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MaryStella's Triathlon training crossfit endurance

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Face Pulls - 30 lbs - 3 X 15

V Raises, Rear Delt Raises - 6 lb DBs 3 X 15



Fly Press

40lbs X 10, 50 X 5, 60 X 5, 60 X 5, 60 X 5

Tricep Dips

82lbs X 15, 91lbs X 5, 91 X 5, 101 X 5, 110 x 5


Machine Leg lifts 25,15,15,15,15,


Run 1 mile - recovery pace


Super Set of

Curl & Press - 12 lb DBs - 6 sets with 5 reps each Kept it light as the switch from curl to press brings out my shoulder instability

Inner Thigh Press - 100 X 15, 110X 10, 120X10


One Arm Rows 20 X 5, 30 X 5, 40 X 5


Standing Ab Rollouts - 6 set of 5 reps each

Decline Bench Situps - 9lbs behind neck X 10 reps, BW X 15 reps, 5lbs behind neck X 10

Ab Ball Situps 3 X 25


Parallel Grip Pulldowns - 3 X 105 - failed on #3, 5 X 90, 5X95, 5x100, 5x105 - failed on#5


Run 1 miles - recovery rate


Hopefully will have MRI results tomorrow.

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6am Crossfit Workout of the Day

For time:

Walking lunge 100 ft.

21 Pushups

21 Sit-ups

Walking lunge 100 ft.

18 Pushups

18 Sit-ups

Walking lunge 100 ft.

15 Pushups

15 Sit-ups

Walking lunge 100 ft.

12 Pushups

12 Sit-ups

Walking lunge 100 ft.

9 Pushups

9 Sit-ups

Walking Lunge 100 ft.

6 Pushups

6 Sit-ups


Time 16:20 - Legs sore from lunges. Did puships as scapular and Situps were done on AB ball.


V Raises and Rear Delt Raises 5lb DB 3 x 15

Face Pulls - 30 lbs 3 x 15


5:30pm - Run 2.5 miles - 20 minutes

Kickboxing Jump Rope, 3 rounds on heavy bag, 1 round double end bag, 1 round pads


3 Rounds AB work - leg lifts, v raises, cross knee crunches, crunches & In and Outs.


Still no MRI results.

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This is the last shoulder workout I will be posted for awhile. I got the results of my MRI today and I have three tears in my shoulder. Labrum and Supraspinatus tendon. I also have Osteophytes extending from the bone. Probably as a result of these injuries I also have a cyst, bursitius, tendinitis/tendinosis and muscle sprains. Still need to ice and rehab as much as I can so I can go into the surgery strong. I have a surgical consult setup for April 29th. That was the earliest I can get one. I am going to obviously to exclude any upper body work that uses my shoulder which is pretty much everything. Although if anyone can think of upperbody work I can still do PLEASE let me know. Going to still do as much lower body as I can as well as core. Not going to let this get me down. I will do more running and biking. Going to look online for some local road races and possibly enter those to keep myself going. I have not road raced in a couple of years at this point but I still run for training so I would be in shape enough to just start doing it, more for the experience than for actual competition. I was very upset for several hours today about my shoulder. I am trying to focus on what I can do and not what I am unable to do right now.


I limited the weight on these because of my shoulder. Obviously I did this workout before I get my MRI results.


Shoulder Press







Push Press







Push Jerk







Shoulder Stability Circuit - V Raises, Rear Delt Raises, Scapular Pushups 3 X 15 w/ 5lb DBs

Face Pulls - 30 lbs - 1 X 15, 40 lbs - 2 X 15

This is rehab work that I will continue to do daily before surgery.


Legs are still smoked from all of the walking lunges yesterday, and I am pretty emotionally drained after the bad news today so I am going to take it easy tonight and get back at it tomorrow.

