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Earthlings back up on Google Video.


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I stopped a few minutes in, I could be wrong but I got the feeling that the whole film would have the negative tone of 'how we are destroying everthing' which I don't really want to watch tbh. Watching it would just create more negative beliefs (or reinforce existing ones) about the atrocities of humanity which I don't want to do. We are a beautiful and intelligent species and we are in the middle of a learning process! In time I believe these damaging things humanity do will cease naturally and do not have to be opposed as such.


"If you hold an anti-war rally, I shall not attend. But if you hold a Pro-Peace rally invite me." - Mother Teresa


There is such a big difference between anti-animal mistreatment and pro-animal wellbeing/care


Which would you rather focus on?


What one focuses on, one attracts more of into their life - Napoleon Hill


I loved the bit at the beginning where it hinted at all life being equal and connected/not seperate. That was awesome.

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Robert, I am completely of the same opinion as you. I prefer to focus on positive so that positive will result rather than focusing on the negative. However, I have tearfully watched (as much as I could) Earthlings early in my transition to vegan and it was a powerful tool of knowledge for me that did great good in hardening my commitment to compassion. I do recommend it to people who are ignorant of, blind to, or simply do not know much truths about the dependency and resulting treatment of animals. For someone who is already vegan, already compassionate in the treatment of animals and towards all life I do not recommend it because it is all about reality, a negative but true reality. But for those many who have not yet learned the truth I undoubtedly recommend it to see once, if they can even make it that far.

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