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MaryStella's Triathlon training crossfit endurance

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Bike - 10 minute warmup then 10 minutes of 1 min on 1 min off in a really hard gear. 6 x 10 seconds on 50 seconds off in an easy gear. went for the highest cadence possible on these. 4 minute cooldown. On all of the off "rest" portions I did leg lifts with my casted leg. It was good stuff no pressure on my surgical foot but able to fatigue my quads, hams and glutes.


meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 2 - soy yogurt, vega wfo & ground flax

meal 3 - tofu, peppers, onions, lentils

meal 4 - Cashew crusted tofu & garlic roasted green beans, peanut butter

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Got my fiberglass cast off today. If I never had a cast again in my life that would be fantastic! I don't like the saw they take casts off with that thing is a little scary! Got my stitches out too and it hurt a bit when they came out. I think it is because my foot is really bruised up and it just hurts. It is now in a soft compression cast. I have to wear it until Saturday. Then I can take it off. I able to do one hour a day of full weight bearing activity like walking. The rest of the time I have to use the crutches. Honestly my foot is so sore i can barely walk on it. I am doing some walking holding onto things and using my crutches. The doc said it is going to hurt now when I first start walking on it. It's normal but honestly it is a little scary how much it hurts. I usually have a good pain tolerance but i couldn't run on this thing if i wanted to right now. I seriously can barely walk. The pain hurts as soon as it make contact with the good and it isn't only the foot that is sore. It hurts right up through my calf. This will keep me in control for awhile!


10 minute warmup

3 x 10 sec on 50 sec off hard gear

2 minute easy gear

3 x 20: 40 - hard

2 minute easy

3 x 30:30 - hard

2 minute easy

3 x 40:20 - hard

2 minute easy

3 x 50:10

I did the leg lifts during my rest again. I do a knee lift, a straight leg forward lift and a straight leg back lift.

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Dude! That saw IS scary! When I got the cast cut off my hand, I kept thinking the blade was gonna slip right through and cut through my palm. Congrats on getting it off. Hang in there. The healing process is always so frustrating It's awesome that you are staying active, too. Most would just sit around.

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Thank you rob! Someone agrees with me on the saw! The doctor was all like it the blade touches your skin it will stop because it can sense something soft. It was nervous though because you can literally feel the vibration of the saw and the line it is cutting through the cast and it is worse when they are going over the bones. anyway, we survived! phew!


Well I took my first full body unassisted steps today. The foot is still really sore, although maybe not as bad as yesterday. Each step hurts and sends pain right up my calf but I am dealing with it and hoping it improves quickly. The rest of the time I am still walking with my crutches so that I am only putting partial weight on it but mimicing the movement of walking. still hurts even with the crutches but it isn't as bad then. I think it is important to do this because i try to walk correctly but with the pain i am sure i am trying to avoid the sore spots. The calf/lower leg is def atrophied a bit. Im sure that immobilization and weakening isn't helping the walking process but I think most of the pain is from the surgery. The incision sites are sore and obviously any weight bearing on the fascia causes pain. It is sorta scary. Makes me wonder. did the surgery work? When I walk it honestly feel like a piece of my foot is cut out and i am stepping on a knife. I really hope this is just part of the process and walking will get less painful. even weight bearing started to be an issue. When making my dinner and just standing at the stove for a few minutes a calf started tremble a bit.


Bike 10 min warm up - easy gear


3 x (2 min on 1 min off, 4 min on 1 min off, 6 min on 1 min off) used a hard gear and did my leg lifts during the one minute breaks.


5 min cool down - easy gear


meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 2 - clif builder bar

meal 3 - cashew crusted tofu & green beans

meal 4 - clif builder bar

meal 5 - grit tofu, 1/2 cup lentils, broccoli carrots and cauliflower, peanut butter


5 rounds of

30 sec crunches

30 sec pushups

30 sec leg raises

30 sec pushups

30 sec hollow rock

30 sec pushup

1 minute off


This was an effective wod. The short duration of exercise before switching and the 1 minute really helps to keep the intensity up. I loved it. Couldn't make it to CF today. I hope to get back there tomorrow or sometime soon.

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Foot is still really sore


bike - 10 minutes warmup - easy gear

3 rounds of 30:30 - really really really hard gear

10 minutes - hard gear

7 minutes - really hard gear

5 min- really really hard gear

3 min - really really really hard gear!

5 minute cooldown - hard gear

distance 7.37 - didn't really get HR up. Stayed around 120 and cadence was slow.


