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Mental effects on lifting.... any tips?

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I have troubles in this department. I have been known at work to lift some crazy heavy things. I have lifted trench box panels.... I have lifted a car hauler trailers by the tongue.... Trash pumps in the back of trucks.... ect... for some reason when it come to weights with numbers I have notions of what I can and can't lift... I have struggled with this since high school. If I have no idea how much what I am lifting weighes I will do everything in my power to lift it off the ground! Has anyone else dealt with this?

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Do you have a partner to train with? Getting them to give you encouragement can be a great help. Another thing that comes to mind, is weighing some of the heavier things that you lift at work, so you know what you're lifting there, and then you will be able to transfer that more easily to the gym and know where you're at with the numbers.

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The issue might not be 'seeing' or 'noticing' how heavy the weight is. The issue might be that you are a better composite lifter. What I mean by that is between your balance, coordination and muscle group synergy you might be better suited to lift non-traditional weights (which is a reason I suggested the sandbags to lift).


You might want to seriously consider more outdoor non-traditional lifting. A routine more towards what strongmen or awkward object lifters do. If lifting a trailer by the hitch works for you? Load that damn thing up! If you can load a wheel barrow to the brim with a ton of weight and tote it around the block? Make it so.


This is something I've seriously considered as I find more than often on composite movements, I run out of plates. Suck thing is it gets too cold outside to do my serious lifting year round. And the floor in my house can't handle me dropping anything on it.


Anyway, PM me if you want ideas or suggestions re: this topic.

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