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Someone took my soap


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I use my own soap at work (hand bottle.) I leave it on the bathroom sink (usually next to a potted fake plant so others do not see it and waste it - I use a very small dab when I use it.)


Today, I came out and it was gone. The sink area and commode area are separated by a door. Someone had entered the commode area after me. I was certain I had brought my soap, so I waited for him to come. He came to sink area and he had the soap. I asked him why he took it and he said he wanted to read the label because he likes to question products that people have that state organic on the product. Based on his comment, I think it is safe to assume he thought it belonged to someone versus being something supplied by the company. It seems extremely rude to take it as he did, plus it is uncomfortable. I leave it on the sink because I do not want it in the commode area. For all I know he put it on the floor then had pee mist get all over it. I also use this soap to wash my plates and eating utensils and I do not like the idea that he took it into a commode stall with him.

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Um, where are you from? The story seems odd. You should have soap for work and then for home.

I agree. You're just moving germs from one place to another and spreading them. Pee mist sounds paranoid though, you could have just rinsed it under the faucet, if that's what you're afraid of.


And I use a different soap to wash my dishes and to wash my hands.


Many people wouldn't mind in your situation and so they might think you're weird if you get totally mad about it.

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