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Gym Owner, Show Promoter, Fight Manager & Fighter, NPC Aug7

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haha, ni work this hard why get dressed, besides i live in veganbodybuilding tee's - thaks giacomo... actually im dressed right now... black panks, heels, and a corset top - that counts a fully clothed in my book. luckily i get my gym memberships free for working there!

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Seriously, you look well trained.


In the pool shot I can see the muscles in your arms eventhough you are relaxed. You look muscular and lean while looking girlish without that gross look women bodybuilders sometimes get. I'm glad you have the VBBF shirts as you are a great advertisement for both veganism and working out.


In fact, your pictures have inspired me to stop reading the internet and go my gym early..


Have a good weekend.

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thanks will put some and video up of the show i was atall day today soon. a lot of interetingthing happned there. definately feelmore confident goin t georgia npc now though..




sci fit chocolate protein 1 scoop and 2 bites tofu, 2 bites brocolli

3 or 4 mile jog to gym, heavy ab'sw for 20 min 3 or 4 mile run home


double tan

1 rockstar sugar free double serving etc... 1 scoop hemp and greens protein mix

heavy back workout- warmup, then both hand grips standing rows at 95 lb straight back 3 x 8 supersetted with good mornings with 45 lb plate,around the worlds w/ 25 olb plate 3 x 10 each way supersetted with trap clase grip pullups w/ 45 lb plate 3 x 12

single arm cable rows with 40 lb 3 x 15 each arm


next in my life maybe yoga, or a run tonight, more protein and maybe a salad or a handful of amonds and babysitting drunk friends...

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YOU BETTER STRAIGHTEN THE FUK UP! Do your cardio! Whats the point of even coming if you arent 100% prepared? Get your shit together. Quit fukin all those peeps and get your ass back in the gym. It's draining all your testosterone. AND DO YOUR CARDIO... and you say I look soft. pffft

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I know, what are friends for... And Octo quit poutig on facebook and just realize either thats a crappy pic or you too are a fat kid and need to get to wokr, either way shut your face and get to the gym! ttyl


living off liquids and one solid daily now

cardio up tp 2 hours mostly high intensity cardio and by high intensity i mean i plan that and end up slacking thru it

training changed to full body circuit every day plyos heavy weights high reps - borderline pukey fun fun .

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