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took a recovery(ish) ride of sorts today. It was about 25 miles. rode down to the WB Duathlon course and then previewed it for a couple of friends that are doing it this year. I ended up getting some extra mileage on the course as a couple of people got lost and i had to do a search and rescue mission to find them. i can report all were recovered unscathed. not sure if I will do the ride leader thing again as it is stressful when you lose people and have to go find them. My legs werent hurting today although i did feel them a little bit when we started riding. i did push the pace at some points to open up my legs a bit and they are feeling better now. the knee sadly was hurting again as usual when i am pulling up a hill in the saddle. I gonna hit the ice as much as possible and try to get it back under control so training doesn't have to altered too much. I found out I took 3rd in my age group at the mon-tour race yesterday and that I was the 8th female overall. I am a little happier with my performance now that i hear that.

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Wow, way to go! That race does indeed, sound like a freakin' monster! It sounds like an accomplishment just to finish it, however you place. But it's awesome you ended up placing third in your age group.

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thanks so much adena. I really enjoyed the race in a suffering kind of way and look forward to do it again!



My knee was really sore last night. I did put some ice on it but not for as long as I would have liked to. It hurt while I was sleeping. I kept waking up feeling like my knee had a fever in it. It was a rough night sleepwise overall. I was awakened several times by things outside of my control and it was just ugly this morning heading to the pool.


Did 400 of drills just to warmup and get myself awakened for the workout. Thankfully my friend jeff was there to do the workout with me so that helped me to get through it. Jeff swims better than I do and I love when he does the wods with me because that way he keeps track of the reps and the rest time and I just have to follow him. It's a sweet deal. we did 20 rounds of 100s on 20 seconds rest. I started out swimming the first 5 at least on 1:35. Then it slowed down to 1:40. The last couple of I was really pushing to meet the 1:40 and I know on at least one I didnt make it. It was a great workout. Did 100 of breaststroke to cool down.


Cf wod was front squats. the pure strength training stuff is always my least favorite thing to do. I love the sexy metcons and the endurance stuff so much more. while I was doing this I was feeling the effects of the last couple of bike rides. It went well considering that.


front squats

bw x 10
















meal 1 - vega wfo w/coconut water

meal 2 - vega wfo w/ soy yogrt, blueberries, strawberries, ground flax, mac nuts

meal 3 - tofu ravioli w/ red sauce

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Wow that is a lot of front squatting. 65 reps I counted


Aside from fatigue, your knee wasn't bothering you much while you did this?


I kinda like the strength wods, I feel like it shows how much progress you've made in a different way than the metcons.

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@rob - I wasn't tired when i was doing them but i was sore today!


So my hamstrings and butt were feeling the squats today.


CF wod was

5 rounds of

3 backsquats @ 95

10 body blasters


time 10 minutes


had to go with 95 on the backsquats because my legs were sore. This was my first time doing body blasters and i have to say i do like them!


team crit tonight. approximately 30 miles. I only have 25 something on my garmin because i forgot to start it until we were already into it. 1,337 of climbing. 15.4 avg speed. max speed 31. no HR info because i my friction burn still isn't completely healed although it is looking better. I am hoping to wear it again sometime soon. I think I did better than I did last time.


My knee was feeling better today. The ice helps it a lot. But it is flared up again after riding. Not as bad as it had been but not as good as has been either. I was super tired today i am wondering if it isn't from the nsaids.

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cf - recovery wod - legs were a little cooked from the last few days and my energy was low.


3 x 15 - GHD situps


3 x 15 Back Extensions


3 x 15 Kettlebell swings @ 35


3 x 10 pullups


3 x 10 pushups


Did my usual commute today except my bike broke on the way home. The rear derailleur ripped off my bike and took part of the frame with it. It doesn't look like the derailleur hanger to me it looks like part of the frame. It was very weird because i was riding home at an easy pace on a flat road at the time so it wasn't under much load when it just snapped. I was able to get myself off the bike without falling. I was supposed to go ride with some friends but Jeff was nice enough to come nad pick me up. Since we were both already in bike clothes and ready to ride I took Damon out for a spin instead. We did the TT course twice. A little over 24 miles in 1.28. It actually was a decent recovery ride for me because my legs were pretty cooked. sadly thought it made my knee hurt! avg 16.3 speed and maxed at 35. Hopefully Ill be feeling much better tomorrow.


Ill have to take stefan into the bike shop tomorrow and see what they say. maybe time for a new bike.

