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MaryStella's Triathlon training crossfit endurance

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thanks so much guys!


started the day with 45 minutes in the pool. Breathing was better this time. Swimming farther too. Still not confident in my swimming. Am I taking breaks just because I can or do I really need them? I know the swimming isn't great. Breaks feel nice. need more pool time for sure.


Also week 5 POSE drills and running

Stable Arm


Wall Drill

Forward Lunge


4 x 1:30 @ 101 cadence with 2 minutes between

1 x 6 minute @ 94 cadence


Iced my heel down as much as possible today. Both legs are still tight from tough mudder. I was able to run today so that felt good.



sprouted grain bagel w.earth balance

VEGA WFO w/coconut water

Cocoa almonds

Tofu, Brown Rice, Broccoli, Carrots, Mushrooms

Hummus w.steamed broccoli

Sunflower seed burger w/roasted asparagus

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that race looks so fun...


how do you like those luna moons? i only ever tried them once last summer on a hot day when i was shopping and they tasted so ing to me... i know theyre made by the same company as cliff blocks, and are probably the same basic recipe except in more feminine moon shapes and fruitier girl flavors but i do like cliff blocks better. maybe i'm a secret man.


also curious what kind of pedals you got and if you like them.

how are you working on getting your bilateral breathing better? i had some good luck with my method... let me know if you need some tips.

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Yeah tough mudder is a fun time. Definately more of an event than a real race.


@viva - yeah the luna moons were ok. This is my first go with any kind of race fuel like that. so ok means I ate them and didn't puke them up. Only got those becuase that is what the store I was in had. They didn't have clif blocks although I will try those when I can get my hands on them. They require more chewing than the clif shot I bought so I actually like the clif shot better because you could just slam it.


I got Keo cleats and specialized shoes. honestly i love them becuase i never road with shoes before and funny enough today was my first day riding with a friend and of course I wiped out in the parking lot before we even start riding. I was laughing so hard, it was hysterical.


bilaterial breating I didn't even practice this time. I wanted to work on my right side and really get that down before I started working on the bilateral stuff. I know I need to work on my swimming alot. ALOT! now this part is really important. I want every tri tip you can give me especially on swimming, biking, transition, gear, fuel! HELP ME! First timer don't know what i'm doing and really want to learn from you!




feeling the swimming in my shoulder a bit. Not in a bad way I didn't notice it when swimming yesterday but I noticed a fatigue feeling in it when I was driving home from the pool. I can feel a difference in external rotation. feels like a fatigue maybe it is loosening up (FINALLY!)


"Fight Gone Bad" - Accidently left my book at the box but I think I scored a 205. will confirm and post tomorrow.

3 - 5 minute rounds with 1 minute rest between rounds

1 - Wallballs = 14lb ball @ 9 ft target

2 - Sumo Deadlight High pulls - 55lbs

3 - Box Jumps @ 18 inches

4 - Push Press @ 45 lbs

5 - Row 4 calories


the accuracy of wallballs killed me this time. My rep counter and I agreed that I missed at least half it not more than I actually made. If I hit the 9ft line and wasn't completely above we didn't count it. If i went above the 9 ft line but I didn't hit the board it didn't count. Just like in a fight it's not how many punches you throw its the ones that land that count. Need to work on wallballs. the sumo deadlift high pulls felt good even though that high pull is hard on the surgical shoulder. Box jumps felt weird I am just to jumping higher so it felt weird to jump low. Made sure there was a full hip extension at the top of the box or the rep didn't count. push press - another fun shoulder exercise. rowing - at this point just saying less than a minute keep going!! I felt like i got a great workout doing this one even though my score wasn't great mostly because of the wallballs not counting.


bike - 30 minute road ride followed by 5 rounds of 2 minutes on 1 minutes off - Just felt great riding today. Like I was really moving the whole time.


Even more good news - I got my GARMIN forerunner 405 today. WHOO HOO!! I can start tracking distance, using my heart rate monitor. I got the bike speed cadence sensor so i need to hook that up. Im so excited!


i was really hungry today. not sure why.


tempeh bacon

vega wfo w/coconut water

cumin lime tofu

roasted yams and green beans

cocoa almonds

gritty tofu

roasted asparagus

hummus with steamed broccoli

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shoulders were tight and sore today (damn u FGB!) so I decided to start with my pose drills and running first and then do my cf wod later. giving my shoulders a little longer to recover before I hit them again with the CF wod. This seemed like a good idea until I started actually running and then I realized hhmmm my legs are a little tired too! made it through all of the drills and running without problems but my legs were fatigued through the whole thing

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the plan went well. Made it through the shoulder intensive crossfit wod


for time : 3 rounds of

10 Strict Shoulder Presses - 45 lbs

10 Knees 2 Elbows

Time 3:41


Tempeh Bacon

VEGA WFO w/coconut water

Grit Tofu

Red beans & Brown Rice

Cocoa Almonds

Steamed Broccoli and Hummus

2 Sunflower Seed Burgers


tomorrows workouts should be entertaining. A hard swim workout followed by a wallball workout. Hopefully my wallballs will go much smoother than they did during fight gone bad the other day.

