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MaryStella's Triathlon training crossfit endurance

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yep, i know a bunch of people doing ironman lake placid next weekend and that is a huge mass start!


was just feeling crazy all day today, well until my swim workout tonight now Im too tired 2 b crazy. woke up and headed to the pool 2 swim but no lifeguard so I went 2 crossfit and hit cindy. wasn't really mentally prepared 4 it but did it anyway so I didn't waste the morning workout slot. Cindy is a 20 minute AMRAP of 5 pullups 10 pushups and 15 squats. I did 13 full rounds and 2 pullups of the 14th rounds before collapsing on the ground in the hysterical photo i've posted above. Yes I am wearing a swimsuit in it because I was supposed to be swimming and didn't have other clothes. I torn my hand open on the pullups AGAIN! Hope it heals up a it before race day. Got an extra round and pullup in since last time I did this. Work felt straining today which didn't help my overall mood. Swim workout was 20x 100 on 30 seconds rest or pain time in crazyland. did 100 warmup and then 100 each of drills. I tried to center myself during these because I was just feeling scattered.

1- 1:44

2- 1:43



5- 1:45


7- 1:48

8- 1:45

9- 1:46

10-1:46 - wishing there was some kind of intermission or half time break but not so lucky

11- 1:48


13- 1:46 - starting to feel really bad about my swimming

14 1:48

15 1:46

16 1:47

17 1:45

18 1:45

19 1:41 - i have no idea where I pulled these last 2 out of!

20 1:40

I was hurting during the workout and just feeling bad about my swimming. Now that I am done Im sure it was just the pain telling me I can't swim. The pain likes to tell me I can't run or bike either but he is more convincing in water. Im going to have to drown him.


chocolate soymilk

sprouted grain bagel

vega wfo w/coconut water

dark chocolate peanut butter

Lentils & brown Rice &veggies

Gri Tofu

Potatoes & eggplant Dip

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thanks lobster. I'd like to not be a slow swimmer but your right I just haven't been doing it long enough for it to be good yet. Gotta work on my technique!


crappy rainy day today but I had 5 mile bike time trial to get in so out in the rain me and bikey went. rode a 3 mile warmup and legs were a little sore. then hit it for 5 miles on flat terrain. took me 13.16 for 5.04 miles. Averaged 21 or 22 mph and maxed at 35mph. Happy with it considering the conditions. I had to hit my brakes a few times because of traffic but just happy I got it done. relaxing 5 mile ride home just having fun riding in the rain. Rode through a construction zone and they held traffic for me to go through. That felt super kool. I wish they could have held the traffic for me on my time trial! Something about get wet and dirty is just fun. I haven't had that much dirt in my hair since the tough mudder race.


50 burpees for time - 3:53 - i always seem to have burpees to do a day after pushups! That or back to back pullup days! Done whining cuz Im getting a pre-race massage tonight!



dark chocolate peanut butter

vega wfo w.coconut water

tofu, brown rice, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms

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I try to do my riding as early as possible when I can so there is less traffic as I live and ride in a city there isn't many other options. I try not to let the traffic intimidate me. Although sometimes the drivers really annoy me like when im riding with traffic and they turn right infront of me with no signal. Hello Im riding a bike I can't just stop dead. Or when they will pass me and ride super close to the curb so i have no room to pass them at lights etc. whatever! The burpees I just grinded out. I didn't allow myself to stop and acknowledge the pain. Here are my bike splits for today.

mile time distance

1 00:02:57 1.00 20.2

2 00:02:55 1.00 20.5

3 00:02:25 1.00 24.7

4 00:02:50 1.00 21.1

5 00:02:33 1.00 23.5

6 00:00:05 0.04 28.3

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Yeah, some cars are real jerks. But then some cyclists act like jerks too and I don't blame motorists for getting pissed off. Lots of people here seem to want to ride their bike on the wrong side of the road! Or the other day I saw this girl riding her bike down a busy street, no hands on the handlebars, texting on her phone with both hands, and not wearing a helmet! Gives the rest of us a bad name.

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I have to confess there are times I am on the wrong side of the road. forgive me! normally I ride with traffic but same I am commute to work and I have to cross a busy street sometimes I will do it whenever I get a break in traffic. I know it is bad and I try to limit it because I am much more likely to get hit that way.

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so my profile and interview are up on the main page! Check it out when you have time.


Didn't get enough sleep last night. Tired when I got up early to head out to the lake for an early swim. I was a little sore too although I think it if from the massage last night because It was an overall soreness not a specific area. Swam about a mile and a half but just to be in the open water, no watch and took breaks to do some tickle t snap!! I still feel gross swimming through the weeds and the shallow water. I do much better in the deeper water and I feel better on my way back than on my way out. Takes me awhile to get myself relaxed.


Did my usual bike commuting. Then I biked 3 x 1 mile repeats with 4 minutes of easy spinning between.

mile 1-3.24

mile 2- 3.09

mile 3- 3.30


tempeh bacon

vega wfo w/coconut water

dark chocolate peanut butter

sprouted grain bagel

grit tofu

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Went to bed early and still woke up really tired. Had to drag myself to the pool. Did my normal 100 warmup and 100 of the following drills side switch, catchup and fingertip drag. Felt sore when I started swimming.


Then 10 x 50 on 20 second rest followed by an easy 400.


1 - 45

2 -48

3 - 46

4 - 48

5 - 49

6 - 49

7 - 46

8 - 49

9 - 48

10 - 48

400 - 8:30


Pretty tired when I got out of the pool I hope I recover well the next couple of days before the tri on sunday. Im making an effort to eat more than I normally would just in case that is a source of some of my fatigue. Drinking a ton of water too. Tomorrow I will start the carb/electrolyte loading and well as get myself race stuff ready to go. I plan on picking up my packet and attending the race meeting since I don't know this course at all.


sprouted grain bagel

vega wfo w.coconut water

tempeh bacon

dark chocolate peanut butter

Lentils & brown rice

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thanks so much julia & Jason!


@ lobster - sorry i was busy yesterday I didn't get a chance to post my training and food log. I am going to try to catch up on here tomorrow but I do my carb load for breakfast and lunch and then have a lighter dinner so for breakfast I had waffles, hashbrowns and tempeh bacon and for lunch I had vegan pizza.


So I officially finished my first triathlon (olympic distance). Kinda tired tonight as it been a long weekend so I think I will post my race report tomorrow because I don't feel like I would do it correctly right now.

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