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I would like to start off this journal with saying that I apologize for not starting it sooner. You missed out on some exciting inspirational moments. I can now deadlift 275 pounds 19 and a half times, chest press 65 (per hand)10 times, and overhead press 55 21 times.


I started working out in 2005 for a few months, was doing overhead press deadlift and bent rows only, because I wanted to lose weight. I hurt my back with bad deadlift form and had to take a break.

2007 Summertime I found veganbodybuilding trying to learn how to be a vegan (started being vegan April 2007). I knew athletic vegans would know the most about this diet, and how to make the most of it. It influenced me to see other people so buff, so I started a bodyweight routine that didn't last very long since I got a gym membership just for the hot tub and now workout there as of a week into the membership. At which point I was doing machines out of fear of hurting my back again, but gained confidence after 6 months. I switched to freeweights in January 2007 and was doing deadlifts, dumbbell chest presses, dumbbell overhead press, bent over rows and pulldowns. If I remember correctly I started with 95 pound deadlifts, 20 dumbbell pound chest press, 20 pound dumbbell overhead press, and probably around 95 pounds on the bent over rows. I follow a strict 3x8 set/rep regime, and added 10 pounds whenever I did all 24 reps. I worked out every day almost, and am now:


Deadlift 275 19rep

Chest 130 10rep

OHP 110 21rep

Bent over row 195 24rep

Assisted pullups bodyweight-160 8rep (bodyweight ~350)

Assisted dips bodyweight-160 20rep


I am in the middle of an exciting transformation, having been overweight since I quit smoking in 2001. I was about 280 pounds last Summer and gained 80 pounds of muscle. Then I took a break recently for 2 months and 25 pounds was burned during that period. So right now my muscleweight keeps increasing and my fatweight keeps decreasing.


I suppose this is a good enough start for now. Tonight I did those chest and overheads.

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since the bent rows i did 8 pullups and 16 dips. less than last time. oh, well.


last night i deadlifted 275 for all 24 reps. 285 pounds next time.

tonight was overhead press and chest press night. i pulled through a plateau, overheads are now going to be 60 pounds / hand from now on. and chest was 5 reps at 65 pounds. i felt like i didn't hit my chest very much though, so did two sets of 35 pounds after.


currently set for:

285 pound deadlift

60*2 pound overhead press

65*2 pound chest press

215 pound bent row

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285 lb deadlift 12 reps

60 pound dumbbell overhead press 8 reps

65 pound dumbbell chest press 8 reps


taking a break tonight i think i will do better with chest press when my shoulders and arms heal for a few days. i don't do the type of thing brad pitt does where he hits his arms one night and then leaves them alone for a week. that would seriously speed up my strength gain. i'm addicted to my routine right now.

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60 dumbbell overhead press * 16

65 dumbbell chest press * 8

and some other crap i did with my arms. front lat raises w/ an ezbar, (only 25 pounds), some 30 pound dumbbell preacher curls, and some 25 pound dumbbell chest presses that i did after the 65s, just to try and perfect my form. learning to grip the bar tighter and more steadily at this point is my challenge.

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