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Ekendra Goravani's progress photos.

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Hey what's up. Ekendra here. These are my progress pictures up till now. I'm hoping to gain more muscle and continue building an agile ninja like break dancer physique in the process. Vegetarian all my life, Vegan since June 2007.



This is 2003. One of my earliest pic's. Vegetarian at the time.



2004 Vegetarian at the time.



Summer 2007 In the beginning of being Vegan



Summer 2007 In the beginning of being Vegan



Summer 2007 In the beginning of being Vegan



1/8/09 Vegan now for over a year and a half on top of vegetarian all my life. Haven't been working out much, (like almost as much as once a month) so now I'm trying to pick it up again. I want better and better abs, shoulders, and triceps.


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Just got back from the gym for this one. 1/8/09



As you can see I wanna be like Rob, and this is my flexing "before/ marker" picture. Thanks for the kind words guys.


Hey mate, you're in great shape. Do you mind telling us your height and weight?

I am 5'10" and 172 lbs

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For the delts: I have found that dumbbell front raises with a little toward the mid line of the body as you bring the weights up, make them more rounder. Also doing the military press, use a smith press and scoot the chair back a little (like the motion of an intense incline push up - yeah it will work the pecs too, but the tie-in to the front delt is awesome). Also make sure you do rear delt flyes.

Also for delts, lifting heavy doesn't always mean bigger delts. I get good results with burns (longer reps for set, with medium weights). I cycle with all my body parts, but with my delts I do a 2 week cycle, and the rest is 4 week cycle.


For the triceps: work the long and short heads. Thus, pushdown on the cable and overhead extensions on the cable (the rope is harder to do). Here for me, heavy is better, with more results.


You need no work on your abs that I can see!


Overall very nice symmetry, and some vascularization! Going to do any shows?

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Hey guys. I haven't been very active on here, but I'm back on now for more regular checking in. Thanks for the comments/ feedback. I haven't been working out much over the last 1.5 years or so. I've gotten back into it more heavily over the last few months though. I'm planning on keeping it a regular thing> but right now I'm dead set on getting "ripped." I'm doing a "pushing" and a "pulling" day. Alternating.


I start with abs each time, and for the pushing I do dumbbell press's at all angles vertical to decline. Then cable fly's at all angles starting with upwards. Followed by tricps. I throw dips in when I feel like it. Some times at the end or the beginning. For tri's I've been liking cable bull downs with a curved bar. At the rec center at least, I start with 180 and decrease by 10 lbs till I'm at 80 doing burn out reps each time.


For pulling it's burnout pull ups 3 sets or so. Then individual lat pull downs. I use the crossover technique and pull down at 75° from horizontal. I do burn out sets descending in weight. I do my workouts in general by feel. I'm very in tune with my body. Then I do the back of the shoulder in a similar way using the same machine, just one arm at a time. Then biceps. I've lately been liking the cable bicep curl with the same curved bar for triceps.


One of my latest developments I especially employ when it comes to my pecs I might call a "Top off" motion. Where instead of going the full motion, I restrict it to the last part of the distance. In cable fly's this would be starting from where your hands meet, then crossing them as far as you can go. I've been getting great results from it. Kind of like the middle of 7 ups. I mix it into a set.


This is kind of a progress shot. Update at least. I want to increase development on my pecs biceps, delts, abs, quads, calves, toes (jk). So basically everything. I'm going to be getting a tattoo in a little over a month, and I want to get bigger and stay bigger for that. It will make it so that when I go to the gym without a vegan shirt, my left tricep will have me covered Yea, and the tricep is my favorite muscle and I want em bigger


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I took these today for a clearer view of where I'm at right now.



Thanks for all the great feedback. I love it.

BTW I'm 183 lbs

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185 now. My goal is to reach 200 lbs as soon as possible with of course keeping the fat percentage down. I've said a years time is the limit, but I feel like I can get there in months. My legs have not been worked in years the way my other guys have, so there's a lot of mass growth potential there, and I feel a whole new relationship with muscle building these days. Everything just seems easy! I have a theory that that's just because I love the pain/ feeling of pushing it, so I do crazy sets, then the muscle follows. And lately, this relationship feels like it's moved to a new level. Perhaps just where I'm at in life at the moment coupled with the age my body is. I don't know, but good times. Shred it!

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Still about 185 lbs. Seeing great progress in the gym. Been really focusing on shoulders and upper pecs. Been doing power cleans and lots of handstands to start off the workouts. Anyway, things are good and I'm really enjoying lifting and gym time. I'm trying to get consecutive hand stand jumps down. I'm seeing improvement there, but it's a process.

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