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Thanks chewy!


I took stefan to the bike shop today and he is there overnight for them to work on him. the dereuiller hanger broke so that needs to be replace. they need to straightened out the dereuiller its bent. Also the wheel has bent spokes and is out of true. But it all sounds fixable.

Which was good news. I still want to get a more competition worthy road bike but i still want to keep this one for commuting, bad weather. etc. I had to commute on my mountain bike today and that is just slow going.




sealfit complex

used a 65 lb barbell for 5 reps per round and 5 rounds total. 1 time through the sequence is a rep



Upright Row

Squat Clean

Front squat

Push Press

back Squat



The deadlift to upright row start looking like a sumo dead lift high pull. The squat clean to the front squat put a good hurting on the legs. The push press to the back squat is always tougher than a regular push press because of the behind in the neck negative. It was finally a sunny non raining day here so i took my barbell outside while getting this one done.


jay wanted some running videos of me to check on my form and see if that is what is causing my knee pain. So did a 1 mile warmup and then 8 x 200 meters on 1 minute rest. I started out running them in 41 second but hit 45-46 by the end. My knee was hurting while i was running and afterwards. It also hurt on the bike today too. I am icing it and that helps a lot. Jay wants me to shut down the biking and the running for a few days. I am disappointed because I wanted to race a crit on saturday and a circuit race on sunday. Monday I am entered in a 5 mile road race. I know eagleman is the bigger race and i should try to get myself in order for that since it is coming up soon.

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rob - thanks for being compassionate about my sad state of affairs lately! My tri coach gave me the sealfit wod to do. My box wasn't doing it. although it probably would have been more fun to have someone else suffering with me on that wod! you should try it!

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Got stefan back on friday. The bike shop was able to fix him up. I took him for a spin in the parking lot a bit bot no major riding as I have really scaled back the training to let the knee heal up. I also took a cervelo R3 for a ride and I am loving that bike and working on getting one. I also took out a specialied tarmac which was also really nice but I preferred the R3. I have to decide on components and get a fit.


yesterday and today were both swimming only days and they have allowed my knee to start feeling a lot better. I am icing it when possible and using kinesio tape. Either it is healing or all of the celebrex i've been taking just has me not feeling the pain anymore.


friday - 500 drills to warmup and 500 more to cool down

25yds 1 min rest, 50yds 50 sec rest, 75yds 40 sec rest, 100yds 30 sec rest, 125yds 20 sec rest, 150yds 10 sec rest then back down the ladder.




1000yds countinuos drills to warmup


5 x 100yds paddle and pull buoy on 20 sec rest


5 x 100yds kick with board and fins on 10 sec rest


cooldown 100 breaststroke 100 backstroke


I used my new hydra vision open water googles in the pool just to test them out. I had a few issues with leaks, gotta sort that out.

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got a crossfit wod in today. still looking after the knee but this went ok.


AMRAP 9 minutes of

5 pullups

10 GHD situps.


Completed 11 full rounds and 2 pullups in the 12 th round.


I was pretty happy with that. Did the pullups as ring assuie pullups. I didn't like the way the kip felt on the knee.


then some shoulder pressing





65x3 this was more like 65x 1 - 3 times.


Iced my knee down when I could today. It is feeling a lot better but I won't be racing tomorrow as sad as that is. I went to the track and started doing some running drills and based on how it felt I know racing tomorrow is the wrong decision. That being said I still wish I was.

drills were ball of foot hops with a lean, wall drills pulls, pulling with 1 foot alternating side. I could tell the knee still isn't right when switching sides. It isn't painful but it feels restricted and not smooth. Maybe they will feel better tomorrow. still thinking over the options for my r3!

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Didn't do the race I registered for yesterday because of me knee. That was tough I like that race and wish I was able to compete! I did a CF wod instead.


10 rounds of

10 Good Mornings @ 45

5 Pushups

3 Standing Ab Rollouts


time - 18.03


putting a barbell on my sunburned back for these was tough. I actually wore a shirt for this wod. Pushups went well. The ab rollouts were a ripper as my abs still hurt from the GHDs the day before. That being said it was fun having them in a wod for a change. I didn't go too heavy on the good mornigns because i haven't done them in forever and I was doing 100 of them. I also didn't go too fast on them either. didn't want to get hurt doing them. That being said my hangstrings are tight from them today!


