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Gym Owner, Show Promoter, Fight Manager & Fighter, NPC Aug7

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Hey there yal. . So i show tomorrow. Feeling good, if not dehydrated. Raw is hard to dehydrate on. I'm living off food full of water. Been on a whole foods kick no protein supplements mistake maybe easier to live with definately. I fight oct seventeenth, then a huge fight nov fourteen if you aren't comin out for denver show. I need to know jimi before i sign contracts. . . Well. . Off to spray tan, train a client, dye hair and cut maybe?, massage someone, then down to competition check in.

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A normal? day now...


Wake up

10 minutes jog.

Preworkout packet. (herbs)

Abs 1 hour

20 minute interval run alternate - 2 mins 3.5 mph, 3 min 5.5 mph, 2 min 3.5 mph, 3 min 6.5 mph, 2 min 3.5 pmh, 3 min 7.5 mph. 5.5 mph remander for 5 minutes all on 3.0% incline

postworkout packet (herbs)

approx 50 g raw protein powder in h20 ( over 3 - 4 hours )

1 raw potato

ran errands

preworkout packet and drink (raw) ( did during workout lol)

10 box jumps, 20 squats x 7 sets, then 3 set of 10 box jumps then 20 squat jumps

walking drills

50 g raw protein powder in h20 ( over 3 - 4 hours)

training people for several hours drank approx 2 gallon h20 thru day

2 potatoes raw, handful of sunflower seeds, and raw peas

few hours online

going to slam water, go to bed do photo shoot early am.

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Glad to see you back to normal! Saw the pics and such on BBing. I had a lot of friends in the NYC comp from the east coast and one of the gals I know was judging. Such a small world huh? One of the reasons why I love doing it! .... of course I have to wait til 2011 for my next But I'm looking forward to it!


Do you have more fights coming up?

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Okay. So woke up a little stiff and sore from sparring so much yesterday. Maybe five or six hours total training mostly american ju jitsu and stand up. Boxing and basis wrestling. So far todays been on track after huge raw pie binge. . . Lol. Woke up to nuts mixed unlimited and raw. Believe me tons of fat protein and calories. But good ones. Also had raspberries and grapes and a few edamame before i decided i was anti anything soy today. . So far went to gym. Did rear delts light about two hours of fight drills shadow boxing and working on loosenin hips. . More core and now finishing up with hour and half of stairs pretty slow about fifty a minute on average. Next while i wait for john to finish legs will be sauna or maybe i'll just stretch.

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Sunday Oct 11

Wake up



3 or 4 Bannanas

lettuce, tomatoes, avacado, and onion

3 Raw potatoes



Slacked all day, time to head to the basement to lift and run drills.

Lifted full body ephamsis on upper, did some work on bag.

Just found video of myself doing box jumps on some friend of a friends myspace weird! http://www.myspace.com/misspriss6423

So freaky! Anyways...



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So today.

Woke up with blueberries and a banana.

Taught circuit.

Slept five hours.

Ate a grapefruit and an apple.

Trained. Tanned.

Went to team practice for second half sparring and rolling.

Had double scoop protein shake raw.

Lifted shoulders and arms with erin, then twenty on stairs and light ab's.

Then had a salad and water with my buddy rich.


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Quote of the day - tired of hearing my team members bitch about making weight when Im the smallest and leanest making hte hardest and most drastic cuts... BTW shoulda done this for the competitiions looks great... feels like shit


You see, when you skip a meal, your body feeds off its fat stores. And if you skip enough, maybe your body will eat your ass! ...


1 raw potato

4 hours of shooting

1 raw potato, 1 tomato

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