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MaryStella's Triathlon training crossfit endurance

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@viva - no problem with my shoulder for side planks. My shoulder is totally healed it is just still tight so i have to stretch it into submission. pretty typical post op tightness.


@LnG - so great to have you back


@DJ - that bread looks delish! I haven't seen it before.



Had my bike class last night. I am not a good bike mechanic! But i am learning more about my bike than I knew before. Mostly I think this class will help me notice when things are going wrong on my bike so that I can take it into the bike shop and let them repair it! Also I am learning so things to do when something happens and your out on a ride just to get yourself home. I've got everything drive train for next week and then I am done.


I was tired this morning, had a long day yesterday and we got more snow. the foot was a little stiff and sore.


Crossfit WOD


10 rounds of

10 air squats

10 Knees to elbows

10 pushups


20 kettlebell snatches @ 35 pounds


I was going to do a 30 minute amrap after this but as I was setting up my bar my foot start to pinch. I tried to walk it off. Not sure what that was about. if it is just part of the healing process or if i did something to it. Overall my foot has been much better. Gotta say I am happy I bought the grips they really make a difference with bar work.


Bike wod -

5 minute warmup -

10 rounds of 1 minute on 1 minute off

10 minutes on, 2 minutes off

10 rounds of 1 minute on 1 minute off

10 minutes on

5 minute cooldown


I crushed this wod. I really did it as hard as I could. Felt great, well sorta. Probably the best ride i've had since before the surgery.

covered just over 13 miles. Had a high cadence for the warmup and cooldown. Used a hard gear for the 1:1 - got the HR up high which stayed up through the 10 minutes on segments even though i dropped the gear a bit and tried to keep the cadence higher. no issues with the foot or the ankle.


meal 1 - 2 slices hemp bread cashew butter

meal 2 - clif buidler bar

meal 3 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 4 - tofu, broccoli, carrots

meal 5 - seitan, pinto & black beans, red, yellow and green bell peppers

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foot felt good this morning. actually I felt really good getting up not tired not sore. expected to have a good swim but it really didn't work out that way.


swim - 5 x 100 drills - switch, catch, drag, shark, hesitate


15 x 100s on 20 second rest. Had to share a lane for this entire workout.

1 - 1.33

2 - 1.36

3 - 1.35

4 - 1.40

5 - 1.40

6 - 1.44

7 - 1.43

8 - 1.47

9 - 1.43

10 - 1.47

11 - 1.46

12 - 1.49

13 - 1.47

14 -1.53 - drank some pool water and coughed an entire 25 - flip turned at the same time as the guy sharing the lane with me and it made a huge wave.

15 - 1.47


Felt like I just couldn't get into that other place today where I could push out some better times. I didn't feel tired or sore but I just didn't feel fast. Just didn't have my drive. Of course the guy i was sharing the lane with was a great swimmer. he was literally passing me doing backstroke etc. Just getting schooled! how embarassing! I didn't feel particularily great after my unplanned refreshments so i didn't add any extra drills or a cooldown.


cf wod


4 rounds of

row 400 meters

25 pushups

10 ghd situps


time - 13.30


if i do one more pushup my arms are going to fall off! I can't wait to be able to throw some weights around again. I must have had water stuck in my sinuses from when i was drinking the pool water this morning because i started doing ghds and all of this water started pouring out of my nose. it was kinda funny.


bike - 20 minutes - kept cadence above 90 the entire ride. had HR up too.


meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 2 - granola & soy yogurt

meal 3 - seitan, pinto & black beans, red, yellow and green bell peppers

meal 4 - clif builder bar

meal 5 - tempeh, zucchini, red cabbage

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@viva - no way your the hardcore biker chic!


Got some forced rest time while company was visiting this weekend. While that kind of things is hard for me It gave some things some time to heal up.


Swim - 5 x 100 drills - switch, catch, drag, shark ,hesitate


2000 straight - 37.53 - i know i can do better than that. I still have a hard time judging how to swim long things like this. I should just start going really hard from the start and if i die then i die.


row - 2 x 1,000 with 50 abmat situps and 30 hollow rocks between. time - 12.53 - the hollow rocks hurt!


bike - 90 min TT - 20.75 miles on the trainer. This is the longest ride since the surgery. Things are getting better no ankle plain anymore either during or after riding. Foot still gets sore from walking. Still breaking up the scar tissue. Still has visible inflammation. I have to decide this week is going to go back and get it shot up or not. I really don't know what I want to do on that one. It is getting better but it is also still inflammed. Do I wait and see what happens?


