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Okay, here we go Like I told in my introduction I have done gym training quite short time. More systematic exercising like two months. Before that two months I do what I like and enjoy -attitude. Last two months I have paid attention to my whole body.


I'm a bit ashamed of these pics. Okay, ashamed is a wrong adjective. Actually I'm a bit excited... My goal isn't low fat% or grow very much. I try to exercise in an enjoyble way and let's see what happens or if it happens nothing at all



Not six pack at all



I feel my back is only fat



Taken about a month ago.


I haven't that kind of beginning pictures. After trying deadlift at VFW I felt it would be nice to train at gym but at Sep, I had no goals at all. Now some goals. Not too strict. And generally sports have been part of my life like three years. First years mostly aerobic and stuff like that which I don't like anymore.


More pics to come someday.

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Nice pics


You know, I like to train the same way as you, training without a predetermined program, a system without system, or some people call it instinctive training... we could simply call it fun training


Well now I'm training with a detailed program and I try to stick to it, and I have a goal: gaining size.

But then when my goal will change to losing fat, I'll do circuit training again and I will just do the exercices I feel I want to do at each moment.

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