20 minutes amrap of

5 chair dips - pike position - no legs used to assist

10 elevated pushups (off a table)

15 supermans

20 kickups


rounds - 8 full and completed the dips and pushups of the 9th round. The supermans were the easiest even though i just hate them. I love the kickups. I really love them. They are fun. I strength on the dips felt good. Why I can do them this way and not on rings I dont know. The elevated pushups are always a challenge but I like them.


had some extra time so did aussie pullups under a table 10 x 3.



meal 1 - 2 cups soy yogurt, 1 cup blueberries, 1 scoop vega wfo, 2 tbsp ground flax seed, carob

meal 2 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 3 - grit tofu, 1/2 cup lentils, broccoli carrots and cauliflower

meal 4 - clif builder bar

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Get the soft cast compression stuff off tomorrow! Curious to see how it is going to be walking without this. Will it be more or less painful. Making some progress. While he foot is still sore today is the least sore it has been walking on it. I do have some compensation soreness from walking strangely on it. I think that will go away tomorrow when foot instead restricted by bandages but it may also be more sore without any kind of protection. I am looking forward to finding out. I have been doing my hour of time on it. It is fairly swollen by the evening so I am still elevating it. I really look forward to be able to drive myself again so I can get back to crossfit. I also can't wait to get back in the pool. Should all happen next week! Until then it is just me and stefan.



10 minute warmup

3 x 1 minute on:1 minute off

3 x 2 min on: 1 min off

3 x 3 min on : 1 min off

10 minute cooldown


Overall pushed hard gears the entire time even on the warmup and cooldown. Distance 7.15.


5 rounds of

5 clapping pushups

10 leg raises

5 clapping pushups

10 - 90 degree toe reach

5 clapping pushups


time 8:39 - was able to move through round unbroken but i did take a short reset time between the rounds. my plyometric pushups are not the greatest but I was able to do them for the entire wod as it was low reps each time.


meal 1 - tempeh bacon

meal 2 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 3 - clif builder bar

meal 4 - tofu, red pepper, carrots and onion in bourbon glaze

meal 5 - tempeh, onion, red pepper, spinach

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Drove myself for the first time in forever today! whoo hoo! Therefore I went to crossfit to get a wod in. I didn't have a plan going in and they were doing deadlifts so that was out. However there was a bench already set up so i decided to take advantage of it. We do not normally have a bench set up so since I didn't have to move anything I decided to bench even though I have been doing a ton of pushups lately. Still went out.


Bench Press



85x3 - wasn't failing but i felt i needed a smaller step up

75 x 10

80x 6

85 x 4

90 x 1 unassisted had 2 more reps but had a spot on them


While the bench was out did some seated shoulder presses. Both benching and shoulder pressing feel a little off because i cant ground down and push off my legs. But it isn't a bad thing just a little different


Seated Shoulder press w/ dumbells


then 5 rounds ofs

50 x 5

20 kickups and a dragon flag (dragons actually hurt less then they normally although they still hurt)


I liked the little circuit so I did another one with Rowing


1 arm Bent over Rows w/ 30lb dumbbell - 10 reps left 10 reps right

10 leg tucks


10 seated rope climbs. Started on the ground and pulled myself hand over hand to standing with the good foot on the ground. Then lowered myself back to the ground. My lowering isnt as solid as my climbing.


5 sets of 10 Hanging leg lifts


10 Ring dips (partials) this is the first time I was able to do part of ring dip instead of just doing negative or having a foot assist. It was fun to be able to move myself on the rings. However I wouldn't say they were really good ring dips because my depth isn't far enough. I am not going all the down and getting my chest through the rings but it is a start to getting there!


Muscle up Progression - I spent a lot of time working on the muscle up transition on the ground. I would lower stand beneath the rings and lower myself all the way down in a false grip. Then I pull myself up to standing while turning the rips out into an assisted dip (1 foot on ground) I did a ton of these didn't really keep count. The pulls and dips were fine. Usually my first transition in a set went well but after that as I fatigued they go worse. I was doing a lot of sets of 5. The transition is the hardest part for sure. I will keep doing these. However when I have time I am going to setup a band and try a muscle up with that for assistance.


Bike - 10 minute warmup

3 x 30 seconds on 30 seconds off

5 minute easy spin

8 rounds of 20 seconds on: 10 seconds off:

5 minutes easy spin

8 rounds of 40 seconds on: 20 seconds off - my leg was done by the last rep!

5 minutes easy spin

Distance 7.41 miles. I was actually able to get my HR in the 140s today!



meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water & a sprouted grain bagel

meal 2 - tofu, brown rice, veggies & peanut butter

meal 3 - vegan beef, zucchini, red pepper, carrots, tomato sauce, macadamia nuts


Got the soft cast off today. Foot is looking better than it did on tuesday. Still a little sore but not as bad. incisions look good and the only bruising is where the fascia was cut. Need to read my bike book for class on wednesday.