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thanks john




warmup - 100 yds swim 100 yds drill 100 yds swim 100 yards drill - drills are 6 beat switch, catch up stroke and finger tip drag

10 x 50 yds on 20 seconds rest. 50 yards were taking me approximately 50 seconds. I was doing them without flip turns. Started working on my flip turns after the workout. I will try to start incorporating those into my laps. No shoulder issues while swimming today.



50 wall ball shots for time - 5:35 - accuracy was an issue again today. I did more just didn't count them as they missed the board. i was tired and sore warming up to do this. Glad it was a short wod. My shoulder felt so weak doing my warmup pullups.


have a 5.5 trail race tomorrow. I am hoping I feel better than I did today. Not sure if i didn't sleep enough or what but I was just tired a good portion of the day.


sprouted grain bagel w. earth balance

vega wfo w/coconut water

smoked almonds

steamed broccoli and hummus

tempeh bacon

hemp shake w. soymilk



vegan pizza

dark chocolate peanut butter

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did a 5.4 mile trail race today. This was my first real trail race and it turns out I am not a good trail runner! rolled my ankle in the first mile and almost face planted a few times. I had a great time even though my race time wasn't very good. I ran a 58.14. But Im ok with it because I know I did the best I really could have throughout the entire race. Would I have liked to have a better time. Sure but this was a fun experience. I'm icing my ankle down as I write this so that I can get back at the more serious training tomorrow! This was the first time I used my Garmin Forerunner 405 and what a fun little toy this is going to be to play with. I uploaded my info to Garmin connect. I am user marystella13. I hope to hook up my bike speed/cadence sensor sometime today for my bike ride tomorrow.


sprouted grain bagel w earth balance

vega wfo w coconut water


2 slices vegan pizza


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frozen feet part 1


yesterday my heels were really sore both of them not just the injured one. submerged them in ice and ice water for two good sessions (really an exercise in mental toughness) I also took some ibuprofen last night which i rarely do.


attempted to attached the speed cadence sensor to the bike but I am not convinced I can do it correctly so going to take my bike into the shop and have the bike guys do it.


5.8.10 fuel continued



Smoked Almonds

Tempeh Scallopini w/ mushrooms

Sauteed Spinach

VEGA WFO w.coconut water


frozen feet part 2

Had a 10 mile time trial to do on my bike this morning. it was 40 degrees and windy where I live. Headed out for a 3 mile warmup before coming back to the house to grab a jacket to put over my wool jersey, real full gloves instead of biking gloves and a skullcap to put under my helmet. Did a 10 mile time trial in 46:09. I love my garmin so far. I am just really impressed with the things it does and i barely know how to use it yet! feet were frozen when i got off my bike. literally had to seperate my toes with my fingers. refueling and hitting another CF WOD later.

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My tough mudder race report -


Had a fun time but this was more of a course to just be completed than an actual race. The event had some organizational issues. My team arrived to the parking area 2ish hours before our actual race start time and we stood in a shuttle bus line for over 2 hours before even making it to the race site. Therefore we missed our wave going off. This happened to many at the event and they needed to add to additional waves for all of us that missed our starts. Once we actually made it to the course to check in the registration was hectic and disorganized. I feel sorry for those workers because papers were flying everywhere. Next we proceed to the start area. It probably would have been better for them to just let people start as they got there at thsi point since all of the official waves had already left. But instead they sent out two more waves of participants.


now onto the course. It was fun! It could have been tough if you were just killing the pace but with 5000 people on the course and some waits at obstacles that didn't happen. But our team was having a good time. There were some serious hills to run up (it was held on a ski resort). One of which you basically crawled up on your hands and knees. As far as the obstacles I felt they were more fun than actually really difficult to complete. In my opinion the tough mudder website made them sound more treacherous than they really were. I am sure it was for safety reasons. And by the time we made it through the course some of the obstacles were closed due to people getting hurt on them. examples being the 15ft walk the plank jump was not 15ft. and you didn't really need to know how to swim there was a lot of personnel on hand to save you if necessary. The barbed wire crawl was just regular wire the you could have touched and not gotten cut up. (not complaining on that one! as my back hit it a few times) The underground tunnels were just large barrells to swim under. They also had opt out so if you felt you couldn't complete an obstacles you didn't have to do it. The hardest part about the mud crawls were all of the rocks in the mudd cutting you up a bit. The wall climbs were slippery as everyone just came out of the freezeing cold lake so I got bruised up on those a bit.

