna

thrive diet banana coconut pie

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thanks john!




Run 6 miles - 57:16




box dips 3 x 5

Ring Dips w 1 leg support 3 x 5


Bench Press







Barbell Bent Over Row











Bench Press Dumbbell

25s x 15

25s x 13

30s x 7

30s x 6

35s x 3


VEga WFO w/coconut water

VEGa sport performance protein


Lemon Pepper Tofu

Roasted Asparagus & green Beans

Roasted Yams


Thrive Diet Coconut Banana Pie

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actually i am doing the ring dips to try and loosen up the shoulder. I am still doing them with a toe on the ground. I only get one without any kind of support for each set. I am just going to hammer those and other things like pullups, pushups as it still feels pinned and not normal yet. Still need to stretch it!


Warmup: jumping jacks


12 x 20 seconds sprints on c2 rower with 2 minute recovery between

10 seconds easy row to get the rower started.

in meters

1 - 140

2 - 130

3 - 136

4 - 138

5 - 136

6 - 139

7 - 142

8 - 145

9 - 137

10 - 138

11 - 150

12 - 144



warmup - pose running drills and practice









225 failed - several attempts

I decided not to keep trying as my back has been really sore lately. Disappointed as I had 230 up before and wanted 235 today.


4 rounds for time of

10 kettlebell swings @ 35lbs - russian swings with active pulldown

10 burpees - max height on each rep


time 4:20

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yeah, you are a super hero mary!


220 isn't that far off from 225 or 230. and you do so much different during each workout... you have way more variability in your training program than like someone who's doing straight up only lifting and basic cardio. add to that just regular ebb and flow in daily energy levels, and you're not really off the number at all. you'll see 235 very very soon, i'm positive of that!

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thanks ladies!! it's just frustrating at the box when all the guys are yelling at me that i can get it up and i can't clearmy knee with a weight. next time!!!




shoulder press (strict barbell)






65x5 spotter for elbow stability

70x5 spotter for elbow stability


for time

9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 10

25lb KB clean and press left arm

52lb kettlebell clean and press right arm

4 count bicycle situps


time: 12:58


need to work on using a heavier kettlebell and this wod wasn't as crushing as normal


on c2 rower - 5 x 1000 meters repeats with 90 second recovery

1 - 4:45

2 - 4:48

3 - 4:52

4 - 4:57

5 - 4:58


didn't keep these intervals within a few seconds as i should have.


vega wfo w/coconut water

tempeh bacon

vega sport performance protein w/coconut water * flax

brown rice tofy, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots

grit tofu & broccoli

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pose drills


4 x 300 meter sprints -approximately


1 - 41

2 - 40

3 - 40

3 - 41


recovery wod


Bench Press - 20lb Dbs 3 sets of 15 reps


Dips - on rings with 1 foot touching box 3 sets of 5



kipping - 5 sets of 3 reps


strict - 3 with purple band


blue band 10, 5, 5


Abmat situps - 3 sets of 15 - stayed away from the GHD as my back has been tight/sore recently


Kettlebells swings - 35 lbs 3 sets of 15 reps


tomorrow will be a rest day. I am running a 5k on saturday.


vega wfo w/coconut water

tempeh bacon

thai tofu w/ peas and broccoli and brown rice

vega sport performace protein with coconut water

mexican pizza - ezekiwl wrap, black bean dip, tomatoes and red cabbage

chocolate tofu

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WHOA! you? a rest day? what's that all about? since when does that happen?


(I'm 100% kidding). you're insane. You deadlift a ton. I'm shocked by that, but it shouldn't surprise me. you're a superhero. (just accept it)


maybe you're so tough because you have "stab" in your last name. Everyone knows knives are tough...

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