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Bike - 10 minute warmup, then 30 minutes of 1 min on 1 min off. 5 min cooldown. Distance 6.32. I was flirting with a 140 heart rate again. Did my right leg lifts on all of the 1 minute offs.


CF WOD - Chelsea - every minute on the minute for 30 minutes or until you time out do

5 pullups

10 pushups

15 situps


Well I made it through the wod but my rounds pretty much ran right into each other it was taking me that long to get through the set. I was being cautious though about how I was landing on my foot from the pullups bar to the pushup and also getting off the ground after the situps which I am sure slowed me down a bit. I wasn't able to chain any of the pullups together so i lost time there too. Pushups and situps went fine. Although I felt like i was going to puke a few times. I made it through the 30 minutes with a solid effort. It did feel like my first time back to a metcon in awhile. wasn't horrible wasn't great either.


I got on the scale for the first time since before the surgery and happily I gained only a few ounces. Less than a pound. I didn't think I was putting on weight but it was nice to have a positive confirmation of that since my activity level has been a lot lower and it was the holidays. I am back to cooking all of my food again so that diet should be much more on track. It wasn't horrible over the last few weeks but it wasn't as clean as normal.


meal 1 - tofu, soysage, spinach, red pepper

meal 2 - vega wfo w/coconut water, steamed broccoli and hummus (small) peanut butter

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The foot is feeling even better today. I go back to the doc tomorrow for new orders. Wearing just my sneakers & orthotics per doctors orders. I had to open the laces all the way to fit my foot in but it still feels great to have a normal shoe on!



10 minute warmup

6 minutes on : 2 minutes off





1 - Done!

4 minute cooldown. Distance - 6.78. I went into a harder gear for every round. I was in the hardest gear available on the bike for the last 2 minute and 1 minute interval. The cadence was only in the 40s for those.


CF WOD - "lynne"

5 rounds for max reps of

Bodyweight Bench - scaled to 80 lbs

Pullups - Kipping


Round 1 = 28

Bench Press - 8

Pullups - 20


Round 2 - 25

Bench Press - 8

Pullups - 17


Round 3 - 23

Bench Press - 7

Pullups - 16


Round 4 - 22

Bench press - 7

Pullups - 15


Round 5

Bench Press - 7

Pullups - 15


Total - 120.


Last time I did this wod on 11.22.10 i scored only a 67 but I did it 35 lb dumbbells. This time I used a barbell. I got more reps on the bench and on the pullups. I did touch the ground to reset my kip but i didn't take my hands off the bar.


Had a partner to work with so afterwards I did partner med ball throwing situps. warmed up for 5 reps with a 10 and then did 50 situps throwing the ball 5 feet to my partner and doing an overhead situps with it using a 16 lb ball.


wanted to test the foot out on some other things so

15 hip extension

15 back extension

15 ghd situps


muscle up practice on ground - didn't have much time left for this but i want to do it everyday for muscle memory on the transition.


Meal 1 - Tofu Scramble w/soysage, spinach, bell peppers

Meal 2 - VEGA wfo w/coconut water

Meal 3 - Soysage, Tofu & roasted yams, pine nuts

Meal 4 -

Meal 5 -

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All of my crossfit workouts are less than an hour including warmup. They can be anywhere from literally a few minutes. Most I would say fall around the 20 minutes range. rarely does it go into the 30-45 minutes range. Because I keep the intensity high the energy level does decrease as fatigue sets in. My endurance workouts might be a little longer but not regularly. I never swim for more than an hour. some of my biking and running workouts will be more than an hour but overall most will not be.

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Honestly don't do a lot of benching at cf. We only have 2 benches at our box too and they are usually stored in the corner and we have to pull them out to bench. Pine nuts - I don't normally eat them, i mostly cook with them in recipes. I think they are yummy although not my favorite.

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Bike - 6 minute warmup, 3 x 4 minutes on:1 minute off, 5 minutes easy spin, 4 x 40:20 off used the hardest gear on the bike 6 minute cooldown. distance = 6.22 miles


Back to the Doc Today.


meal 1 - Tofu Scramble w/soysage, spinach, bell peppers, peanut butter

meal 2 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 3 - Grit Tofu, Broccoli & Carrots

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Short on time because of the doc appt so i had to warm up quickly and do this cf wod quickly too.


10 x 5 seated dumbbell overhead presses, 5 ring dips & 5 seated wallball situps.


Did the first 2 rounds using 25lb dumbbells and an 18lb wallball. Did the remaining 8 rounds using 20lb dumbbells and a 16 lb med ball.

I think I just planned too heavy from the start especially since all of the exercises are shoulder.


