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thanks viva!


warmed up on the trainer for at least 5 minutes then morning then hit the wod which was making me feel my legs after yesterdays deads. 9 minutes on(maybe didn;'t warm up enough legs still sore), 20 secs off (this felt like nothing, maybe brought my hr down a bit) 7 minutes on, 30 seconds off (again not feeling like much of a recovery), 5 minutes on, 40 seconds off, 3 minutes on, 50 seconds off, 1 minute on. Even had to push myself through the shorter times as my legs were tired. Felt like a good workout. Still didn't get the distance to work on my garmin. I contacted them about it. I wait and see what they come back with before heading to the bike shop.


cf wod - 10 rounds of 1 minute on 1 minute off max rep pullups. I hate this wod. I pretty much dislike any wod with a high number of pullups because I always know Im going to have torn up hands after it and true to form i have 2 tears on my left hand and 1 on my right. Probably because I kip the pullups. I feel like the hardest part of this wod was the pain in my hands instead of the pullups.


round 1 - 17

round 2 - 18

round 3 - 16

round 4 - 16

round 5 - 16

round 6 - 15

round 7 - 15

round 8 - 15

round 9 - 14

round 10 - 15


total - 157


bfast- 2 cups soy yogurt, 1 cup blueberries, 2 tbsp ground flax seed,1 scoop vega sport performance protein

snack - 1 scoop vega wfo w/coconut water & 6 almonds

lunch - 24 grams tvp, 1/2 cup onion, 1/2 cup salsa, 1/2 cup black beans, 9 almonds

snack - 1 scoop vega wfo w/coconut water & almonds

dinner - 8 ounces tofu, 3 cups broccoli, 1 cup carrots, 1/2 cup onions


I wanted to do another biking wod today because I still feel really energetic but my legs are sore from yesterdays beating so I am letting them recover.

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swim - warmup 250 - felt like doing more but figured the lats were just not going to be less sore with anymore warmup from yesterdays pullups. 500 yard tt with a t-shirt on. This was the best this workout has ever felt. Normally dragging the tshirt along drags me down but I felt stronger swimming with it this time. It was still making me hurt but I liked it. By lap 2 i was feeling it. I sadly forgot my watch so I don't have a time for it. Then 1,000 of drills as follows:

2 rounds of

100 switch

100 catch up

100 finger tip drag

100 with paddles

100 kick


CF Thrusters! Legs still a little sore. Hands still a painful mess from the pullups. lats have joined the pain party. Did a lot of stretching and foam rolling between sets.

Thrusters (front squat into an overhead press)

warmup 45x5, 50x5,55x5,60x3

65x1, 70x1, 75x1, 80x1, 85x1, 90 x 0 (fail) 85x1, 85 x 1, 90 x 0 (fail). This felt weird I didn't have trouble with the 85 but I couldn't lockout the 90 on either attempt. I almost wish I did more reps at 85 instead of starting lower.


bfast - 2 cups soymilk, 1 cup strawberries, 2 dates 1 scoop vega sport performance protein, 2 tbsp ground flax seed

snack - 2 scoops vega wfo w/coconut water, 12 almonds

lunch - 8 ounces tofu, 3 cups broccoli, 1 cup carrots, 1/2 cup onions

dinner - 30 grams tvp, 1/2 cup salsa, 1/2 cup black beans, 1 red pepper, 1 green pepper over romaine lettuce

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xx/xy partner team wod - kyle and I took second place!


event 1 - 100 partner situps. team sits facing each other and must do them together and touch each other shoes at the top. We won this event! I knew this was going to be a strong event for me going into it because after fighting I have good core strength and can whip through situps fast. 3:14 was our time. both of us were actually having issues with our ab balls rolling out from under us but we never broke our cadence and we smoked through them!


event 2 - Move 10,000 lbs with 1 bar equally as a team as follows.

xy - Clean & jerk

xx - deadlift

Since kyle and i are both athletes not mathletes we decided to use a 100 pounds and switch back and forth after 5 reps for 10 rounds. This was an excellent strategy as we won this event! we went smoking fast and honestly it was really easy for me because 100 lbs is a light dead for me so kyle would bang out the C & J's and I would catch the bar off his drop and grip and rip the deads without any issues. I actually was able to just romanian deadlift them because of the weight which worked better because it is faster than having to setup for them. Someone told me afterwords that I looked like I was just shrugging the weight. Time 5:27.


event c - 100 partner wallballs @ 16lbs - if anyone drops the ball - 25 pushups by both team members

xy - because using womens weight had to do 3 med ball cleans for every wallball.

