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Hello! :)


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My name's Lina and I'm fairly new to the vegan world. Although I've been fairly interested in veganism/vegetarianism for a couple years, I only made the change in September 2008. At first, I went vegetarian and now I'm slowly working my way to 100% vegan. (I still have a weakness for honey)


More about myself... I'm interested in learning about fitness and how I can improve upon my eating habits. I've always been interested in fitness but I've been having troubles sticking with a proper routine lately. Last month I hardly did any activity at all but last week, I started lifting weights and doing intense cardio again.


Any tips or suggestions regarding fitness or diet are welcome...and if anyone would just like to chat, that's fine with me too!

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Welcome, Lina!


You asked for tips for diet. I think most people disregard nuts for some reason. They're super healthy, filled with protein and good fats and they taste really good!


Go for pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds for example. They fit in salads or almost any food.


Honey isn't actually the worst thing in this planet, I don't think you are going to hell if you have some honey once in a while. But hey, I don't believe in hell to begin with.

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