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Gym Owner, Show Promoter, Fight Manager & Fighter, NPC Aug7

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Will need lots of luck!


Fight from about a month ago... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TVwSoloKXs


Only part... www.bkbfightclub.com should have the entire fight up soon... Warning pretty bloody, avoid with kiddos!



Mona Via. Thought anyone?


Monday - Chest and Tri's - Same body parts 2 lifts, different exercises about 45 - 1 hour lift each time, 30 min abs and stretch, 4 - 5 mile journey run after MMA Practice with some of the boys a couple unnecessary but leisure stops..

Tuesday Am - Back and Bi's... Wimped outta cardio... More in a few.

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Fight from about a month ago... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TVwSoloKXs


Damn, you're crazy! Pretty freakin' awesome. Do you ever feel like you wanna fight those ring-side bimbos?


I usually end up makingout with one or more of them at the after party... lol But yeah Id love to hit one of them in the face just for the reaction! If you go to show demo on www.bkbfightclub.com.... You can view the whole fight.

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If you go to show demo on http://www.bkbfightclub.com.... You can view the whole fight.


wow, alyx. i just watched this fight.

how cool is this!

i am impressed! although she gave you some decent punshes you didnt stop. you are definatly no quitter.


there is still some room for technical improvement, but you are a born fighter i guess,..

oh there was tons of room for improvement. Which i've managed some of. This video pretty much outlines every mistake possible. . . But i was a bit in shock that four oz gloves pad nothing. I have other more recent videos, but i hesistant to add anything online for future opponents to find. . . .

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Sick Day Ick


1 orange, 1 grapefruit, 1 bananna

Headed to work

7 or 8 servings raw cashews

Legs fairly light, abs's seeds from five acorn squash in lemon juice and chile grinds. And one and half acorn squash with agave nectar, cinnamon, and brown sugar. pecans like ten servings. And a bunch of grapes.

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Woke up after only six hours sleep, that fourteen hour thing was getting nice. . I spoil myself when i'm sick. I plan an early night, and a day off tomorrow. Two feet maybe three of snow. Yep. No work! So work up with half of acorn squash soaking in agave nectar pecans and grapes. Yum. Odd texture, good taste. Then went for a light okay a bs chest and tri's workout with erin. Had a salad with lettuce cabbage green peanuts and tomatoes. Went home for a nap, got drama so went to other gym to workout and wait for no shows. Did a pyramid of close grip bench got up to one o five with eight clean reps. Weak i know. Then did cable pulldowns close with seventy three sets of fifteen supersetted with standing skull crushes three sets of eight with fourty lb curl bar. Then cable pulldowns wide grip 3x15 at seventy lb's supersetted with incline triangle pushup's 3x12. Then reverse pushdowns at seventy 3x15 supersetted with dips regular 3x5. Then bench dips with a 45 lb plate on my lap 3x12 supersetted with kickback's fifteen with fifteens, ten withtwenties, and eight with twenty five's. Then five hundred crunches, thirty reverse crunches with a ten between ankles. And one serving of almonds. Now a long hot bath, next. . . No idea.

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Fell asleep after hot bath... Slept from 6 pm to 11am. Woke up for like 30 mins in middle of night...

Had Double serving Brown Rice Protein Shake ( bleh) and tea

Had almonds up until workout probably 10 servings....

Bent Rows w/ 45 lb bar x 8, Upright Rows w/ bar, Military Press w/ bar x 8, Good Mornings w/ bar x 8, Lunge ea leg to x 8 w/ bar, Deadlifts x8 w/ bar.... Rest 60 seconds. Repeat for a total of 5 rounds.

Lifted forearms.

Tanned, now about to do arms and shoulders light with Erin.

Might have greens or shake tonight.

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Halloween... HMM..


This Friday and Sat was worthless... I lived off... A raw vegan pecan pie... A couple of salads going out to eat, energy drinks, virgin "bitch pleases", and did nothing but be sick, and runa couple of miles...





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Monday -

Brown Rice Protein Shake

Flat Bench with Barbell @ 95 lbs 4 x 12, supersetted with, Dumbell Fly's then Champanes 2 x 12 w/ 15lb's ea. then 2 x 15 w/ 20 lbs ea.

Incline Bench @ 65lbs 4 x 12, supersetted w/ 4 x 12 Incline Triangle pushups then 4 x12 Tricep Pushups flat

Cable Pulldowns @ 60 lbs 2 x 25 supersetted with 25 reg. pushups

100 crunches


Time to eat a salad or something and head to practice, then back here for cardio and more lifiting...

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Monday night got arm barred enthusiastically. . . Hurt. Rebroke nose too. Tuesday sulked. Had like three potatoes and a protein shake..., a shitty back and bi lift and a sorta decent cardio twenty stair, ten interval run. Elbow reinjured. . . Practiced with new trainer tuesday. Liked it. Felt solid on ground. Wednesday woke up ran for thirty, had protein shake, napped, had almonds, ran for twenty. Trained technique with cass for two hours, went to jui jitsu and stand up with danny and rich for four hours, had two raw corn cobs, grapes, a kiwi, two tomatoes, and a cucumber, slept. . Today, woke up with an orange, a grapefruit, and grapes. Ran for forty. Had almonds and a protein shake in water so far.

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Sorry I haven't been online lately! Well on here..something was said to me privately that made me feel uncomfortable... But well fuck it! So update... I'm planning on moving back to new mexico in a month or two. Nothing holding me here. Still raw vegan. Took the last few weeks off to rest, only a short jog or light training each day. .. Want to do ja jan or feb marathon.. Fighting full time, quit training except for a few friends and my team... Fight videos on facebook. A normal day now on rest time maybe sleep in, wake up drink water, eat a bananna, raw cashews, and 2 sweet potatoes, run a mile or so with dog. Go back to bed. Wake up eat anothjer sweet potato, 2 bannana and 2 grapefruits while watching movies, go to gym for light vack workout and a few miles on the bike, another banana and green peanuts.

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By the way my facebook has mre recent videos.... of fights... http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=184527822595#/luckalyx?v=app_2392950137

Or something like that! Add me and view em..


Anyways, boxing exhibition match tonight... Not too thrilled the girl has 26 pounds on me. Last time I agreed to that I took a punishing! And its boxing... No offense MaryStella, but ICK! Id rather cage fight any day! I DESPISE boxing! lol too lazy to have fast hands...


Breakfast - 1/2 gallon water, 3 bananna, 2 scoops Sun Warrior ( almost out yikes )

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internet freezing ah


internet issues!!!


So to do short version

Knee issues - serious ones... Debatin major surgery vs reiki and positive thoughts which is current coping method. Unfortunately cant run - so jumprope bag an mitt work... miserable I hate not being able to run.. However am on Day 5 knee brace free when 2 weeks ago I was tole Id never walk again until I got a complete replacement! F the world lol!


Training 6 - 8 hours a day 4 - 5 days a week ( 2 hours circuit, 1 hour lifting, rest technique, sparring, grappling, and repitition, and stretching) , 2 or 3 hours the off days ( no lifting or circuit those days), fight days and day before just enough to loosen up


Still 99% raw - Lotsa fruit in morning, chewing some coffee beans still lol.... , midday veggies, at night is the hardest to stay good.... Ill still eat a good cooked vegan meal when someone make me one or if someone doesnt know Im raw and they bring me something etc... Im appreciative and I eat. Im vegan by moral and religious code, raw when possible - but I feel much better... Ie had a piece of bread last night and still feeling like SHIT!!


Moving to Las Cruces New Mexico Feb 7th - 9th.... So excited to go and open my gym!!! Whoot whoot!

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