This is the event I was most concerned about because I normally use a 14 not a 16 and I sometimes have accuracy issues with wallballs. but i was so focused on this that these were the best wallballs I have ever done! There was no way I was dropping the ball and doing the pushups because you would be out of the comp time wise if I did that. I never put the ball down and every throw I had was picture perfect because i wanted them to count. I swear I have never done a wod where I was able to count every single wallball and never took a break doing them. Honestly I think it was because i got extra rest time when he had to clean it so I was never hurting and just felt strong when throwing. I like having the pushup penalty and the partner for these because it really pushed me to get through them. And now that I know I can do these well I am not letting myself off the hook on them when I go solo! We came in second in this event with a time of 8:50.


event d - 100 burpees for the team - only one person can be doing burpees at a time and each person must do 25 each time before switching. The catch is the male has to hold a 155 lb deadlift while the female does burpees. and the female has to do an isometric squat hold while the male does burpees. If he drops the bar or if she comes up out of the squat then the burpees are stopped until your partner is back in the hold. I didn't do my burpees as well as I would have like to because the standard was that your hands had to come off the deck for the pushups. I have never done burpees like this before so I think I was taking too much time to ensure my hands came off the deck. I did well in them but I think I can do burpees faster and would like to go at this again. Also the squat hold was a fucking burn in between the burpees but i wasn't allowing myself to come back up. That is where the team stuff is so great for me becasue if i were alone I don't think I would have made myself suffer through that without an occasional rest. We took second in this event with a time of 6:53.


Total team time was 23:44 which was good enough for second place. I actually felt find from this workout as it seemed one of the easier ones Ive had lately. I immediately went to the pool for the team swim.



warmup then drills of kicking on our backs with our hands extended over headed. Not sure how many laps we did of this but it was interesting I never have done this before.


5 rounds of the following 100 sequence

25 - kick on back hands overhead

25 -free

25 - sprint freestyle (wanted a high stroke turnover)

25 - free

I have issues swimming in a straight line when on my back like this. I have no idea why it was kinda funny.


then 10 - 50s on a minute - these went ok - i still think too much about the other people in my lane and i clipped the lane line a few times with my hand.


then 5 - 100s on two minutes - these also went fine. It's weird I didn't felt like I was swimming as hard as I could be yet I didn't feel like I could go any faster. Maybe that means it was a consistent effort instead of an all out effort. maybe it cuz I am swimming with other people and not just getting into my own space and rhythm I don't know. I think swimming around others so much will help me when racing next season because at some point I will be more accustomed to it.


bfast - 1 cup soy yogurt, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup blueberries, 1 scoop vega sport performance protein, 2 tbsp ground flax seed, 9 almonds


snack - 2 scoops vega wfo w/coconut water


lunch - 8 oz grit tofu, 1 cup red beets, 1/2 cup black beans over romaine lettuce.


I feel great after all of this. It was really fun doing the team comp today.


snack - clif builder bar - 6 almonds


dinner - 8 ounces soysage, 2 red bell pepper, 1/2 cup onions, 1/2 cup pinto beans, 1/3 cup salsa over romaine lettuce, 6 almonds


Good news I got my garmin fixed. Just had to move the sensor a bit since it was picking up some of the info but not all.

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Just checking in to say.....wow...once again I am still blown away with your endurance! Hope your foot gets better and/ or they figure something out that helps you. If you have some spare time would you mind giving me the recipe for grit tofu? I would appreciate it.


Thanks once again for motivating me to keep trying different things and persevering with an injury. I have been having trouble with my foot again....the one that I've broken twice so I am hoping it isn't refractured. In the mean time I am icing it and taping with rocktape which helps a little. I hate taking time off so I am using you as my role model to keep on going through the pain. Take care.

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Thanks barb! sorry to hear about your foot put you've got a lot of upper body work you can do around the foot to keep yourself training!


Grit tofu recipe - I take a package of tofu and press the water out of it. I get most of it out since I usually do it overnight. Then I just saute it in olive oil. Once it is golden I hit it with some tamari while pulling it off the heat. Then I dust it with Nutrional Yeast. Stir it around until the NY coats it and it's done. It is my adaption from the grit restaurant cookbook where they have you frying the tofu twice to get the water out. I Just don't find it necessary to do that if you drain it properly. Hope you enjoy it. It is so fast easy and yummy!

