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1 hour intense circuit class instructing.

Granola and soy milk

Veggie burger with black beans, corn, and mixed veggies in hot sauce

2 scoops sci fit soy chocolate protein in soymilk


Bi's and Tri's Hard - Elbow not too bad surprisingly....


1 sub - minus the bread damn my friends reading JImi's comment - they order me dinner with as part of a going away celebration for a friend, with the condition that I can have the avacado in the sub, but no bread because the had seen my cheat of the day...

cheat of the day - one sugar free rockstar - no sleep, needed it...


SHoulders hard - Military Presses sucked with elbow but did em anyways, worse come to wors Ill do it up with Vitamin A (advil ) which I dont take, but if need be

20 min easy spinning

1 hour incline walk and jogging... with Tabbatha and ERin

Dance ROutine 3 times during jam session in parking lot! I rock.


Brocolli and Apple cider vinegar.

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Jimi being an asshole suits him, it ticks me off enough to stay motivated... Will post pics asap.




1 cup oatmeal, 1 scoop vanilla soy protein, estimated 250 cal, 30 - 35 g protein

1 cup chai tea.

Soymilk 100 cal, 7 g protein, 4 g fat, 8 carbs

Granola with Almonds and agave 480 cal, 12 g protein, 76 carbs,10 g fat

Prunes 100 cal, 1 g protein, 26carbs

Almonds 160 cal, 14 g fat, 6 carbs, 6 protein

Brocolli 120 cal, 8 protein, 16 carbs


Protein mixer ( 1 plain sun warrior, 2 sci fit chocoloate, 1 spirtein) - 384 cal, 76 g protein, 2 g fat, 18 carbs..... x 2 = 768 cal, 152 g protein, 4 g fat, 36 carbs.....



Hams hard -

Front squats @ 65 - 3 x 10 45 sec recovery

Straight Leg Deads @ 65 - 3 x 10 60 sec recovery

Bent Leg Deads @ 65lbs - 3 x 10 60 sec recovery

w/ 65 lbs backstep lunge, step side squat 3 x 10 ea side, 60 sec recovery

Box Squats with 25 lbs, supersetted with dual leg calf raise 5 x 20 of each

Ham Curls - Prymaided up to 90 lbs and back down with aburnout at 50 - 30 reps

20 min of legs Pilates style

20 mins. fairly intense on recumbant bike pulse - 130 -155


Cold when I woke up.


Abs, coming.. SOrta.

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45 minute step class.

chest and tris heavy - video of 3 x6 at 185 will be posted for bench press since videos are now a requirement.

2 veggie patties, mustard, 1 pickle

1 bowl of brown rice, beans

1 mega smoothie - 2 scoops sci fit soy, 1 scoop sun warrior, 1 scoop spirtein

Quads heavy with Cassy - pics and videos will be posted 3 x 8 squats at 315

20 min jog with Cassy lol.

abs light - 100 ball crunches, different variations with weight thanks Jimi

1 choco smoothie - 3 scoops sci fit soy protein.

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Pretty good,seems like I tend to start my days with 3 scoop sun warrior, eat one or two small meals, have another protein shake a bigger one aroun 100 g... I divie it up, then have on more before bed with another hundred or so, again divied up...

Stomach okay...

Willpower crappy.

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July 4th - Did Shoulders and Arms, ran a mile or so with cassy, did 10 min stairmaster, 20 spin, 50 run/walk, 40 elliptical. ... Ate bread but other than that ater well. did okay.


July 5th Did hams with Cassy, ran a mile or so, rolled some (jui jitsu), did chest and tri's inclined heavy by myself, with Jimi's assistance. (thank you), ate perfect, except had peanuts right before bed, a little high in fat, but whatever... Had 3 scoops sun warrior, 4 veggie patties, brown rice and beans, 5 scoops soy and sun warrior mixed (spilled and broke bottle on last one dang glass!), chard, an artichoke, and peanuts (2 servings).


July 6th - No f ing sleep, cant wait to live alone again! 1 rockstar, 2 packages of peanuts, 1 cup coffee black. 1 hour eclectic class - I was high on caffeine - 20 mins spinning split in beginning and end, floor drills walking lunges and jumps etc.... some light weights, and Pilates for 20 minutes... total 1 hour.




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This site confuses me... And I dont see where people are raggin??? Confusedddd!!!


But you look good. For having had some bread. You know you can step it up though lady. You got 40 days or something. So lets get to it!!! Im dropping again... So now I think its time you jump on this train! =]]]]


You can do this Alyx, you just need to stop the carb overload and get serious. You dont have a lot of time left. But if you step it up now, you will make it! Your routine is sweet, you are getting more and more cut every day. So just keep working out and stop eating dumb! =p You made me stop eating dumb... now you try it!!! =p


Love ya!!!

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