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A Series of Goals.

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its good to see you've come out of the shadows


two things id really like to get into: cycling and martial arts.


lots of respect for being veg for as long as you have, thats really cool. and keeping tabs on your nutrion too, love that. what are you using to track everything?


thats a pretty advanced schedule youre following, looks like i'll be learning more from you than you will from me.


but no worries, bc there are quite a few very intelligent people here at vbbf.




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your diet looks pretty solid to me. I agree with zack though as to up the protein. i too am on a budget and here's what i do to get about 140-150 g per day on the cheap:


Vital Wheat Gluten flour you can buy in bulk for about 3-5 dollars a pound but one pound makes almost 300 g protein!!!! You can make a very simple seitan recipe with this by mixing the flour with water (the exact ratios will probably be on the bulk bin or package you buy) kneading the hell out of it, cutting it up, and simmering the pieces for about an hour in veggie broth. There are fancier, tastier recipes, but this wokrs in a pinch, then you just jazz it up with spices and sauces anyway. tons'o'protein there (and the family will probably love it as well)



Also trueprotein.com sell "gemma" protein-its just their name for pea protein for about $5 a pound with shipping. each pouns contains about 15 servings of 25 g or protein, so at $0.33 a serving, its hard to beat. good in smoothies. trueprotein also sells rice protein and hemp protein for much cheaper than you'll find in retail....if your buying your rice protein in retail jars-stop. save yourself the money and spend it at this site instead.


tempeh and tofu are good protein sources, but can get pricey fast.


as far as the rest of your diet. i'd say it looks good. if you want to up the protein and maintain the same calories, cut out some fat (til its about 20-25% of your daily intake, and add the protein there. I see that your goal is to cut down, so unfortunately, you may just have to try dropping your daily calorica intake in general a little bit (250 a day?) just make sure to keep that protein high, or you'll be losing too much muscle and not enough fat.



hope that helps some.

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