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MaryStella's Triathlon training crossfit endurance

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@gl - Yeah those clif bars have a lot more fat than most bars. It doesn't bother me becuase I eat a lot of fat. Most likely be cause that is their low glygemic bar so it higher protein higher fat less carbs than most energy bars. All depends on what your going for with your nutrition. I don't normally eat more than 1 in a day but I starving yesterday and it was all i had available at the time so I did 2.



@rob - no it was vega that i was having the issues with. However, I have used sunwarrior in the past. Personally I like vega better. I found the "gelling" happens with soymilk. If you use a different kind of liquid, hemp milk, rice milk, coconut water, water etc. you should be ok. Also watch the fruit to liqiud content. too much fruit = chunky obviously. And also the adds in. if your throwing in ground flax or nuts that thickens it up too. but your right the faster you drink it the thinner it is.


wod 1 - bike on trainer - 13 minute warmup. then 9 minutes on 3 minutes off 7 minutes on 3 minutes off 5 minutes on. 7 minute cooldown.


wod 2 - "helly" this was modified so much i can't even call it Kelly

5 rounds of

Row 400 meters (supposed to be a run)

30 steps up onto a 24 inch box (supposed to be box jumps)

30 wallballs - 14lb ball @ 9 ft target

time - 34.44


meal 1 - tofu, spinach ,guacamole

meal 2 - vega wfo w/coconut

meal 3 - soysage, broccoli, clif builder bar

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swim - 500 drills - switch, catch, drag, shark and hesitate

400 pull - 7.14

2 x 200 pull with paddles 3.54 - 3.55

2 x 400 on 20 sec rest - 6.59 - 7.00 - kinda funny this wasn't a time trial but this is an improvement over my last 400 which was 7.17

100 cooldown with fins


run - 3.25 miles - time 32.18 - i forgot my gps watch so i used mapmyrun and came up with a loop near my office. next time will be 3.5 which is what i was supposed to run today.


CF - 60 kettlebell clean & presses with 26lbs. time 4:40. 30R/30L - I did a few warmups with 35 but I didn't think I was going to make it through all those presses with that.


meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 2 - soy yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, ground flax, vega wfo

meal 3 - 2 clif builder bars ( i was starving!)

meal 4 - tofu, spinach, guacamole, banana

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bike - 13 minutes warmup, 30 minutes of 40 seconds on 20 seconds off 7 minute cooldown


cd wod - "daniel"


50 pullups

run 400 meters

21 - 65 lb thrusters

run 800 meters

21 - 65 lb thrusters

run 400 meters

50 pullups

time 20:49


Had to really sub for this wod too. All of the running I did on the rower. I also did the pullups on the rings because my hand is still torn up and bleeding. I couldn't get through 100 kipping pullups without trauma. Those were tougher than I expected. Did the thrusters as two seperate movements. 21 front squats @ 65 lbs. then when I was done with those i did 21 shoulder presses with 45lbs. I was push pressing the weight a bit because it was tough.


meal 1 - tempeh bacon

meal 2 - vega wfo w.coconut water

meal 3 - clif builder bar

meal 4 - tofu, yellow pepper, onion, arugula, daiya

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Bike - had my class this morning. Got damon hooked up with his new garmin sensor. sadly I couldn't get it to work during the class because it was picking up other sensors but after the class I got it to work so I will have data again for me rides. Yippee. Gonna keep me honest. main sets of the class today were an 8 minute TT at 100 percent effort. a 10 minute hill climb hard gear low cadence grind. and a 5 minute high cadence spin .There was other riding involved too not sure how much before of the sensor issue. legs are always cooked after this class.


Run - 3.5 miles. Still slow going! I need someone to run behind me with a taser or something. had to immediately get to the pool to get my swim wod in. Foot was a little sore afterwards. Oddly my left leg bothers me more than my right foot.