I just read the article triathlete magazine did on crossfit endurance. It didn't tell me anything i didn't already know but i was curious. Also reading up on the cervelo p2. I should be reading my bike class homework.

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swim - 500 drills, 500 TT - 8.20PR, 500 drills (all drills were 100s of switch, catch, drag, shark and hesitate) Felt good on the TT. I didn't even realize that I PRed until I was checking to see what I swam last time to compare how I did and couldn't find anything lower.


50 air squats - not for time


bike - 3 mile warmup - high cadence, 12 minutes of 10 seconds on, 50 seconds off. distance 1.03. I rode the bike in the hardest gear for this. Didn't really like this workout. I am never a fan of wods that involve a lot of resting especially a 5x1 ratio.


Had a rough day footwise, just a lot of standing and walking. much more than I am used to. Wasn't able to make it to the crossfit gym today due to a crazy day at work. Some winter weather headed my way for the next couple of days so that might impact my training a bit too. Been really tired the last few days not enough sleep. Gotta get back on a good schedule.


meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 2 - clif builder bar

meal 3 - tofu, brown rice & veggies

meal 4 - tofu, seitan, green pepper, onion, black beans, guacamole, grapes

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I was watching the NHL ALL-Star game! - Normally when I ride i don't watch anything but for 90 minutes i allowed myself to indulge. I wanted to see the game anyway so it just worked out that way. I wanted to take my mountain bike out on the rode but it was snowing and in the 20s. I am going to do that soon though. I need to feel myself really riding a bike again!

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getting some crappy winter weather here so it has been altering my workout schedule a bit.


Foot was little sore today. Too much standing yesterday. Able to do my foot strengthening exercises


bike wod #1 - 3 mile warmup then 2 x 9 minutes on 1 min off - distance - 4.5.11. Rode in a hard gear.


bike wod #2 - used a hard gear


3 rounds of

1 minute bike TT

1 minute abmat situps for reps

1 minute bike TT

1 min air squats for reps

1 minute bike TT

1 minute rest


round 1 - 32 situps, 42 squats, .93 distance on bike

round 2 - 32 situps, 43 squats, .90 distance on bike

round 3 - 32 situps, 44 squats, .91 distance on bike


20 minute easy spin after wod - 4.27 miles, easy gear


meal 1 - 3 pieces hemp bread and cashew butter

meal 2 - vega wfo w/ coconut water

meal 3 - tofu, seitan, green pepper, onion, black beans, guacamole

meal 4 - grit tofu, roasted yams & ruttabagas, red lentil dal, peanut butter

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weather had me inside on the trainer again today. Screwed up my work schedule too so i only have time to get 1 wod in today. Warmed up with 3 miles then I did 24 rounds of tabata. really hard gear distance was .


Had my final bike maintenance class tonight. Covered chains, front and rear deraillers, shifters, cables. I actually found my cable to be frayed in the shifter so Stefan had to stay overnight to get that changed. I am glad I did the course. I def learned more about my bike. Hopefully I will remember it and be able to use it when necessary. mostly i think it will just help me identify problems that I need to get it into the bike shop for before they become major issues. I am not very good at mechanical things. I was even told I carry my bike incorrectly. I just fling it over my shoulder. I was told it isn't luggage! My bike had the most dirt and I was reminded over and over every class that a clean bike is a happy bike. When we were cleaning our drive trains I was told to just keep going and going but my chain is now that cleanest it has ever been.


My next bike class is a series with a pro cyclist getting coached on a trainer. It starts this saturday for a few weeks. I decided to do this because the last time I was taught anything about bike riding it was by my dad as a kid. I feel like it is so important in endurance events to really work technique because you are repeating those motions over and over for so long. We can talk about strength and mental toughness forever. Form is a huge piece of the puzzle where huge gains can be made. It hopefully will make me faster and also be some injury prevention. It can't hurt. I am looking forward to it. It is supposed to work your form and efficiency as well as be some hard intervals.


meal 1 - tofu, tempeh bacon, red pepper, spinach, pico de gallo

meal 2 - grit tofu, roasted yams and ruttabagas

meal 3 - clif buidler bar

meal 4 - lentil soup w/kale, 3 pieces hemp bread with cashew butter

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@lobster - I agree - I can't wait! ill report back how it goes.


Finally got back to the pool and crossfit today. swim - 500 drills - switch, catch, drag, shark, hesitate, then 10 x 100s on 20 seconds rest

1 - 1.32

2 - 1.36

3 - 1.36

4 - 1.39

5 - 1.38

6 - 1.36

7 - 1.37

8 - 1.36

9 - 1.38

10 - 1.37


500 of drills - switch, catch, shark, hesitate, kick - i wanted to start working kicking drills back in because when get tired that is one of the first things to suffer. I just stop kicking or kick randomly instead of consistently.