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Joelk - If you have any recommendations for lifting I can do without using my shoulder I was love to hear from you. I really want to keep working hard until the actual surgery so that I can do in as strong as possible and hopefully not lose too much while I need keep the shoulder immoblized immediately after surgery. I will keep running, biking, lower body lifting then.


Tasha - Thanks I am going to PM.



Ran 5K. going to look for some local races later.

Decline Bench Situps - BW - 3 X 15


Will go back later tonight to lift.

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Thanks joel!





Run 3 miles - 26 minutes - easy pace

Decline bench situps - BW 3 X 15


5:30 pm


Face pulls 25lbs - 3 X 15, 40 lbs 3 X 15

Shoulder Stability Circuit - V raises, Rear Delt Raises, Scapular Pushups - 5lb DB 3 X 15


Core Superset - 3 sets

V Raises with Ab Ball - 30 reps

Supermans - 30 reps


Bicep Curls - 12 lb DBs - thought i would try this out with the shoulder sitation kept it light as it didn't feel right.


Back Extensions - 4 X 15 @ BW

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Face Pulls - 30 lbs 5 X 15

Shoulder Stability Circuit - same as 4.8.8

Run 1 mile - easy pace

Run Steps - 18 minutes



Ball Situps - 4 X 25


Thigh Superset 3 X 15

Inner - 100

Outer - 130


Leg Superset #1 - 3 X 10

Single Leg Hamstring Curls - 45lbs

Leg Press - 110


Leg Superset #2 - 3 X 15

Leg Extension - 70

Single Leg Glute Lifts - 90



Leg Lifts 4 X 25

Side Crunches 4 X 25 a side

Decline Bench Situps 3 X 20 @ BW

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@ aluck - not good awaiting surgery to repair it. thanks for asking.


4.10.9 - 6am


Shoulder Stability Circuit

V Raises, Rear Delt Raises, Scapular Pushups - 3x15


Face Pulls - 40lbs 3x15,


Run - 3.55 miles - 30 minutes




One Arm Rows

20 x 15

30 x 15

35 x 10


Parallel Grip Cable Pull Row

70 x 10

80 x 6

70 x 4

70 x 10


Superset = 4X

Back Extensions 15

Ball Situps 25


Superset = 5X

Decline Bench Situps - BW X 20

Weighted Leg Lifts - 10DB X 10

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Crossfit Workout of the day


3 rounds for time of:

Row 500 meters

21 Burpees

Run 400 meters


Time 16:02


I think I could have had a slightly better time had I not actually fallen. As soon as I was done running my first 400 meters I accidently stepped onto my friends treadmill near me that was still running and I totally wiped out so I lost a little time there but this was a hard one for sure. Legs feel pretty unstable starting to run coming off the burpees every round.


Face Pulls

30 X 15

35 X 15

40 X 15 x 3


Shoulder Stability Circuit - 5 lb Dbs - V raises, Rear Delt Raises, Scapular pushups.


5 minutes on bike. - just tested this out as it might be the only cardio I can do right after surgery as my shoulder will have to be immobilized so even running might be out. But my legs were smoked from the CF WOD so I though I would save this for another day.


SuperABset - 4X

Ball Situps - 25

V raises w ball - 25 - these were rough to get through!


Ball Side Situps 15, 25

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You rock Mary !!!!

Don't ever feel like you don't !!


Go for it girl, I just woke up from a nap. Thanks for your nice message on FB.

I'll write you back as soon as I get back from the gym<3


Again if you need anything please don't hesitate to talk to me about anything..

I know this may be hard for you to do right now. BUT TAKE IT EASY !

Don't let anyone else influence you or tell you what you should be doing.

Listen to yourself and what your doctor suggests.

Screw everyone else ! Sorry

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tasha thanks for your help. I really appreciate it! An outside opinion can be so helpful.




Shoulder Stability Circuit - V Raises, Rear Delt Raises, Scapular Pushups 3 X 15 - I wonder how long it is going to be before this isn't a part of my daily routine. I've been dealing with this shoulder issue for so long and i will probably have to do this as rehab after the surgery too.


