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MaryStella's Triathlon training crossfit endurance

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thanks guys!


The race today went ok. No awards for me this time. I wasn't feeling well before the race and actually I still don't feel well. It was a really cold and rainy day. Time was 26:34 for a 3.21 course - slower than my races so far this season but I honestly feel it was the best I could have raced today. I don't think I could have done any better given the circumstances so I am happy with the way I did. Going to try to relax the rest of the day and get ready for tomorrow. hoping I am feeling better for that one.


sprouted grain bagel w/earth balance

vega wfo w/coconut water

2 bananas

thai vegetable soup w/ coconut milk

thai mixed vegetables & tofu

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@chewy - yeah i have vega sport but I only use it when I feel like I need it because it really gets my amped up and im hyper enough already!! maybe I should have used it today!I haven't used it for a race mostly because i am so excited and ready to go already but maybe i will try it soon for a race and see how it goes.

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Thanks lobster I did feel better and run better on sunday!! I spent almost all of saturday in bed recovering.



5k race - got 1st place in my age group with a time of 25:30 - ok with the time since it was 34 degrees and rainy and about .75 to a mile was on wet grass. Felt better racing today. Looking forward to racing in some warmer conditions for sure! I ran with a skull cap and gloves on!


Didn't do a recovery wod and my legs are tired. My heel is sore. I need to ice and stretch and roll. Going to do upper body strength stuff today.



sprouted grain bagel w/earth balance

vega wfo w/coconut water


tempeh bacon

vega wfo w/coconut water

hummus w/steamed broccoli

lemon sesame tofu w/roasted yams

chocolate covered almonds

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thanks so much but def not superhero material!




5 rounds of

10 pushups

5 pullups - kipping

10 ring dips - 1 foot on box

25 ab mat situps


3 rounds of

dumbbell bench press 25 x 10

kettlebell swings 35 x 15


3 rounds of

dumbbell bench press 30x5

db row 30 x 10


Shoulder Press - dumbbells

15 x 10

20x 5

25 x 5 - 3 sets


10 kipping pullups

Bar Bent over Row - 65 x 10


3 rounds of

65 lb floor wipes x 15 each side

standing ab rollouts - 10


25 abmat situps


vega wfo w/coconut water

tempeh bacon


roasted yams

lemon sesame tofu

cocoa covered almonds

steamed broccoli and hummus

tempeh etoufee

sunwarrior w.coconut water

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Pose - Week 3 drills

Stable Arm Drill x3

Caroica x 3

forward lunge x3

wall drill 20 each leg x 3


run - 4 x 130 seconds @ 98 cadence

run 1 x 6 minutes @ 93 cadence



tempo row

c2 rower - 1500 meters 7:30 rest 1 minute 1500 meters 7:30


Front Squats



115x3 x2 - set bar down for a second didn't like grip






VEGA WFO w/coconut water

Tempeh Bacon

Cocoa Almonds

tofu brown rice broccoli carrots onions mushrooms


Sunwarrior protein powder

Grit Tofu

Roasted Yams & cauliflower

Chocolate Tofu

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Super Exciting day!! Got RC's book in the mail today and it looks fantastic! So kool seeing my quotes in it too. I am honored to have contributed in a small way. On a personal level it meant a lot to me to give back to this website which has helped me in the past. Love all my VBBF buddies!!


Pose Drills - Week 3 - Same as yesterday.


3 rounds of

5 kipping pullups

10 Pushups

10 Ring Dips - 1 foot down for support

10 Shoulder Press @ 45 lbs

30 seconds Hollow Rock

30 seconds Superman


Handstand holds - 5 rounds of 30 seconds on 30 seconds off


5 rounds of

10 - 65 lb Bent over Bar Rows

10 - Hanging Leg Lifts


Was feeling a little beat up today so just did my pose running instead of a CFE WOD. Also worked on my shoulder weaknesses.


Talked to a tri coach today to work on some events I want to complete this racing season such as the Duathlon, Triathlon, Half-Marathon and possible even a full marathon is everything goes well.




VEGA WFO w/coconut water

Tempeh Bacon

Cocoa Almonds

Brown Rice, Tofu, Peas. Thai Red Curry


Sunflower Seed Burgers - 2

Pan Seared Zucchini


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thanks lobster!




Pose drills and running.


