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Awesome and inspiring video "Greening the Desert"


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Yeah, the permaculture concept is great! It's a small but growing movement here in Australia (and around the world) and could go a long way to addressing many of the land degradation and food security issues the world currently faces (see www.transitionculture.org for some good info and a book).


Last year I completed a PDC - Permaculture Design Certificate and also want to do the APT3 - Accredited Permaculture Training Certificate 3 which is more in-depth. I aim to tranform our yard into a permaculture food forest, so that we are as self-sufficient as possible


Permaculture is not vegan as such. It does recommend the intelligent use of various insects and animals - for work (tilling, polination etc), organic fertilizer (manure), and human food. However that shouldn't put you off learning about it. It's possible use permaculture concepts without animals in the system at all or to just use animals without eating them. I think it's definitely possible for animals to coexist in a garden (if somewhat constrained, partly for their own safety) and for them to be happy and express their natural behaviour.


There's another system also mentioned before in this forum called vegan organic gardening, which is well worth a look too.

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