Face Pulls - 40 X 15 x 5



Outer thigh 130 x 15, 140 x 15, 150 x 15

Inner thigh 100 x 15, 100 x 10, 100 x 10 last two sets the last rep was rough


Superset X3

Hamstring curls - 85 x 15 - on the 2nd and 3rd sets the 14 rep was weak and the 15 was failure after halfway

Leg Extensions 85 X 15



Bicep Curls - 12 x 10 - tried fifteen but couldn't do it on the right arm with the injured shoulder so dropped down

1 arm dumbbell rows, 30 X 10, 35 x 10, 40 x10


Hammerhead Bicep Curls 5x 15, 5x 12 - wanted to see if this was easier on the shoulder. no better.

1 arm dumbbell row - 45 X 5


Superset X 5

Back extensions - BW x 15

Situps on AB ball x 30


Superset x 3

Leg Press - 130 x 5

Parallel Grip Cable Row - 80 x 10


Run Steps - 20 minutes 2.31 miles 110 floors

Bike - 10 minutes


Decline Bench Situps 25 x 3

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I'm stumped as to what else you can do for your shoulders that you aren't already doing. Have been talking about it with other trainers I know and the general consensus is that you should rest it. You're a very determined person though so just work with whatever range of motion you have with minimal weights. Sorry it is not anything you aren't doing already but I wouldn't want to recommend anything that could cause further injury to you.

Keep up the training though, you are a machine

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Thanks Joel for thinking about this for me! Your right with your recommendation. I am not completely resting it because I want to go into the surgery strong so I don't lose too much while it has to be immoblilzed after surgery but my focus is mostly on just rehab stuff for now.




Shoulder Stability Circuit V Raises, Rear Delt Raises, Scapular Pushups - 3 x 15

Face Pulls 30 x 15, 35 x 15, 30 x 15


Run Steps - 30 minutes - 2.20 miles 105 floors



Run 5K - 24 minutes

Bike 15 minutes




Didn't feel well all day today, sneezing, coughing, headache, tired. Drinking tea and taking a rest day. I haven't had one in a really long time so I don't feel too bad about it. It's been a stressful week. I told my kickboxing trainer I am not coming back and that caused some drama. Work has been busy and my parents are having some serious health problems. I hope I am well enough to get back to the gym tomorrow.

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Thanks Joel if it weren't for the logistics issue I'd say you gave it to me. weren't u just sick?



Had several rest days (which my shoulder is loving but the rest of me is hating). Been sick all week, dragged myself to the dr. today and I have a sinus infection and an ear infection. Normally I don't take drugs but the constant fever and sickness has made me give in. started on some meds today and hopefully will be better in a few days. Don't really have anything to post workout wise unfortunately.

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Thanks for all of the healing vibes everyone. They mean a lot to me! I am STILL sick! I can't stand it. I already called off from work for tomorrow. I am pretty much sleeping the day and night away. I do feel a bit better today but not enough to actually function normally. Hopefully soon. My shoulder feels better in the sense that it doesn't hurt as much but it still isn't useful to me. My tears are not the kind of tears that will heal they need to be surgically repaired. But all of this extra "rest" is probably good for some of my less serious nagging type issues. I really hope to get back at it soon. I am just so not myself the last few days.

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Thanks so much! It means a lot to me. I am STILL sick. I've had a fever now for over a week. I called my dr. again today. Just waiting to hear back from. Hoping to get better soon. I've been sick for so long now it seems. I haven't worked out for so long now I am going to forget how.

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You will not!!! Instead you are going to come back with a renewed interest and energy and focus!!! use this time to focus on diet, general overall health, family, friends, etc... and when you come back have a rigid plan and stick to it... Just allow for some loss of strength and endurance. Dont be scared of it, look forward to the challenge. Wishing ya well.

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