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Newbie to site. Before and Afters.

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Its great to see a site for vegans, especially one centered around fitness. I have been vegan for about 8 years and veg prob another 6 before that. I have always had a issue gaining muscle, but seeing some of the progress of people on this site it gives me alot of motivation to work on it harder. I have always had an 'athletic" build but got very lazy a few years ago and jetted up to 230 pounds. I am 6'2" and my normal weight before that was in the 180's. About a year ago i got tired of the way i let myself go and decided to start doing something about it. I used to be very into martial arts but hadn't done anything for the last 5 years. So i decided to get back into it and joined a Krav Maga (an israeli martial art) school about a year and change ago. I don't lift wieghts or run at all. So all the progress i have made has just been from krav maga. I am back down to 195. I Am happy at this weight but would like to gain more upper body because i think i am to small for my height. I am planning on joining a gym this month so i hope that will show more progress. Included a before ( year or so ago) and then Now. Hope after a few months in the gym i can bulk up abit and show some more definition. Thanks again for all the before and afters and the motivation it has given to put in even more effort to achieve the goals i have for myself.


http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c85/xaurrax/CIMG0369.jpg http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c85/xaurrax/CIMG0368.jpg


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Thank for all the comments. i just started going to the gym about 2 weeks ago so hopefully in a month i can take some more and see if adding weight training to my workouts helps to get some more bulk and definition. I can imagine it will. As of right now all i get is alot of cardio and i do alot of grappling so i am building strength from that but it's not the same as weight training.

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