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General lifting questions

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check this out. Follow the prompts at the bottom to figure out what may be going on with you. This is a symptom, then I would be worried about what the cause of it is. Catch it now while it is just your hands during exercise (which will take a small thing and tweak it into some kind of overstated reaction) till it gets to be too much. For example, you may have a slight increase in your blood pressure, but if you don't do something about it now, it may be hypertension by next year.


Then again, I may be overacting. I wear straps and my hands get puffy while I am using them for the heavy weights, but it clears up after I walk around and prepare for the next lift. If you need to dip in hot water and then cold water to get the circulation going in your hands, then what about the rest of your body that you just worked? Is that why you are so sore and tired later on? Recovery is not optimal then either. Oh, OK, I will be quiet now. Your body is screaming at you and you are not listening to it either. Gain now, pay later I guess.

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I'll mention it to the Doc though. I've got an annual check-up coming due this next month.


Just concerned that is all. Just because you exercise and eat correctly doesn't make you immune to things that go wrong in the body. You still need to listen to your body when it gives you pain/edema/soreness that won't go away quickly.


And genetically speaking, it does happen to the best of us vegans that we do get hypertension, cancer, and other diseases. I am relieved that you will mention it to your doc next month. Simple blood tests during a regular physical might give you some insight into what may be causing it.


Are you also taking flaxseed oil? That has a way of making anti-inflammatory prostragladins to keep swelling down too.



The high content of omega-3 fatty acids in flax seed oil is but one of its positive attributes. The essential fatty acids combined here have proven to impart a regulatory function on the body's fatty acid metabolism. Fat metabolism is as important, if not more critical, than our body's metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates as evidenced by the drastic rise in fat related degenerative diseases, such as vascular disease and strokes. Dietary essential fatty acids common to flax seed oil are ultimately converted to hormone-like substances known as prostaglandins, and are important for the regulation of a host of bodily functions including:


Inflammation, pain, and swelling

Pressure in the eye, joints or blood vessels

Secretions from mucus membranes and their viscosity

Smooth muscle & autonomic reflexes, gastrointestinal, arterial, ear, heart

Water retention

Blood clotting ability

Allergic response

Rheumatoid arthritis

Nerve transmission

Steroid production & hormone synthesis

Scientists continue to discover regulating effects of prostaglandins. Without the essential fatty acids, the building blocks of prostaglandins, a malfunction of fat metabolism is certain, as are problems in the regulation of the above listed bodily functions.



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