Also did my running drills. The knee still isn't moving correctly compared the other legs. All of the bunny hopping aggravated my foot surgery site as well. I didn't do any drills today maybe I should take days off between them. Overall my knee is doing a lot better. It still has some weird moments where it warns me but i am not limping or in pain like I was.


Started today off with 300 of drills, catch, shark and hesitate and then a 45 minutes Time trial. Covered 94 laps if i counted correctly which is the hardest part of a wod like that. The form actually felt pretty smooth today. 50 breaststroke to cooldown.


CF wod - "karen" - 150 wallballs for time. used a 14 lb ball at a 9 ft target. time 12:31. This is a PR. by 21 seconds over the last time I did the wod. my wallballs are getting better which is good because it isn't one of my favorite exercises. especially in this format. if you have like 10 or 20 to do they are fun. once you hit about 75- 100 they get old pretty fast! Around 100 i started feeling my knee a bit but it is more of a tightness than a pain. still using the ice and the nsaids.


it's finally warmed up here. in the 90s which is good I am trying to acclimate a bit to it as i've heard it can be hot at eagleman. still trying to decide what compenents to get on my new r3. I am going to go ride a 52 with ultergra and a 54 with sram rival when I get fit. Right now I am thinking sram red because I like the adjustable shifting especially since i like to ride in the drops. and also because then the brakes are just the brakes. both my specialized road bike and my cervelo TT bike use shimano and i think the brakes are crappy on both of them. I have to find out if i can easily switch race wheels between the two bikes if i run both sram on 1 bike and shimano on the other. It's a little cheaper and lighter too.


going to ride a 12 mile TT tonight. It will be the first time I am on my bike in 4 days! I hope the knee holds out!

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thanks ladies. the ride went well. took 3 minutes off my time for a 12 mile course. last time i went 40.30 this time i went 37.31 per the results. my garmin actually recorded 37.03. We go off in 30 second intervals so maybe something got screwed up. Not a big deal so I pretty much blew my old time away and i am happy with that! average speed 19.5. last time i had the kool race wheels too. this time just my trainers. It would be interesting to see what I could do on that course if i didn't already hit 2 wods first. However, I had 3 really good workouts today. Maybe the extra rest over the last few days. Sometimes I probably push myself a little too hard and don't recover enough. I am def someone that likes to push the envelope with things probably why i am attracted to crossfit. I have to learn to balance a little better and maybe i wouldn't end up with an injury and some forced downtime. The knee was good to begin with. started to feel it a bit as I pull up on the hills, By the end i could feel it a bit. When it got off my bike it was stiff and tight. Im hitting it with ice and hoping that it feels better tomorrow.

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the knee wasnt too bad this morning. more stiff than sore.




3 rounds for time of


Row 400 meters

10 kettlebell swings @ 44 lbs

10 Deadlifts @ 135


time 9:54


couldn't go too heavy on the deads my legs were still sore from the good mornings and yesterday's time trial. Felt like a good wod though. Able to go unbroken.


I wanted to test my knee so i did 2 walking lunges since those make it hurt and sadly that made it hurt. So i hit the ice this afternoon and it seems ok.


Picked up my upstate velo tri suit last night and it's pretty nice.


Ordered a cervelo R3 with Sram Red Comps. Decided to go with the Sram because I like the adjustable shifters and also the brakes just being brakes. I decided to go red because of the upgrades to the bike. After they did my fit to order it. I had my road bike re fit. The seat is higher and the handlebars are also adjusted. Maybe that will help with the knee pain. I left it at the shop to have the brakes worked on. I will have the fit redone on my tri bike soon too.

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yeah i'm starting to have a stable instead of a garage.


cf wod -

10 - 8 - 6 - 4 - 2- 1 of Push Press with increasing weight.

went 65, 70,75, 80 ,85, 90.

I knew those were all safe weights for me since the leg was involved.



CFE wod - subbed my run out with a row. 1 mile for time - took 7.26 minutes.


The knee is feeling weird again. Also like the knee cap if off track or misaligned. Going to my ART doctor to have him look at it tomorrow. I basically can manage it with ice and training modifications to get through eagleman next week.


I am concerned because the pain is in the knee cap now that the inflammation has gone down a lot. i can pinpoint the pain so I am hoping it isn't chipped or fractured or dislocated. Mostly because they popped up after the car hit me on my bike. Might just be an overuse thing too that i just need to let calm down. If it is still an issue after eagleman Ill go to see my ortho.