Swim - 300 drills to warmup, catch, shark and hesitate. My lats and shoulder were killing me for the entire time in the pool. Strangely they were not hurting at all until I started swimming. I think it is was from the cf wods yesterday. 500 pull, 5 x 100s at race pace on 20 seconds rest. Swam these at 1:40. Not sure if that was my race pace or not but I wasn't feeling speedy in the pool tday. finished off with 500 easy.


meal 1 - clif builder bar

meal 2 - tempeh, spinach, red peppers

meal 3 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 4 - 2 mexican pizza (black beans, tomatoes, cabbage), peanut butter


im register to race the "run for the red" marathon as part of a relay team. This is the course that Ironman Pocono mountain is using so I wanted to get out on the course before IMPM and check it out. This will be a half-mary a few weeks before eagleman. Really hope my running gets better and fast!

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ha! hardly! but thanks!


Took an unplanned rest day yesterday. Why? I felt I needed it. Just was overly tired and sore. It was my first day off in 2 months.


meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 2 - soysage, taters, mushrooms, onions

meal 3 - lentils & brown rice

meal 4 - clif builder bar

meal 5 - hummus, steamed broccoli, peanut butter


Swim - 400 drill - 100s of switch, catch, shark & hesitate, 4 x 300 (100 as race start, settle into race pace for last 200) on 45 seconds rest. #1 - 5.02, #2 - 5.10, #3 - 5.15, 8 x 25 sprints on 30 second rest - 6 at 18 seconds last two - 19 seconds. 200 cooldown with fins, 100 side kicking switching every 25, 100 streamlined kicking, 100 breaststroke


Run - 3.95 miles. - still slow!


CF wod - Was supposed to be 40 Turkish Getups. I did them for 30 minutes straight i don't know how many reps it was. used a 18lb KB to start and about halfway upgraded to a 26 lb Kettlebell. It's been awhile since i've done these. I should do them more often then are good for my surgical shoulder.


meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 2 - vega wfo, soy yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, ground flax, mac nuts

meal 3 - tempeh, carrots, potatoes, yellow beans, tomatoes

meal 4 - clif builder bar

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so good to meet another vegan atheist! What I do is i steam broccoli and then I dip it in hummus while I am eating it. Then I just love peanut butter so I eat it out of the jar. Gross I know. But True. Most of the time you see peanut butter listed in my meals I am just eating it out of the jar.

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that made me laugh!


swim - 500 drills - feeling tight and sore in the shoulders. most likely the turkish getups. 100s of swith, catch, side kicking, shark, hesitate. 8 x 100s on 4 minutes rest.

1 - 1 :30

2 - 1.27 PR

3 - 1.31

4 - 1.29

5 - 1.29

6 - 1.31

7 - 1.28

8 - 1.30


Finally broke into the high 1:20s for my hundreds! Happy about that, slowly getting those time down!


CF wod - 10 rounds of 10 pushups, 10 dips, 10 GHDs

time - 20.29

as if dips weren't hard enough, having them come after the pushups made the worse. I did them between 2 boxes with a toe on the ground for assistance out of the bottom as needed.



meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 2 - vega wfo, soy yougurt, blueberries, ground flax, mac nuts

meal 3 - tofu marsala, mushrooms, banana, almonds

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bike - on trainer - warmup - 3 miles then 12 rounds of 1 minute on, 30 seconds off. distance - 2.95 avg spd 14.3 1 minute cooldown.


Decided i couldn't take driving my car anymore and that I needed to get out on my bike again so I start back commuting on my bike today. decided to take my mountain bike since the roads still have some ice and lots of dirt. It felt great to be back riding on the road again!


cf wod - 20 minute AMRAP of 7 Dumbbell Push Presses ( 40 lbs total) & 6 walking lunges - completed 29 rounds. that was a lot of push presses!


going to a bike class tonight all about stretching. I can use it. Need to get a USAC license for the bike racing im going to do this season. On a team for road races, crits, Time trials.


meal 1 - tofu, yellow pepper, red onion, guacmole

meal 2 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 3 - orange glazed tofu, broccoli, clif builder bar & mad nuts

meal 4 - BBQ tempeh & Yams

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