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Thanks for posting the recipe, I'll be trying it this week sometime.

I hear ya on the upper body, so tomorrow I'm hitting the chest and shoulders, bis and tris. I have been breaking my cardio, mostly on the elliptical instead of running, into 3-4 20 min. sessions, which helps some. Just makes it extra tough to fit it in on workdays. Thanks for the encouragement. Take care.

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Your welcome barb! Hope you enjoy it! There are so many things you can do from rowing, riding a bike, an arm bike. swimming, etc.


double bike day today


Started the day with 32 rounds of tabata on the bike trainer. 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. posterior chain was hurting. covered 4.61 miles with a avg 13 mph avh hr 140.


I was able to get my bike out on the road today for a 2 hours ride. I did 1,732ft of climbing. After about the 1st hour my lower back was killing me. I pretty much had to will myself through the entire second hour of the bike as I was really hurting. Not sure if it was from the cold, the climbing, the combo or just not enough in the tank today. I was able to keep moving on the bike but towards the end of the ride it really was just to keep moving instead of really riding. Covered. 23.34 miles in 1:56. avg 12 mph. 138 avg hr. I was a little disoriented getting off the bike.


bfast - 2 cups chocolate soymilk, 1 cup blueberries, 1 scoop vega sport performance protein, 2 tbsp groundflax seed

lunch - 2 scoops vega wfo w/coconut water & 15 almonds

snack - clif builder bar - 3 tbsp peanut butter

dinnder - 6 ounces grit tofu, roasted yams (not feeling well after ride and had a hard time gettin food down)

snack - sprouted grain bagel & almonds - finally started feeling better and had this as it was close to bedtime. not a good zone ratio but it was something I could stomach at the moment.

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woke up sore this morning, most likely from the bike beat downs yesterday. Food wasn't the greatest yesterday and I think it affected my recovery. But today is another day so Ill be better about it. I was just so tired after the ride yesterday didn't feel like eating/cooking etc.


swim - 200 to warmup, tried to loosen up a bit, somewhat sucessfully then 500 of drills.

100 - switch, 100 catch, 100 drag, 100 paddles, 100 kick

Had a 30 minute Time trial to do. In fantasy land I wanted to hit 60 laps for this TT as that would give me an approximate oly distance tri swim at 30 minutes. Now I didn't actually think I could do this but I would be totally stoked if i did! My 30 minute alarm went off while I was on my 58th lap if I counted correctly which is always an issue for me when I get a high lap count. Again, athlete not mathelete. Finished it off with breaststroke. So my official lap count for the swim was 57 completed laps at 1,425 yards. So less than 75yds short of where I wanted to be. I liked this higher time trial because it really forced me to focus on swimming hard for a long time which I know when I get tired the form start getting sloppy and the speed starts going down but I really tried to stay on it when I noticed myself slipping today. Maybe If i was able to just nail it the entire time I would have hit it. next time! It was still a solid effort as my swimming is def getting better but it isn't as good as I would like.




5 rounds of max reps

Bodyweight bench



I modified this workout a bit. I wanted to use dumbbells instead of a barbell so that I had to stabilize the weight which I just think is more important is my shoulder strength than putting up bigger weight at this point. Why? because I didn't want the good shoulder compensating for my surgical shoulder. Also I didn't count the termination of the pullup set as a dropoff from the bar but rather if I didn't immediately jump back up into the kip it was over. In trying to decide what weight to use it warmed up with

20sx 5 (40)

30x5 (60)

35 x 3 (70)

40 - fail - wow i haven't benched in awhile. I've had 45s up in the past for my 1 rep max.


lynne DBP pu

round 1 3 /15

round 2 4/10

round 3 3/9

round 4 2/10

round 5 3/8


This felt pathetic. The pullups were crap because my hands are still a mess from the last day of pullups so they were bleeding which didn't make me want to really go after it on the pullups.


I was annoyed with my bench so afterwards I did some more work on it since I had very few reps during the wod. did a max set at the following with dumbbells.