I considered running in a road race on saturday but with my knee it most likely will not happen. Too close to eagleman to do it.


I am doing a sprint tri on Saturday before I start my taper for eagleman. It should be a lot of fun. I like sprint tris because you can just got really hard the entire time. Also it will be a good warmup race for eagleman. Got my athlete guide for both so I should be looking though them soon.

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thanks! taking care of the knee!


Started the day with a swim. 300 of drills to warm up. Then a 25 minute TT - Covered 56 laps or 1400 yards. I was aiming for 60 not sure if could actually get it but I was trying to. Came up a little short. I was lcuky enough to have a guy swimming in a lane next to me that was going just faster than I really want to go so i was racing him most of the time. Did 100 of breaststroke and 100 of backstroke to cooldown.


CF wod - 50 burpee pullups for time. Couldn't do the kip because of my knee so did the pullups on the rings. This slowed down the wod and I didn't feel as stressed from it as I should have so I decided to row 4 x 400 meters on 2 minutes rest. The burpee pullups took me 7.16 and I killed it on the rower hitting every interval at 1:39. That felt good!


Went to my ART doctor today to have my knee looked at. Good news is that after his tests nothing is fractured or dislocated. It is possible i have a bone contusion which just takes some time to heal. All of the tendons around my knee are a mess. he thinks it is most likely from cycling. there is a little room to adjust your body with the repetitive motions so if something is off it's got to go somewhere. Hit some more ice and nsaids. I get to try out an easy ride and run tomorrow. then race on sunday! I got back from more ART on monday. It is always a weird experience to hear someone break down the grit in your tendons.

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Slept in a bit this morning and woke up to my knee hurting a lot less than it did which made me pretty happy!!! of course it is not completely gone but it have improvement really made my day! The doctor recommended I take an easy and short ride and run today to test out the knee and to get things moving a bit before tomorrow's race. So I took my Time trial bike down to the local school and road basically flat laps around the school for 20 minutes. The first 5 minutes I felt nothing. Then after than I could feel my knee pulling a bit but not really painfully. Of course the intensity to the ride wasn't there either. Then I hit the track to do my running drills and run.


Did ball of foot hops with forward lean movement


Wall drills pulls - just like on the bike the pulling up of the leg is what bothers the knee. It is my quadricep tendon that is yanking on my knee. I realied last night that I do stretch by a specific quad stretch doesn't usual make it into my routine so i need to add that one!


single leg pulls - my right leg is great. my left leg is clunky because of the knee


karaoke - decided to do this instead of the round the clock lunges for today because the lunges really annoy my knee and there is no need to do that to it before a race.


A Skips - again right is better than left


I decided against doing strides just to keep the intensity down in an attempt to not irritate the knee.


Ran 1 mile on the track - the knee does ache on the pull up but it is much less than it was previously.


walked a half mile afterwards then got back on my bike and did another 10 minute spin back home.


The knee isn't great but I am happier that it is finally feeling somewhat better. Hitting the ice and stuff like that today. The race is short tomorrow so I hope to be able to really go at an all out effort the entire way. I think it will take me around an hour to complete it. I would like to go under an hour but i honestly don't know if that is attainable. I'll but my best effort into doing it though!


The swim is going to be cold again I 've already prepared myself for that. Nothing I can do about it really. I most likely wont take a warmup swim first as i normally do just because it is supposed to be in the high 50s when the race goes off tomorrow. And i don't really want to be standing around wet waiting for my wave to go. I may just warmup on the bike and possibly run. Although to me it sounds like the entire race is going to be a cold event. I know once i start racing i won't even notice it. But before and after will be chilly. For me to accomplish an hour I would have to go 5 - 6 minutes on the swim which is a 1/4 mile so if i swim my best I can do it. hopefully the swim start won't be like devilman! Then I have to ride about 30 minutes on the bike. it's a ten mile course with some rolling hills. If I avg 20mph I can do it. I don't plan on taking my watch or anything like that because i don't want to waste time putting it on etc. and I just want my effort to be as hard as I can go. I don't want anything telling me how fast I really am going. Maybe a mistake. we'll see. it's ten miles I already know i can keep the hammer down that long. The run is going to be the hardest for me just because of the knee and my run training isn't as on par as the rest of my training. I know i can throw down some 8 minute miles. Id like to hit in the 7s since it is only a 2 mile course but we'll see what happen especially coming off the bike. I'm mostly using this as a practice warmup race for eagleman next week but I also want to go as hard as i can because the distances are so short. Id like to be competitive in this race and not hold back because of the knee. Next week will all be taering. Im going to pack my stuff today and hopefully have a somewhat relaxing day in preparation for tomorrow. I am thinking about going to get my tri bike fit at the bike shop if they can fit my into their schedules today. if not I would like toget it done before eagleman especially if it helps my knee get through the distance.

