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do you eat fish???

chesty leroux

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haha, cool.


My friend Brendan Brazier has some funny stories like this. I think we'll include a few seconds of it in the movie. He often gets questions about eating fish and chicken as a vegan, since those are not forms of meat according to some people


I'm sure we all get it, but I heard this again just yesterday....."my friend is vegan, but eats fish....so I guess they're not a strict vegan." I said, "no, they're not actually a vegan at all. They are someone who eats meat rarely but by no means a vegetarian or vegan." Something along those lines, but anyway ya'll know what I mean. I'm not sure what's so hard about noticing that chickens and fish are not plants


It seems to be a struggle for a few people so thank goodness for cartoons like that for the clarification!


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Cute cartoon! Hope it got the message through to some people.


I'm sure we all get it, but I heard this again just yesterday....."my friend is vegan, but eats fish....so I guess they're not a strict vegan."


I'vé never heard that one. But I've met quite a few people who call themselves "vegetarian" and eat fish and/or chicken! Including my department chair (I've voiced my opinion about this to him, and tell him to either please stop calling himself a vegetarian, or please stop eating chicken and fish! )


I was doing an interpreting job once, and the wife of the man who hired me was "a vegetarian." When we went to the restaurant, she asked the waiter, "Do you have anything with chicken or fish. I'm a vegatarian" (Homicidal thoughts go through my mind). When it was MY turn to order, I was SOOOO tempted to say "I'm a REAL vegetarian," do you have anything WITHOUT chicken or fish?


And then there's the colleague who thinks I don't eat chicken and fish because I'm a vegan,, but vegetarians eat it! (He's actually not quite sure who eats what!)


I think it's all the fault of some dude in the 1980's who coined the terms "pollo-vegetarian" and "pesco-vegetarian" (which are used in some nutrition course books, according to some of my students). AARGH!

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Hollywood is also really bad at perpetuating that veggies eat chicken/fish. In Notting Hill with Julia Roberts, in one scene she tells the people shes vegetarian but later in a restaurant, she recommends the tuna to someone. I wanted to scream "WHEN THE HELL DID TUNA BECOME CLASSIFIED IN THE PLANT KINGDOM?" when I heard that!


I've posted this before, but it is humorous & I like it:




I especailly like this quote: Some people still say that being a vegetarian or a vegan is too drastic. Drastic is having your breast or your bowel removed, or being sawed in half, with veins from your leg plugged into your heart; that's drastic. --Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., M.D.



Thanks Chesty for the GREAT cartoon!!

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