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Vegan Vacation IV - July 16-26, 2009 Los Angeles, CA


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Yeah, they do add up, that is for sure.....but they just offered us $20 off registration for anyone who mentions "Vegan Bodybuilding" so that is nice and I confirmed our booths at the event so that is exciting.


I'll start a new thread soon.


It looks like interest in the Vegan Vacation is down quite a bit from years past but that is how it goes. This will be an awesome event and our biggest one since it will jump from 20-something people to 800-something people or more


Check out the website to see who will be speaking and a list of exhibitors from last year, etc.



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I've been invited to speak again at the AR Conference which is coinciding with our Vegan Vacation this year (900 vegans rather than 25) but we'll still have our week in Venice to kicked it at Gold's and Muscle Beach.


A bunch of us will be there for the conference anyway, so we'll have a good solid group just at the hotel for 4 days but hope many of you come out to stay in L.A. with us for another week too.




Which hotel Robert?

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Hotel info: http://www.arconference.org/hotel.htm


LAX Westin Hotel


It's like the best summer camp man, 800 other vegans all in the same hotel...really good times


Should be sweet. I'm getting my plans all sorted out.


I have a couple of people working the Vegan Bodybuilding booth and others are welcome to come by and volunteer or hang out, etc. Should be loads of fun.

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Hello, I know I havent been here in awhile, But I am trying to bring my broke self to Cali for a vacation next month so it would be great to see some of you guys in person finally. Question: are there seperate costs for the vegan vacation? I know already about the animal rights conference. Is there a daily charge because I have to be in San Francisco for a different conference about the same time.. Thx

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Cool, would love to see all of you who might come!


Awesome! Glad some of you will be in the area.....


NO extra costs for Vegan Vacation unless we stay a few days later after the whole AR conf. is over and then we'd get our own place....but THIS year I'm just having the AR conference be the Vegan Vacation so I don't have to do a lot of work and so we have 800 of us rather than 20 and because L.A. is such a wonderful place for some many reasons.


I can't wait, I'll be there soon!


Hope to see a bunch of you!


A lot of L.A. vegan friends of mine will be there so we'll have a cool crew! I'm friends with the producer of Earthlings who's a vegan bodybuilder too and a big fan of this site and he'll be kicking it with us.

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A lot of cool people will be there.....really looking forward to it!


Of the 25 shows I attend a year, this one is #1 for me




It starts next week!


It's mostly a bunch of my L.A. friends who will be there for hanging out but since there will be 1000 other vegans, we'll find things to do everyday


I made the "list" this year....I've spoken in the past but was never advertised as a "KEY" speaker...I was a lower-ranking one


Now, I'm on the front of their website and made the list






Michael Budkie, Robert Cheeke, Karen Davis, Karen Dawn, Debra Erenberg, Elizabbeth Farians, Tim Gorski, Camille Hankins, Alex Hershaft, Lorri Houston, Pattrice Jones, Elliot Katz, Shannon Keith, Bob Linden, Erik Marcus, Anthony Marr, Kim McCoy, Shirley McGreal, Keith McHenry, Dawn Moncrief, Shaun Monson, Michael Mountain, Peter Muller, Jack Norris, Lauren Ornelas, Alex Pacheco, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Will Potter, Becky Robinson, Nathan Runkle, Will Tuttle, Paul Watson, Peter Young & 70 more!


See some of you there this weekend!



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