The ring dips were done as negative. I did partial ring dips for the first two reps but I jsut didn't have enough to put them in this wod. The ball throwing went much better yesterday when i was tossing it across the room to a partner compared to today when i was throwing it at the wall. I didn't feel like I was getting good height. but i was sitting on the ground.


The doctor appointment went well. My foot is healing nicely. I am able to be on my foot 2 hours a day now and I can go back to swimming. I am going to hit the pool tonight since we are supposed to get a lot of snow here and I might not be able to get there tomorrow. There will be a lot of swimming workouts in my near future since it is one of the things I am cleared to do. The doc was able to press on the areas of my foot that normally would have me jumping off the table without pain today so that is a good sign!


meal 4 - clif builder bar and 9 almonds

meal 5 - Tofu, Cauliflower, Peanut Butter, 1/2 Sprouted Grain Bagel

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1st swim back went fairly well. I did 30 minutes of swimming and 500 of drills. Took a break after 14 minutes to socialize. then did the drills at the 20 minute mark. Finished with another 11 minutes of swimming. It went ok on the foot. I only pushed off the wall with my left foot on the flip turns. I was trying to be conscious of form because I felt like things got sloppy since last time I was in the water. Meaning when I started swimming I immediately went back to all of the bad things I used to do like crossover, not keep my elbow high. So I kept thinking about them and working on them. My shoulder actually hurt more than my foot. I am coming to believe that as soon as I let up on my shoulder it gets tight. I have to keep beating it to where I want it. My ankle on the surgery foot started to feel sore towards the end but I think it was just from loosening it up kicking after being restricted for so long. Tomorrow is supposed to be my first bike maintence class. Although we are getting snow so we'll see.

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Didn't make it to the pool this morning due to a snowstorm. I have my bike class tonight so I can't go then either.


Bike - 10 minute warmup, 16 rounds of 20 second on 10 seconds off, 5 minute cooldown. Distance 4.55 miles. HR near 140 range. I really look forward to next week when I can bike with both legs!


CF Wod - 10 rounds of 5 clapping pushups, 10 kickups, 20 leg raises. time 17.37. The pushups are much easier when you don't have a cast on! The abs were screaming!


3 x 2 mine wall sit on 2 minute rest - these took me back to my karate days of having to do these while listening to sensei lecture.

Used the two minute rest to stretch out my calves


meal 1 - tofu, cauliflower, daiya, bagel & peanut butter

meal 2 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 3 - tvp, carrots, zucchini, red peppers

meal 4 - clif builder bar

meal 5 -

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back to the pool today!

100 swim, 100 pull, 100 swim, 100 pull, 100 swim on 30 seconds rest

500 yds of drills

100 balance, 100 catch, 100 drag, 100 shark, 100 hesitate

5 x 100 on 20 sec rest

1.39, 1.43, 1.43, 1.44, 1.39 - not great but not terrible either

pull 500 yards - 25 hard, 25 easy - really hate swimming with a pull buoy. I always swim slower with it than without it. I also found it harder to go "hard" with it. I Do like it for working on my stroke though.

500 yards of drills - same as above set


meal 1 - vega wfo w.coconut water

meal 2 - tempeh bacon

meal 3 - clif builder bar

meal 4 - tofu, broccoli, carrots

meal 5 -


The Bike class went well last night. I am so glad I signed up for it. I am not good at doing the things we were instructed on but at least I have an understanding of what needs to happen even if I am slow and clumsy with it. I am sure as I do this stuff more and more I will get faster and better at it. I have more homework to read for next week class when we start doing hard things!

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CF wod - mary modified - as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of

5 handstand pushups (legs were on GHD for weight assistance)

10 GHD situps

15 pullups

8 full rounds and 2/3 of the 9th round. Did the HSPU and GHDS but not pullups. This is 1 round shorter than last time i did mary but with the modifications it really isn't comparable.


My left shoulder was pinching when I was swimming this morning and after the cf wod it is a little sore. It is strange for this to be the case since that is my good (not surgical) shoulder. I must have tweaked it somehow.

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Changing a tire/tube, patching tubes, diagnosing causes of flats

wheels, hub adjustments, cassettes, freewheels, wheel truing, brakes,

adjustment of cables and pads, derailleurs adjustment, cables, shifters and chains.


It is lectures and demonstrations followed by a lab period where we work on our own bikes.

Uses the big blue book of bicycle repair by park tool. homework is reading the chapters of the book before the class.



I'm considering signing up for another bike class. This one is on form/technique and basic overall awareness between your body and the machine. A former Pro cyclist is teaching it. But it is held indoors on trainers. I don't really like that part. I think being out on the actual road would be better.


thanks my shoulder is feeling better already. i hope it isn't something serious. I am going to keep watch it. but i think it will be fine.

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