The water obstacles would have been tougher if we didn't have such unseasonably warm temps that day. Which i was thankful for! The water stations were another disaster. There wasn't enough cups on the course for the water stations so they were reusing cups. Not sure how that can happen they knew there were going to be 5000 participants. also they were running out of water. kinda gross but when its hot and your dehydrating you take what you can get. the fire run that ends the course was really hot but not really dangerous. I did not like the fact that they started the post race awards and party while participants were still out on the course. My team finished in 1:35 minutes and there was another wave started 30 minutes behind us.


I lost a few items from my bag that I checked mostly race tshirts but the bag check was so hectic I wasn't surprised.


So overall it was more fun than tough and organization needs improvement. This event sold out really fast so they should consider doing it more than one day.

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so I screwed up the distance on my Bike Time trial today. It was supposed to be 15 miles not 10. I wish I looked more closely at the training log this morning before I headed out so that I got it done right. I only realized it when I looked at the CF wod this afternoon. Ill see how Coach Jay wants to handle that later.


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of

Pullups (strict with blue band)

Box Jumps - 24 inches

Abmat Situps

Time 12:29


had some transition time as my stations were not close together. Ran between them as best I could. still icing my heels down when possible today. Hopefully will walk like a normal person tomorrow.

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thanks lobster but It really wasnt that hardcore because we did it as a team so we weren't pushing the pace and it would have been hard to with 5000 people on the course so it was more fun than actually really tough.



swim - 10 x 100 yards - rested in between efforts as needed

shoulders /lats were tight from yesterdays pullups and the legs were def not fresh coming off the bike and box jumps but I felt pretty good about the swimming today because I consistently bilaterial breathed every 3 strokes. I mostly focused on that this session. it really is funny how my right side breathing is better than my left. I know Ive practiced it more back in the day when I used to swim but really it is only turning your head how is it left side so much harder. But getting better at it and slowly getting my distance up in the pool too. Back at the pool tomorrow morning too.



push press










Sprouted Grain Bagel w/Peanut Butter

VEGA WFOw/coconut water & vega sport - felt really tired after the pool and just needed the extra energy to get through today

Cumin Lime Tofu & roasted Cauliflower

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swim - got a little off schedule here - was doing my drills to warmup when I received some help. Ended up working the whole time on rotating the body on every stroke and making the movement comes from the hip. Did a 12, 9 ,6, 3 kick pattern and did a 200 at the end. I will hit the pool again tomorrow morning to do today's swimming workout.


then Tabata something else

20:10 x 8 rounds of

pullups 8,6,5,5,5,4,4,5

pushups 12,10,8,6,8,5,5,6

situps 11,11,10,10,10,10,11,10

squats 15,15,14,14,15,14,14,15


pullups - 42 strict using a blue band

pushups - 60 - did not count a few reps because i did not like the range of motion

situps - 83

Squats - 116


My left arm was having muscle spasms in it this afternoon for awhile. Not really sure why. That is not the side I had shoulder surgery on.


Sprouted Grain Bagel w/Peanut butter

VEGA wfo w/coconut water

Sprouted Grain Noodles w.red cabbage

Cocoa Chili Almonds

Smoked Almonds

Grit Tofu

Zucchini, Tomatoes & yellow beans

Chocolate Soymilk

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woke up feeling the tabata something else this morning. Just regular soreness not an injury.


Swim - 100 yd warmup & drills then 7 x 75 yds with 20 seconds rest between

1 - 1.24

2- 1.25

3 - 1.23

4 - 1.24

5 - 1.23

6 - 1.26

7 - 1.25

While my times are not great I was happy that they remained fairly consistent. I didn't die off.


Then Week 6 Pose Running Drills

3 rounds of:

stable Arm Drill


Forward Lunch

Wall Drill (20 each leg)


4 x 1:30 @ 102 cadence with 2 minute rest between

1 x 6 minutes @ 94 cadence


rainy 50 degree run - 15 minute time trial - heart rate monitor test - 1.68 miles . I will download my garmin information later and checkout the heart rate etc. I believe it averaged 162. I thought I would have done better I felt like I was really working but I wasn't exactly fresh going into this. Legs were a little tired.



sprouted grain bagel w/peanut butter

vega wfo w/coconut water

edamame, corn, sesame salad

smoked almonds

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5 rounds for time of

20 step weighted walking lunges (10 each leg) with 50 lbs ( 2 - 25 dumbbells)

20 box jumps @ 24 inches

time 14:10


vega wfo w/coconut water

tempeh bacon

smoothie- banana, mango, pineapple, coconut water, vega wfo

Tofu. Brown Rice, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Carrots, Onions

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