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PeacefulWarrior's Progress Thread (Photos)

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Ok folks here are my starting snaps. Took these today 'cold' though I did some push-ups just before. Forgot to take my legs but I'll post them up soon. I really want bigger pecs and broader shoulders over anything else but I've got another 3 or 4 years of bone and muscle growth anyway so I should fill out naturally anyway without necessarily getting under the iron (not that I'm not going to lol ). My body fat is currently below 10% so the muscle I have shows but thats the thing...there just aint that much of it!....(yet )


I weigh around 121 pounds now and weighed about 115 early december, I've put some fat on and I think some muscle too just from doing the pushups and one free weights session a week and eating more. Time to up my game...


Apologies for the crappy and blurry quality, it's awkward posing and taking the shot. Will get my bro to assist next time. (Camera has no auto take either)





And yeah, I know I don't know how to pose properly yet






Back (excuse my ear!):







Any thoughts welcome

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