Recovery wod

30 squats - used pole for stability

20 squats


Superset - 3 rounds of

bench press - 25lb DBS x 15 reps

5 kipping pullups


Superset -3 rounds of

15 GHD situps

15 back Extensions


Kettlebell Swings 35 lbs x 15 - american


VEGA WFO w/coconut water

Tempeh Bacon

Cocoa Almonds

Lemon Cumin Tofu

Ginger Broccoli

Sunflower Seed Burger


Racing 5ks back to back again this weekend and just feeling a little beat up so kept it lighter today and tomorrow will be a rest day. I will go and stretch and do some myofacial release to prep for the races.


Got my inov8 trail sneaks today and I need to send them back they are just too tight which is weird becuase they are the same size as my racing flats which are also inov8s.

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Rest day today! Stretched and did some rolling for recovery. my heel is really sore so iced it down a but today.


Sprouted grain bagel w/earth balance

VEGA WFO & performance Protein w/coconut water


Cocoa almonds

Tofu Brown Rice Broccoli Carrots Onions Mushrooms


Grit Tofu

Roasted Veggie Pizza

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Officially registered for the duathlon and Triathlon today as well as some smaller 5k and 5 mile races. Have most of my race season completely filled up now. Hope to get out to some bike shops this weekend and start working on getting a road bike. I will just ride my trek mountain bike until then. Also need to go and get a real swimsuit and register at a local pool so I can start doing some swimming workouts. I say real because a have a ton of bikinis but I doubt they are going to cut it for lap work. And I think Im going to invest in a garmin to help with all of these workouts.

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Yay!! What are the distances of your du and tri?

You are so awesome!


the du is a 3 mile run 16 mile bike (hilly course) and 3 mile bike


The tri is olympic distance so 1.5K lake swim - 40K bike - 11 k run (also hilly)



mary, check out sierratradingpost.com for cheap lap suits. serious good deals last time i checked. i have a $10 coupon i can hook you up with if you want anything, just let me know. i personally think it's better to get your tri-top in person though.


@ viva - I just got a nike suit today while I was out shopping before I got this message! I need to work on my wetsuit next. I'd love to have some kool vegan gear. I swear I've seen pictures of giacomo in Vegan bike shorts.





5K race today went well. What a course. very hilly! They were steep! They were long! and they were many!! It started with a steep downhill and continued with rolling up and down hills the whole way until the finish by going back up the steep hill you start at! Time was 25:20. Im happy with it considering the hills. My heel is really sore so I am icing it down tonight and hoping I can run on it tomorrow.


did a recovery wod

3x15 - superset of

GHD situps & hip Extensions

SS - 3x15

Bench Press w.20lb DBs

Pullups - strict with blue band

kettlebell swings - american 35 lbs 3 x 15


Went to my first bike shop today.

So far I am liking the Specialized Dolce and Dolce Sport the best.

Also road a redline which was ok. and an orbea I didn't really care for.

Going to another bike shop tomorrow.


Trying to decide between a Garmin Forerunner 305 and 405. UGH!! decisions decisions..


Sprouted Grain Bagel w.earth balance

VEGA sport with Coconut water - first time trying this before a race. felt ok but it was a short race so I don't think it made a big difference. I was just tired this morning so I thought I would give it a shot.

VEGA WFO w/coconut water

Thai Soup

Thai Mixed veggies and tofu

Grit Tofu

Vanilla Tofu

VEGA wfo w/coconut water

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thanks guys!


The du is June 20th and the tri is August 22. I am going to still use a mix of crossfit and crossfit endurance for the du and tri races. I will do crossfit wods 6 days a weeks and then I will breakout the Crossfit Endurance workouts amoung the three disciplines so 2 runs 2 bikes and 2 swims a week. 1 day will be a rest day but everything else will be doubles. Thats the plan for now so it will still be the same style workouts there will just be biking and swimming and not rowing now. I might have to change the mix up a bit if i find myself significantly weaker in one area.


racing another 5k today. It's been raining and night and is still raining and will probably be raining for the race. Still going. Time probably won't be as good with the conditions.

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haha thanks!




Had another 3 mile race today. Heel was really sore and it was pouring so I wasn't expecting much out of my race today but I ran a season best of 23:53 today. whoo hoo! I got a 2nd in age group trophy too!! fun stuff!!!


Did a recovery wod this evening.

superset 3x15 of

GHD situps

Hip extension

superset of

bench press 25 lb dumbbells 3 x 15

strict pullups with blue band

Kettlebells Swings 35lbs 3 x 15


Sprouted Grain Bagel w/earth balance

VEGA sport w/coconut water

VEGA wfo w/coconut water

VEGA Vibrancy bar

Tempeh Scallopini w/mushroom over spinach

VEGA WFO w.coconut water

Hummus w/Steamed Broccoli & Carrots


Roasted Yams

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