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The indi-tri was a sucess! I took 2nd in my age group out of 27 and i was 13th overall out of 269. my overall time was 1:00:22. I felt like my pre- race prep yesterday went better than it usually does. Getting up at 4 this morning to go race was rough. I was tired during the drive and A deer jumped out in front of my car. luckily i missed him but that woke me up! I made it to the race in time to setup my stuff in transition but then i got kicked out and i had to put my wetsuit on during the athlete meeting. Would have been nice to have more time but oh well. I wasn't nervous but i didn't really have that im going to do well feeling either but i did end racing a good race.


The swim was in a decent lake. Hard sharp rocks around the shoreline which is never fun to enter/exit on. The temp wasn't painfully cold although it wasn't warm. Happy to have the wetsuit on! Some gross weeds but overall the water wasn't bad. I used my yellow len open water goggles and i have to say they were a huge sucess. the yellow lenses really help in the foggy, overcast morning light. I am thinking about shortening my hair because it is just getting hard to tuck it all into a swimcap lately. A wave went off in front of me by 3 minutes but i picked off most of the swimmer from it. It wasn't my best or easiest swim because I was getting pulled downstream by the current and to work back around the buoys costing me some time. also since I had to go around so many swimmers I was like jockeying for position at times. there were people doing breaststroke and even backstroke. I know you can legally swim any stroke that advances you but sometimes it would be nice if they had an optional wave at the end for people that struggle with swimming. It would probably make them and the other racer all more comfortable. The run to the transition area seemed really long. Had a little trouble getting my wetsuit off over my timing chip. The bike mount started with an immediate uphill which wasn't the greatest feeling. The rest of the bike course was roling hills. I picked off a ton of people on the bike. Another challenge were a lot of people were not riding as far to the ride as they could and they were in a blocking position. I was yelling on your left frequently. The mens waves went off after the womens waves and i was passed by 3 guys on the bike. But no womens. So i knew I was doing well. No problems during T2. My legs hurt when i started the run and it took a while for them to come back but i kept pushing because with a short race like this there is no time to wait for your legs to come back. During the course of the run i got passed by 3 more guys and a couple of girls but i was going as hard as i could. Those 3 guys were in front of me at the finish and the crowd was going nuts as i was sprinting trying to catch them. sadly i did not but i did try! I just thought it was funny as the crowd was yelling for me to beat the guys!



Here are my splits:


swim: 9:31 - this included the run (uphill) to transition and it was pretty far. all of the swim times seemed high I think it was because of the current. I know i had to reset myself to the 1st buoy I was getting pulled downstream.


T1 - 1:15


Bike - 32:55 - rolling hill course - although the first hill coming directly out of transition was tough.


T2 - .51


Run - 15.47


Bad news - my knee is killing me! I took ice and used it on the drive home and iced it today when possible. I have an art session tomorrow so hopefully between that and the taper week it will get back on track enough for eagleman! I tried a new method of kinesio taping today too.


The girl that took first beat me by 21 seconds!!!!! If i hit exactly on the hour like i wanted to i would have won! i shouldn't have taken the time to put those damn socks on!!! Actually she beat me on the run. I checked all of her splits and i was faster then her on everything except the run. But with the limit on my run training over the winter because of the surgery. That is probably my weakest discipline right now. But it will get better. I actually used to be able to run decently fast back in the day so hopefully it will come back.


That being said I'm happy with how I did. Of course I've got the post race maybe i could have swam/biked/ran just a little faster thoughts going through my head. But overall I raced a very good race. I didnt have race wheels or anything like that on my bike for this race but i am thinking im going to have to get a set of my own and soon.


I didn't take my garmin with me because i didn't want to waste time playing with it such a short race but maybe it would have helped keep me on track better and perhaps I could have gone just a little faster! I did take some water on the bike but didn't drink much of it. I didn't take any water on the run even though i wanted it just because i didn't want to take the time. I downed a lot of it after the race!


Just have some recovery stuff on the workout schedule for tomorrow.

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