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Gym Owner, Show Promoter, Fight Manager & Fighter, NPC Aug7

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Woke up, slept about 10 hours.

Chewed some coffee beans.

Walked and ran a mile..

Time for smoothie, and aspargus.

Walked 3 plus miles.

Signed in, feel good.

Ate quinoa, tofu, spinach, and kombucha.

Walked 1 mile. Hit bag, ran, lifted at church street (mecca) for about 1 and a half hours.

Walked 2 miles. Ate Tofu, Quoina, and Kombucha.

Walked 2 miles. Ran for 5. Lifted at David Barton. Then did stairmaster for 5. Had 1/2 a cup of tea.

Walked 2 miles spray tanned. Jogged a mile back to hotel.

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Did well. Didnt take top five, but still super happy with whole deal... Ropeman (Ty Fielder) who ran the first show I was at was here, as a judge... Told me I had come an long way in a short amount of time... That I looked good etc.... And I ran into a competitor who is a judge for local Denver shows, and he's willing to work with me as well... Vegan hat rocked it out during fitness routine, talked to a lot of people about lifestyle etc... And today if my first offically raw day... Whoot whoot. Back to site seeing, more when home! Love yall!

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Here are some pics from Nationals in NYC:
























All the photos can be found at this address.


Like 7 pages worth. GJDM

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I appreciate you deleting that. We dont wanna get into a mudslinging tourament. We both know Id win. You dirty fo.

And by the way kiss my ass. Okay over it. You coming out for Nov 15?


They have a show on a Sunday? I need to know if Jimi's going out that weekend because that's the weekend I was looking for tix for them to come here (anniversary is 13th). Hmm... They only get more expensive too!

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