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MaryStella's Triathlon training crossfit endurance

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started the day with a swim - warmup then 30 x 50 on 20 sec rest. This was a tough workout. 20 seconds is only enough time to realize how much pain you are in. The time is take me to swim aa 50 it is almost a tabata workout with the rest.

1 - 47

2 - 46

3 - 46

4 - 46

5 - 47

6 - 47

7 - 48

8 - 48

9 - 48

10 - 49

11 - 49

12 - 48

13 - 50

14 - 49

15 - 51

16 - 46

17 - 49

18 - 51

19 - 48

20 - 48

21 - 51

22 - 50

23 - 50

24 - 51

25 - 50

26 - 50

27 - 50

28 - 53

29 - 52

30 - 48


Then it was time for "fran". Not a fan of fran. But I am happy with my effort. I did it as rx'ed for the first time. No scaling of the weight and all pullups without assistance. I also started the weight from the ground. so anytime you put the weight down you have to clean it back for the thruster.


65lb Thrusters

Pullups (kipping)

Time: 9:51


My heel was really sore again today. Stretched, iced and applied Kinesio tape. I thought this was getting better but it's been sore again the last few days.





Chocolate Soymilk


VEGA WFO w/coconut water

Tofu Teriyaki, Brown Rice, Broccoli, Carrots, Peppers, Green Beans

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

Romaine Salad

Vegan Pizza

VEGA Performance Protein

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Disclaimer: Mary, feel free to tell me to shut up or ignore me.


Sister to sister advice: I know how hard it is to take rest days. I dread them, and I hate them. But I'm always, always glad after I put myself through it, especially if I've been training without one for a while. My performance improves, I'm less tired, and I smell better.


Don't you think it's time for a rest day? Your foot will thank you.


Suffering through a rest day will make you tougher.

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@jason - A thruster is a front squat with an overhead press. It is torturous!


@viva - Don't worry I have some rest coming up soon. The foot is a chronic injury that i've had not someone that a rest day or even a string of them is going to cure. I'm happy to have you back on here! Right now I am doing some heavy training but nothing I can't handle. I am not really concerned about performance at this point. I've got a taper coming up for the tri so this is a push it point not a rest and recover point in the plan.


I was pretty tired getting up this morning even though I went to bed early. Yesterday's training had me a little sore and slow moving. Did a 3 mile warmup and then hit 8 rounds of 2 minutes on and 1 minute off on my bike. Went to my outside personal velodrome (ok it is really a loop around a school) I still don't feel right when turning right not sure if it is psychological or what at this point. Reversed the loop and did some with left turns before going back to the right hand turns laps again.


Did my bike commute.


3 rounds for time of 30 pushups, 75 squats.

time: 11:23

round 1 - 3.25

round 2 -3.58

round 3 - 3.58

chocolate soymilk


vega wfo w/coconut water

vegan pizza

vega performance protein w.coconut water

dark chocolate peanut butter

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The chocolate soymilk I use as a quick post workout recovery meal because of it's ratio of carbs, fat and protein it is good for that. not as a good as real food but it is quick when you've got time issues or if you don't feel up to eating yet it is easy to get down.


The dark chocolate peanut butter I am using to get more fat into my diet. and it is delish too!


the first tri is on july 18th.


thanks jason! I needed that!


7.8.10 - went to bed early again last night. much easier to get up this morning although I probably could have slept even longer if the alarm didn't go off. I might try to go to bed even earlier if possible. it is hard to do that when it is still light outside and I'. crawling into bed.


Run 5 miles with 50 squats after each mile - time - 53 minutes - I took a hilly course because i wanted to get some hills in. When I started I felt like I was running with one good leg and one wooden leg with my heel. It eventually stretched out but it is an issue Im dealing with for sure.

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oh good I'm not the only one feeling like a little kid!


As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 minutes of

25 burpees

25 situps

25 back extensions


2 complete rounds and did the burpees and situps of the 3rd round. I really thought I would have gotten more rounds in. The burpees were rough after all of the pushups yesterday. I was still sore from those and it was a decent amount of burpees per round.

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mary, do you supplement with flax oil at all? my doc put me on it, it's good for reducing inflammation. you could kill 2 birds with one stone that way. wait, this is a vegan website. you could rescue two birds with one net.



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I don't supplement with flax oil. I have put ground flax in my shakes for inflammation. I think it is better than the refined oil.


7.9.10 - late night last night, got up to swim. warmup - 100 then 100 each of 6 beat switch, catchup, fingertip then 30 minute time trial. - covered 61 laps. I got into a easy sustainable pace and just kept going. I didn't feel like I was really pushing it at any point and now I am kinda disappointed that I didn't go for it more. I don't really know how to pace myself for this kinda of a swim. Maybe I was tired but I know I could have done better. I stopped after about 14 minutes to rip off my kinesio tape as it was mostly off anyway any other breaks were quick to look at my watch. I wasn't tired when I got out of the pool and felt like I could have done more. I should have gone harder.