100 breaststoke to cool down.


cf wod - AMRAP - 20 minutes of

9 Goblet squats with 2 - 26 lb kettlebells racked on my chest (52 total pounds)

7 GHD situps

5 Air squats

13 total rounds and 3 squats of the 14th round. This wod was way harder than I expected it to be. The goblet squats were so hard even though they weren't heavy. It was more of a core stabilization fatigue coming off the GHDs than legs. Although my legs felt cooked when I was done. Haven't had dead legs like that is awhile. Maybe it coming back off the surgery pushing weight through the squat position instead of just airsquats. I could have had more rounds. The goblet squats slowed me down because I was making sure the form was spot on because of the foot. I don't want to aggravate it with a misstep. I love GHDs!


back to the foot doctor today. I knew he was going to give me shots in my foot and that they were going to hurt because he had to put them directly into the scar tissue. I got 3 shots. The first didn't the hurt. The second two were really not comfortable at all but I suffered through it. My foot is really sore now. I start using my crutches to keep pressure off of it. I also took some pain meds and have it elevated with ice on it. I am sure this is just a temporary thing so hopefully it will be fine by tomorrow.



meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 2 - 2 cups soy yogurt, 1 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup strawberries, ground flax seed

meal 3 - tempeh bacon, tofu, spinach, red pepper, Pico De Gallo

meal 4 -clif builder bar

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@ gl - Thanks! My food wasn't the greatest today. wasn't able to cook while i was off my foot. We're getting more snow tomorrow


foot felt a lot better this morning I am able to walk on it but it is still a little sore so I picked my workouts based on that fact. Didn't want to be pushing any weight through my foot.


Swim - 1,000 drills, 2 rounds of 100s of switch, catch, drag, shark and hesitate, 200 kick, 300 pull, 100 breaststoke to cooldown. These was a good wod because i was just doing open turns and pushing off the wall with my good foot.


cf wod - amrap 20 minutes of

2 dips

4 pullups

6 toes to bar

got 18 full rounds.

dips were done between 2 boxes. 1st round real to depth dips, after that always went down to depth as a negative but sometime used my toe to push off the ground if i couldn't push out of the bottom of the dip. pullups were tough. my kipping was very good. Toe to bar were fine. I tore my hand open again even though I was using my grips. Guess they are not going to prevent tears but hopefully cut down on some of them.


meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 2 - granola & soymilk

meal 3 - clif builder bar

meal 4 - 2 veggie burgers & 3 potato pierogies

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had my first class with the pro today. Mostly this class was "test time". he wanted to get some numbers on us and also we talked about form a bit. He wanted to spend time watching each of us ride on our bikes just to see our form. There was a lot of easy spinning while he talked about form and efficiency. There were a few 30 seconds to a minute intervals to get warmed up for what he called "the tests" which were 2 rounds of all out effort for 8 minutes each. he wanted to get my avg speed and cadence for those efforts so he can see the gains over the upcoming weeks. Next class is supposed to me much more in depth. One thing I found really helpful and surprising was he actually said don't just sit down on your bike and grab the handlebars. You need to setup as if you are setting up underneath a barbell. (now your speaking my language) The form is the same. Your sticking your ass out, getting your back in a good alignment so it doesn't get sore in the lower region as you fatigue and your putting your legs in their most powerful position to push your bike. Your opening your chest to be able to really breathe. just as in weightlifting rounding the back on the bike is a bad thing. It does nothing good for your form or efficiency. You need to train yourself to ride this way even when your tired. Another thing he was big on was keeping the knees in line with the pedals. Any movement off to the side is a loss of efficiency. And the usual don't hold tension in the upperbody. He is really big into the 90 cadence range of riding. Anything higher is too much spinning and anything lower is hard to sustain the power over a longer effort. On my tests I stayed really consistent. #1 I rode 2 miles at an avg speed of 15. #2 - I rode 1.99 miles for an avg speed of 14.9. I am happy with the consistency I am not happy with the output but it is probably pretty accurate for where my riding is at right now. We only get better from here. I am curious to see how the rest of the classes go.


