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Do we have a vegan European Bodybuilding Champion now?!

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For all those curious and impatient, the answer is YES!


I guess this post is going to get loong, i'll give you a report of the past weekend and a few pictures as well.


But first, to not delay the good news any further, i didn't only become European Champion, i also went WORLD Champion! I won the fitness class AND the overall title, meaning TWO first place trophies!!!

"YAY!" for vegan power and natural bodybuilding!


For the record, it was the WFF / NABBA World Championship, and there were 12 athletes in the fitness class.


Now where to start....

Oh yeah, it's always best to start from the beginning, in this case, the weekend before, where i placed 2nd behind a guy i felt inferior to me.


I was disappointed and felt cheated. But at the same time my determination grew to be in better condition next time. And also i stopped bragging and joking and focused on the task ahead. I knew i had to be leaner, harder and dryer this time, so i changed my dehydration plan - i stopped drinking friday at 10 a.m., estimated 33 hours before the competition, and ate only rice cakes from that point on, nothing else, no cooked rice (too much water).

It worked well and for the first time i was truly dry at a competition.


I went to Erfurt on friday, together with two friends and very experienced bodybuilders, and another athlete. We had two rooms in a hotel only 100 meters away from the hall where the competition was held

My "coach" Michel is a gym owner and his wife Mel is two times Ms. Universe among other titles! Troy is a natural athlete and powerlifter as well as bodybuilder, an amazing athlete!


On saturday K-Oz followed and Johnathan and Kathryn came to meet us again at the competiton. It was great to have their support! They all wore the VBB-T-Shirts! YAY! for the team!


This time i was in a different class, the fitness class (good thing, that).


Everything went perfect until Michel panicked


He called me at 4:30 that i should COME OVER NOW as i was about to be on stage SOON! I was shocked because we had estimated 6-7 p.m.!! K-Oz was just in the middle of applying the tan, i wasn't even properly coloured!


So we hurried to the hall, finished the color there, i started pumping and drinking, took salt, and all the other little tricks you do just before stage

Then i stood there for an hour trying to maintain the pump and getting increasingly worried about spilling (= the water going into my subcutis again)

It was very exhausting. At some point i realized i would NOT be on stage for at least another hour, but i could not lie or even sit down because we had already applied the finishing touches of the colour


So i stood around in my trunks for 3 hours and did nothing but getting worried and angry.


But all worries were wasted, as on stage everything was fine.

My routine was quite perfect (that means, as good as i can do it, not perfect compared to what others do).

After the mandatories i was very exhausted and happy that it was over - then they called me out immediatly for another round! I was compared to the guy who came second later, i knew it was the fight for the title! So i fought...


After the day i drank 3 liters and ate tons of cake, but it took two full days until my water balance was restored.


So, that was the overview of the weekend part 1. The next day vegan friends joined us for the party, we had good food and a crowded living room Everything was very extemporary (cool word )



Here are some pictures. There are literally HUNDREDS of pictures, as K-Oz took some, Johnathan, Michel and the girlfriend of a fellow competitor, Dennis, who said he'll share the pics and the DVD-movie with me


So, just as a first impression:


Me being compared to two other world champions for the overall title (as you can see, i'm so happy about my first place, i don't even care if i'm going to win this, too, or not ):




The award ceremony, the second and third places are left and right:




Ah, and that's a good one




Dennis (5th place) and me (to give an impressioin how close the decision was):




Line up shots:


http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/8926/p10103137af.th.jpg http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/6375/p10103013vq.th.jpg


From my routine:


http://img442.imageshack.us/img442/7089/p10103111tt.th.jpg http://img395.imageshack.us/img395/3807/p10103102yo.th.jpg http://img395.imageshack.us/img395/9180/p10103090xa.th.jpg



Here are two shots from the German Championship the week before. The guy in the red trunks is first place, i'm second.


http://img509.imageshack.us/img509/3331/p10102021ce.th.jpg http://img509.imageshack.us/img509/8428/p10102046ku.th.jpg


Some more pics from the German's, i hope you can see the difference in dryness and fullness ... pictures NEVER tell the whole truth, though


http://img357.imageshack.us/img357/4392/p10101761eg.th.jpg http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/5449/p10101529ot.th.jpg


In the second pic you can see Michel in the back with his mobile and Troy to the left watching. And check out my glutes - Nobbi!



http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/3822/p10101516ge.th.jpg http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/2360/p10101431su.th.jpg http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/385/p10101541cm.th.jpg


Backstage, me beginning to pump while Troy is getting painted by Michel




So, that was it for once, thanks for Johnathan for all these pictures! I'll see if i can get some of K-Oz' up soon!


Love and peace,


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Hey Alex!


Welcome back! As I've told you, I'm very proud of you and I'm really glad you decided to compete in 2005.


Awesome photos too! Thanks again for the update and for representing Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness. You are the #1 Vegan Bodybuilder and it is great to have you spreading the word throughout the world with your accomplishments on the bodybuilding stage!


I'm also glad that you had Jonathan and others there to support you. That must have been quite an amazing experience!


All the best, and let's see what 2006 and 2007 bring! Vegan Bodybuilders may slowly, gradually, take over!


-Thin Thin Congratulations My Friend! Him

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Hot hot HOT!!!

All that without meat or animal products or "other supplements". You look more incredible than just about anyone I've ever seen. You should be the vegan poster child.


How much did you weigh there...and how tall are you ? Oh, it's not a "vegan-only" comp, is it? I'm guessing no.



Congrats. Absolutely outstanding!!

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Wow, thank you all for your kind words!


I think i was in good condition, but i don't really like myself that way - i rather be heavier




Great avatar! The reporter told me i'd be in the show today, but i wasn't So i guess they'll broadcast it tomorrw - i don't think they completely dropped the report, as they spent 6 hours of work yesterday. I think they didn't make it in time for today



I don't know my weight. I guess it's around 81kg on stage. Before diet i was around 86kg. I'm 186cm tall, so 86kg really is not much, even with ~8% BF


Gym Hater:

Hehe, yea, i already ate quite a lot of cake

But now i feel more appetite for good clean food again. I force myself into a break from workout until monday, but i started eating healthier today again after three days of cake and pizza

I'm quite motivated for the mass-season now



I replied to your pm in detail but the internet swallowed the answer

I'll write the mail again tomorrow, can't bring myself to do it right again now



I also met a lot of cool people from the BB scene and made connections and friends.

Maybe i'll start working as a personal trainer now... but probably not full time, just in my spare time, as i've applied in clinics and rather want to do that full time.


Love and peace,





Time for a new avatar and sig...

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well deserved alex


it was great fun (though bloody expensive!!!) coming to support you at the two shows. when you compete again (you're not allowed to step back on stage with less than 85kg remember!!) i will be there to shout VEGAN POWER at the top of my voice!!


and painting you was, at the very least, an experiece!



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