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As far as apartments go in Portland I find they are all pricey unless you start looking further out like Gresham, Clackamas, Hillsboro, etc. The best living accommodations price-wise to be found close-in Portland seems to be rooms for rent. And Craigslist is the best resource for that I've found.

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If you want cheap-cheap, renting a room in a house is your best bet, and there are plenty available, just peruse craigslist (as jessifly noted).


I'm only familiar with inner southeast portland apartment-hunting, but that's a great place to be if you're looking. You can find reasonably priced stuff, there are four-plexes, converted duplexes, and large apartment buildings on practically every block around here. The large apartment buildings are your best bet. But you're not going to find them advertised online usually. That's because all they gotta do is put a sign out front of their building and they get applicants. Your best bets for these kinds of buildings is to drive around the neighborhood you want to move to and write down phone numbers and call them all.


Also you can contact the many property management services that manage these buildings and ask them for their listings.

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thanks everyone! I'm looking for something large enough for some furniture. I have a new couch and table, etc. A 1 bedroom apartment is what I have now and it's good. I am looking for somewhere with a fireplace too, is that common in or around Portland?


As far as when I'm available, i'm not sure. I'm graduating in May and am in the process of applying for some jobs out that way...nothing has been finalized yet, but i'd like to have an idea of what I can get when the time comes.

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