CF wod -

10 rounds of

10GHD situps

10 back extensions

(not for time)


5 rounds of

20 Kettlebell Cleans - 26 lb(10 an arm)

20 pushups

time 7:44


I had to pick my cf wod today to protect my hand which is really raw and bleeding from yesterdays tear. I also wanted to be careful with my foot as that is still a little sore. I wore gloves for the cleans (which i hate) and I kept the weight lighter to keep it safer for the foot.


meal 1 - vega wfo w.coconut water

meal 2 - tempeh, red peppers, kale, onions, daiya

meal 3 - clif builder bar

meal 4 - grit tofu, broccoli, 2 slices hemp bread w/peanut butter

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swim - 500 drills, 100s of switch, catch, drag, shark and hesitate


500 yard TT with a t-shirt on/ time - 9.08. Time is a lot better than previous attempts at this wod however the time could have been so much better. I was having an issue with my goggle. About 8 laps in I have no idea what happened they slide totally off my eyes and filled with my water so i was treading water trying to get them back on. that wasn't working so i finished that lap out swimming breaststroke with my face out of the water. Decided not to start over. part of me didn't want to swim any extra laps with the t shirt on and part of me thought this is the kind of stuff that happened in races. Just deal with it like it was a race. Then ended up happening two other times although not as bad. I was able to make it to the wall still swimming freestyle but instead of immediately flip turning i had to adjust my goggles and then start again. Kinda makes me wonder what the time would have been if I didn't have these little incidents.


8 x 50 kick - on 20 seconds rest just wanted to practice kicking more so I don't get sloppy with it when I tire. took the times just to see where it is at. everything was done with open turns.

1 - 1:05

2 -1:01

3 - 1:02

4 -1:00

5 - 1:01

6 -1:00

7 - 1:00

8 - 1:00


6 x 100 pull and paddles - on 30 seconds rest all done with open turns.

1 - 1:41

2 - 1:41

3 - 1:45

4 - 1:45

5 - 1:45

6 - 1:45


meal 1 - 2 slices hemp bread with peanut butter

meal 2 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 3 - carrots and carmelized onion hummus, peanut butter

meal 4 - tofu, red onion, argula, pico de gallo, peanut butter, mac nuts

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swim - warmup 500 yards drills - 100s of switch, catch, drag, shark and hesitate. 20 minute time trial. on my 55 lap when the alarm sounded ( if i counted correctly?) . approximate 1,375, Felt good. cooldown with the same drill set as the warmup


cf wod - 10 rounds of 20 walking lunges, 10 GHD situps and 10 Back extensions. - time 17.22. There may have and extra 11th round completed. Have trouble with my counting today. my legs are going to be sore from the lunges I know it! those always kill me.


meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 2 - soy yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, ground flax, vega wfo

meal 3 - tofu, red onion, argula, pico de gallo, roasted yams

meal 4 - clif builder bar

meal 5 - soysage, broccoli, onion, garlic, lemon, potato piergies

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what's really funny is when i was getting my bike fit when I bought the guy kept telling me how I have the perfect back for cycling. How cyclists try their whole lives to get the kind of back I have. I have a lot of lardosis in my lower back. I think it is from the lifting and then going to cycling honestly.

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Thanks gl! You'll get there too!



I got enough sleep last night and it was great! I really have to try to force myself to get to bed earlier. It really makes a difference in how i feel.


So as predicted my legs were feeling the walking lunges today. Those always get me. That is like the #1 exercise to put a serious few days long hurting on my legs. Bike ride this morning - warmup 3 miles on the trainer to try to unsore the legs. didn't really help. wod - 9 minutes on 7 minute off 5 minutes on 3 minutes off 1 minute on. distance 3.96 miles. avg speed was 15.4. Got it a little higher than my tests on saturday. I did focus on trying to keep the cadence up while fatiguing.


cf wod -


30 Deadlifts @ 135

20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls @ 75

10 Reverse Burpees


time: 5:30


this is my first time post op doing deadlifts with a barbell. I kept them light to test it out. Didn't have any trouble with either bar lift. Hope to start doing more bar work and going heavier. The odd part is I still don't know if my foot feels well enough to run on it. (although I want to).


Row 800 meters - time 3:33 - def felt the legs getting through this. decided to call it a day leg wise and let things recover


wanted to test out my hand and see if the tear is healed enough for pullups. Did 4 or 5 sets of 5 kipping pullups. I can go back to them now too. Hand tears have got to be the worst part of crossfit.


I ordered some swim gear and also a pair of compression socks. Maybe they will help get rid of some of the inflammation in my foot. or help with this recovery process. Probably be really helpful once I start running again.


meal 1 - Hemp Bagel w/ cinnamon raisin peanut butter (only 35 carbs and 21 grams of protein in the bagel. not bad)

meal 2 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 3 - soysage, broccoli, taters, onions,

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