30 x 9

25 x 11

20 x 20

25 x 10

30 x 6

35 x 1

30 x 5


bfast - 2 cups chocolate soymilk,1 cup strawberries, 1/2 cup blueberries, 2 tbsp ground flax seed, 1 scoop vega sport performance protein ( this froze or something and was ridiculously thick but it's all i had so i had to deal with it) 9 almonds

snack - 2 scoops vega wfo w/coconut water & 12 almonds

lunch - 8 ounces grit tofu, 1 cup roasted yams & ruttabagas. 15 almonds

snack - vega vibrancy bar

dinner - 8 oz grit tofu, 1 cup red beets, 24 talks asparagus

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thanks lobster. now if i swam that same distance in 20 minutes instead of 30 i would agree with you. gotta keep working on it!


swim - 200 warmup. feeling the chest from the bench yesterday.


10 rounds of - 100 yards and 10 pushups.


1 - 1:37

2 - 1:46

3 - 1:50

4 - 1:51

5 - 1:46

6 - 1:48

7 - 1:49

8 - 1:52

9 - 1:52

10 - 1:48

I have never hurt as bad in a swim as I did doing this wod. It was good for me though. I never had to break or rest on any of the pushups. It was basically the 100 immediately out out of the pool onto the deck, banged out the pushups with the hand release (which hurt like hell because of the benching yesterday) then slid right back into the water for the next round. The pushups really fatigued me for swimming.I actually started feeling a little better in the middle of the workout but by the last 3 i was pretty cooked. I felt so hot swimming like i couldn't cool off.

then 500 of drills

100 switch, 100 catch, 100 drag, 100 paddles, 100 kick. I am obsessed with paddles. I want to swim with them all the time!

100 breast stroke to cool down


cf wod - "karen" which is 150 wallballs for time. I used a 14 lb ball and hit it between the 9 and 10 ft target. 14lbs at 9 ft is women's rx for cf. Time 14:25 I tried to find the last time I did this but haven't been able to yet. Just curious to see the time difference. My wallballs were looking better. although my chest hurt on every throw and catch.


so my fruit smoothie with protein powder gelled into a disgusting mess again today. I couldn't stomach it.

bfast - vega wfo w/coconut water - 12 almonds

snack - clif builder bar - 12 almonds

lunch - 6 ounces soysage, 1 red bell pepper, 1 green pepper, 1/2 onion, 1/2 cup black beans, 36 almonds

dinner -spinach salad with strawberries (1cup), steamed broccoli, black beans 3/4 cup and 8oz cumin lime tofu

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front squats

warmup: airsquats, 45x10, 65x5

85x3, 90x3, 95x3, 100x3, 105x3, 110x3,115x3,120x2 ditched it on the 3rd rep, 105 x3, 110x3, 115x3 (form was getting shitty on these), 95x3 ( this felt heavier then it should have so time to call it a day)

immediately into 20 minutes of 1 leggers on the trainer. 1 minute each leg before switching legs. did a five minute warmup on it first. I was surprised with how high my hr got doing this. rode 4.22 miles this way.


bfast - 2 cups soy yogurt, 1 cup blueberries, 1 scoop vega wfo, 2 tbsp ground flax

lunch - grit tofu, broccoli, black beans, peanut butter

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lobster - glad you liked it. Not only is it tasty it is so fast and easy that is why you see it in my log so often.


11/24/10 food continued


snack - 2 scoops vega wfo w/coconut water

dinner @ blossom - soy bacon cheeseburger w/sweet potato french fries

snack - clif builder bar


The bob dylan show last night at terminal 5 in nyc was incredible. Dylan rocked the house showing he is still an incredible performer not only an excellent songwriter & recording musician.


Had a quiet thanksgiving, only workout was 30 minutes on the bike trainer in which I covered 7.75 miles. This was one of my first rides of continued duration on the trainer and i tried to keep my effort consistent. I would have liked to ride outside but it snowed here today. yuck! it's that time of the year again!


breakfast - peanut butter


ThanksLiving Dinner -

Hazlenut Cranberry Celebration Roast En Crute, Mashed Potatoes w/Carmalized Onions, Broccoli with Garlic Soybutter & Cashews, Roasted Beets in Fennel Oil, Garlic-Glazed Green Beans, Homemade Biscuits & Chickpea Chocolate Cake

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swim - 200 to warmup. Then 30 rounds of 50s on 1:20.Times ranged from 41 to 46 seconds. I was able to maintain the pace fairly well for a long time even though I was hurting on the rests. Got sick after the 28th rep but I was still able to make it through the last two. Even though it was a reasonable rest time I think it was just the high number of reps that got to me. It wasn't a big deal,all i had in my stomach was water. I felt really hot in the pool today though like i couldnt sufficiently cool off. I wanted to drop my water over my head.