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For the money I think timex ironman watches are a good deal. This is my second one and I think they are worth it. The one I had before did not have the tap screen, I had it for years but I accidently cracked it and the water got in and it was over. I like the tap screen for the pool but it totally isn't really necessary becuase it makes the watch more expensive. I don't like it for biking because sometimes I have accidently got a lap when i bumped it or hit a hard pothole or something like that. Unlike my garmin I don't think it has a tapscreen lock so if you bump the screen it laps. I;ve also had that happen when doing some crossfit workouts. It is possible it has a lock but I haven't figured that out yet. I guess it depends what you want to use it for if you are only going to use it swim i saw go as cheap and you can for what you need so if you break it in the water it isn't a big problem. But if you are going to use it for all of your training I say get the est one you can afford. I use my garmin forerunner 405 as my main training watch now and just use this one to swim for the most part.



food 7.9.10

sprouted grain bagel

vega wfo w.coconut water

carmelized onion hummus

w.steamed broccoli&carrots

vega sport performance protein w. OJ & coconut water

vegan moussaka

blueberry pie


had a bachlorette party last night, rehearsal dinner tonight and wedding tomorrow so food is going to be a little off

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@lobster- I think that is a good ideafor a swim watch so if water does get into it and it dies your not losing too much.


7/10/10 - wanted to sleep in but my body is used to getting up early. Had a dinner to attend last night and was short on sleep. Also it was raining and crappy out so no biking today Did an 8 mile run instead.Took me an hour and twenty minutes. Then did an extra .29 as a cool down. It took me a mile or so to beat my heel into submission and the idea that we were going to be running. After the mile I finally started to loosen up a bit. The pain came back around mile 7 or so. my heel hurt when I was done and I would b at a wedding all day so I took some ibuprofen to help with the inflammation and pain Since I was only able 2 ice right after the run. It does seem to help. Food was off because of the wedding factor. didn't take in as much protein as I would have liked and I was kinda hungry throughout the day. I should have planned better.


Gel - 1 packet before I went out to run mostly because I was hungry but didn't want to take the time to eat. ALso wanted to see what it would b like as a pre workout thing.


blueberry pie

VEGA wfo /coconut water

Potato Pancakes w/applesauce

polenta w/mushroom ragout

fruit salad


Penne w.marinara

cumin lime rice

black bean sweet potatoe enchiladas w/salsa

raspberry cake




ultra light on sleep but had a great time at the wedding. Hit some vega sport and a banana before heading out to train today. Didn't have the time or stomach for anything more. Started with an open water swim. went over a 1.5 miler but not quite a 2. It seems to take me awhile to settle myself into a pace in open water. I feel anxious or excited or nervous or something when I start. Maybe because I am not a fan of swimming in the shallow water with the plant life etc. Maybe because I haven't done much of it, I don't really know what my issue is. Takes awhile for me to feel comfortable breathing too. I always swim better on my way back than on my way out. Drive home and headed out for a 20 mile ride and 3.25 mile run. I did some hills and 1 really good climb. Went later in the day so I had some traffic issues. My lower back was tight towards the end of the bike and I've never had that before. It was a nutrition and hydration practice today so I worked on that too. I was hurting and tried for the run but I got through it. I didn't get sickfrom the gels but I thought I might for a bit. It was hot and I was sweating a ton but I tired to be really good with the water. I was thinking it is 1 week to my first triathlon.Wondering what it is going to be like besides painful. I know I am using this one as more of a training race than a real race for the learning curve etc. Its going to be an interesting week. I need to get back on a good diet and also catch up on some sleep. Still hitting some ibu.


Sprouted grain bagel


Vega wfo w/coconut water

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@lobster - hope my race report is as good as yours!


@viva - They do not bother me at all on the bike but on the run they are just ok. Might end up using some flat soda for the run.



Had time for an extra swim session this morning. did a warmup then my usual drill work shared a lane with my friend so i was swimming near someone to get more used to it.Then did some stroke count swimming. My friend let me practice drafting off of him for awhile. Then we did a few laps of full contact swimming where we swam right next to each other basically in contact the whole time. He was giving the bumping, pawing, pulling stuff that could go on during the race. I was able to maintain my line through it but I am sure it will be worse in the race. Today was a fun day in the pool. Tomorrows workout will be a pain day in the pool.


Then did a crossfit workout of 3 rounds for time of 50 Wallballs - 14lb ball between 9 - 10 ft target - 20 pullups. time 21:50


Vegetable pizza - broccoli, carrots, red peppers, mushrooms, artichokes

Vega wfo w.coconut water

tofu, brown rice, broccoli, carrots, peppers, green beans, mushrooms.

dark chocolate peanut butter

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