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I climb rocks when not sleeping


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I finished my first "dedicated" climbing season in 2008, and I don't know many folks on here, so here is my intro to you all. You can't actually notice, but I managed to lose 10 pounds over the summer (including adding a whack of climber muscle). This season, I have high hopes of getting down to 15% of less body fat and sending some V6s.


In chronological order, this is what I do:



At a beach in Spain in March 2008.



XXX (V3) in Gatineau, Quebec.



I don't remember the title, but it's a V4 in Vald David, Quebec. I didn't send it that day, but got it first try later on in the season.



Enter the Wagon (V2) at MacKenzie Pond, New York.



Great roof of China (V4) at MacKenzie Pond, New York. I didn't send it, the top-out scared the bee-gee-gees out of me. But I made that throw, which was a big coup for me.



haha...this is a joke, I tried a V7 and could do moves 2-5. But the first move is the crux and it was fun to try.



This is me.

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Very cool, Welcome. I fooled around with bouldering this year (i volunteered one day a week at a gym for a free membership) but ended up only going once or twice a week to actually rock climb. This summer will be my introduction season to outdoor climbing and bouldering so these pictures were inspiring. Thanks for sharing them!


Also you can totally tell you lost weight, congratulations!

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Thanks y'all


L&G: I'm actually terrified of falling from heights. So terrified that I couldn't walk over a bridge until I was 12. My heart still races on creaky suspended bridges and I white knuckle drives through mountains. Oddly, climbing is how I am working to overcome it. I have been working on progressively higher rock. It's an amazing challenge. My mom laughs at it, I would definitely be the last person she'd imagine climbing (due to the heights). But it's an amazing experience, very soulful, and physically challenging to the core. My climber friends definitely laugh and then cringe at my dealing with it all (I once got stuck on the top of a 25-foot boulder for a solid 30 minutes), but that's part of the process. Eventually, I came down and have never feared that boulder again; it's now my warm-up.

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I'm actually heading to MacKenzie Pond on Saturday with a small crew. We usually head there on weekends. As the summer progresses, we'll start going to Québec as well. I'm hoping to take a long weekend to check out The Gunks. With only day trips right now, you loose too much time trying to figure things out.


I don't do much rope, but I'm hoping to change that this season. I know a couple strong boulder who are looking to switch over so I'm hoping to head out with them. Most of the people I climb with are at the 5.12-13 level, so it can be intimidating to intro to ropes on that, not because of the climbing, but the belaying, I've watched them throw hard and dangerously, I get super stressed about scrwing up.


Where are you at ...dave?

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Right now I am in Hawaii. I have been living here since December. But I live in NJ and climb at the Gunks and a sport Crag in PA called Birdsboro quite often. I started climbing serious like 2 years ago and used to strictly boulder but got into easy Trad up to 5.8 and Sport climbing last season. So once I get back I will mostly be climbing on rope.

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