CF wod

Row 4 x 400 meters, rest as needed between Thankfully I took a decent rest and it was only 4 rounds or I might have puked again!

1 - 1:33

2 - 1:34

3 - 1:36

4 - 1:35

I just couldn't go any faster on these even though I was trying too. Stretched and foam rolled between rounds.


bfast - 1 cup soy yogurt, 1 cup soymilk, 1 scoop vega wfo, 2 tbsp ground flax seed, 1 cup blueberries

snack 1 scoop vega wfo w/coconut water

lunch - 2 slices roast, broccoli and green beans, mashed potatoes, 15 smoked almonds

snack - 1 scoop vega wfo w/coconut water

dinner - grit tofu & chickpea chocolate cake

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bike - on trainer - 5 minutes warmup then 3 rounds of 9 minute TT on 3 minutes rest.

Round 1 - 2.19 miles

round 2 - 2.19 miles

round 3 - 2.22 miles


CF Wod - 10 rounds of 10 pullups and 10 dips. I was dreaing this one as neither pullups nor ring dips are my thing. I wore gloves ecause my hands are still a mess. They helped a little, no tears this time but my hands are still a red puffy mess. Time was 21.24 but I wasn't really going for time because my ring dips were done as negatives. I would press/ jump myself off the ground into the top of the ring dip and lower myself as slow as I could. All pullups were done kipping. Just happy that one is in the books.


Now I'm down on my luck and I'm black and blue

Gonna give you another chance

I'm all alone and I'm expecting you

To lead me off in a cheerful dance

Got a brand new suit and a brand new wife

I can live on rice and beans

Some people never worked a day in their life

Don't know what work even means


Meet me at the bottom, don't lag behind

Bring me my boots and shoes

You can hang back or fight your best on the front line

Sing a little bit of these workingman's blues

- bob dylan

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Just finished another month "in the zone" so here's an update on that.



First - the numbers! I lost an additional 4.1 pounds with a correlating 3.6 pounds of fat loss. body water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass and visceral fat stayed about the same. The only other change was my metabolic age dropped another 9 years to that of a 16 year old.


I did add blocks and up my fat over the course of this month which slowed the rate at which I was losing weight. It needed to be done I was having too many times where I felt like I was going to pass out. Just not enough calories to support my daily activities.


I still didn't get the time to read my zone book and I really need to do that! I tend to eat a lot of the same things over and over again because I know their zone values and I don't have to think about it but I would like to get away from that as I do believe variety is important to get as mant different nutrients into the body as possible and i think it makes it easier to stick with a program like this if you don't get too bored with it. I think the biggest change from my regular diet was how much brown rice I was eating. I didn't think I was eating a lot of rice then but since I basically eat no rice now it seems like it was a lot in comparison. I also basically cut bagels out too.


In regards to performance I have definitely seen better swim times. I doubt that is only related to diet. I am sure it has more to do with spending more time in the pool drilling and training. I did have some CF pr's over the last month but more of the metcon variety then actually being able to move more weight around. Sometimes I think I just don't do enough heavy lifting to actually see my weights really go up.

Overall things are going well.


Steady as she goes

Thought my legs were feeling good til i got on the trainer to warm up. Did a 5 minute warmup and then into the torture wod. 30 minutes of 1 minute on 1 minute off followed by the even more fun 30 minutes of 50 seconds on 10 second off. Covered 9.98 miles. I wasn't able to ride as hard the back half of the wod but I did ride a consist effort with a good heart rate for the whole thing. Flirted with pukie a decent portion of the workout but I think that was because I ate too close to riding. Food has been weird the last few days. Not much of an appetite not finishing whatever I make etc. I've also been sleeping a lot longer than normal.



bfast - soysage, red &green pepper, onion, pinto beans

lunch - vega wfo w/coconut water, steamed broccoli & hummus, 2 tbsp peanut butter

dinner - 6 oz grit tofu, 2 slices vegan pizza, 2 tsp peanut butter



well here we go again

you've found yourself a friend that knows you well

but not matter what you do

you'll always feel as though you tripped and fell

so steady as she goes

- jack white

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swim - 250 warmup. then 20 x 100s on 20 seconds rest. The 100s started at 1:39 and got slower each round by 1 seconds til i got to 1:42 i was able to maintain that for a few then it was slower by the second until I got to 1:45 which is where the rest of the reps ended up. Did this with my friend jeff who was kind enough to watch the rest clock for me and to beat my ass in every rep. 100 breaststroke to cool down.


cd wod - the much hated "Fran"! at women's rx which is

21 - 15- 9 of

65 lb Thrusters ( from the ground - front squat to overhead press)


time 8:26. 10 seconds faster than last time I did it. I lost some time taking gloves off during the wod. I was trying to protect my hands because they are such a mess but I just hate wearing gloves. I also dropped the bar a bunch of times so I had to clean it everytime from the ground. I also ended up doing a lot of 1 rep pullups so I had to reset the kip everytime, not the fastest way but I made it through it. I always dread this workout. It is one of my least favorite.


bfast - 2 sccops vega wfo w/coconut water

bfast#2 - 2 cups soy yogurt, 1 cup blueberries, 2 tbsp ground flax, 1 scoop vega wfo

lunch - 6 ounces tempeh bacon & vega vibrnacy bar

dinner - 7 ounces grit tofu, 1 cup yams



Bob Dylan summaries my feeling about fran below in positively 4th street.

You got a lotta nerve

To say you are my friend

When I was down

You just stood there grinning


You got a lotta nerve

To say you got a helping hand to lend

You just want to be on

The side that’s winning


You say I let you down

You know it’s not like that

If you’re so hurt

Why then don’t you show it


You say you lost your faith

But that’s not where it’s at

You had no faith to lose

And you know it


I know the reason

That you talk behind my back

I used to be among the crowd

You’re in with


Do you take me for such a fool

To think I’d make contact

With the one who tries to hide

What he don’t know to begin with


You see me on the street

You always act surprised

You say, “How are you?” “Good luck”

But you don’t mean it


When you know as well as me

You’d rather see me paralyzed

Why don’t you just come out once

And scream it


No, I do not feel that good

When I see the heartbreaks you embrace

If I was a master thief

Perhaps I’d rob them


And now I know you’re dissatisfied

With your position and your place

Don’t you understand

It’s not my problem


I wish that for just one time

You could stand inside my shoes

And just for that one moment

I could be you


Yes, I wish that for just one time

You could stand inside my shoes

You’d know what a drag it is

To see you

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lower back still tweaked. didn't sleep much at all last night.


swim wod - warmup 150, 50 pull, 50 pull& paddle, 50 pull


4 x 300 yds on 2 minutes rest with pull bouy & paddles. I love swimming with paddes even though it is slower I feel like i am able to work on my stroke more. I like that is forced hand entry position. I read a great quote about swimming stroke being like moving yourself hand over hand through a set of rings. I really focused on anchoring my hand down on the entry and rotating my body through the pull. I recorded my times but honestly i really wasn't focusing on going as fast as possible as much as I was going after the form today.

1 - 5.53

2 - 7:48 - I totally lost track of laps and there are def extra in this one

3 - 5:45

4 - 6.55 extra laps again as i lost count


Decided to swim a 300 with just the pull buoy and drop the paddes just to feel it, time was 5.49. Then decided to drop the pull buoy and actually just swim a 300 and time was 4.48.

100 breaststroke to cooldown.


CF WOD - 20 minute AMRAP of

Row 400 meters

10 Shoulder Press @ 55lbs

Rounds - 7 completed. was over 20 minutes by 5 seconds but i had 2 issues where i had to stop and reset the rower so im counting it as 7 round since i lost time on that. The shoulder press started out strict but ended up being a push press since my arms were really smoked from fran yesterday and the swim wod this morning. I made the call to push press it because i would have lost a lot of time and slowed down the wod if i had to strict press it. It felt better this way to keep the wod moving.


breakfast - 2 scoops vega wfo w/coconut water

breakfast#2 - 2 cups soy yogurt, 1 cup blueberries, 1 scoop vega wfo, 2 tbsp ground flax seed

lunch - 7 ounces tofu, 1 cup roasted yams

snack -

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So did you buy and read the Soy Zone book? I was thinking about getting it, after what you said. I see you wrote that you haven't read your zone book yet, is that the one? And what do you mean blocks? You can select your desired calorie intake and base the diet off of that? I want to look into this more. I don't cook dinner but once in a blue moon, so I was thinking if these recipes were simple enough, I might start using them to take some of the cooking burden off of my wife. Plus I'd like to learn more about the benefits, and what I should expect out of following these rules if I choose to do so.

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