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LnG's RawVeganBodybuilder Video Blog; CONTEST TOMORROW

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***note: 'throw some d's' was on loop and played 4x in the creation of this vlog' ***


Okay, as per requested by RC.... you wit me?, I am creating a new blog specifically for the competition to generate increased interest in what we're doing. The big 3 going up on stage to support veganism and show the world how it's done as a vegan.


I didn't even know there was such a thing as an 'ethical' vegan when i made the switch from omni to vegan; I simply felt it was the best way to maximize my athletic potential. In these next 12 weeks, you're going to see how we all transform from regular vegan compadres to vegan superheros, all for the sake of spreading the message. Because, being ethical comes with the territory and know that i'm in the know, I wish to make the most out of informing others who are unaware of the cruel and torturous things that go on with the meat and dairy industry and how it's destroying our planet. GO VEGAN!


This is a video blog, i may post in between videos from time to time but i will try to shoot as many vlogs as possible as i feel it is realistic and the best way to get the message across.


As far as i go, I trained hard in 08 for the first half of the year and got my out of shape back to par with the lean body mass it once had, thank goodness for muscle memory and PUMPING IRON >:) June 08, i injured my shoulder (rotator cuff impingement) and also made arrangements to drive cross country and reside in Portland, OR (i'm here now!). I also drove with my gf 'thendanisays' LOVE YOU; and we were dating long distance before that traveling 230 miles, 6 hours, every weekend to see each other. SO, what I am saying is that the second half of 08 was somewhat of a 'wash', with no read hardcore training or commitment; life was too busy and other stuff took priority.


Up to speed. January 09; Resumed training; Robert and Octopussior proposed the idea of competing together to spread the word about a cruelty free, vegan based lifestyle and really make an impact on the athletic world with the means of bodybuilding as a vessel! I am ON BOARD BUDDAY!


Been training hardcore, last 2 weeks have been spent engaging myself into it. My shoulder is still not healed but i'm able to train, just have to watch it and avoid certain lifts.


While I feel like the presumed underdog amongst RC and Octo, as i'm clearly the most behind in training and size; i'm lean, mean, I have alot of muscle memory in the log and I will show this forum and all informed, just how easy it is to completely transform your body in only 12 weeks, even if you're at somewhat of a beginner/starting point. You can still make tremendous progress, ESPECIALLY with a clean vegan lifestyle, place and put pressure on others who place with you. In other words, eyez on the prize and nothing less. There is a misconception that you need to be training for years and blah blah blah to put yourself out there and make an impact on the judges and crowd. NOT the case; and i'm here to prove it.


Here is the 5th video.... (For prior ones, simply look in my video log and you'll see them all there.) This is a quickie, my return to Portland from a trip for personal reasons. How everyone called me 'thin' and 'skinny' since the last time they saw me; with the exception of a few who said i looked ripped and ok. Eye opening trip which made it apparent that I should be eating MASSIVE amounts of food right now for as bit before i decide to even monitor calories. Heavy bulking time; did I mention that I'm a raw foodist as well????


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Heck yea VeganJoe, that's what i'm talkingabout.


EmilyRobin, the new job, ahhhhhck, the worst ever, I am so over it. Thank you for your well wishes though but I couldn't remain there; it's a terrible environment. Enough so, that I cancelled my membership as well and signed up to train at a different gym. I'll explain a bit later.


Amy. Thank You!!!!! Remember what you told me not too long ago, that you were going to start going to the gym religiously and use it as a means. I'm holding you to that! DO IT


This ones a doosey; tune in, it's worth it >:-)


Vlog Entry #5 Is LnG going to cut his hair?!? / Bulking / Sprouting

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Great workout today dude! I appreciate all the spots...they were exactly how I needed them to be!


So.....you calling me malicious because I wanted to challenge you to step up and bring out the best in yourself? If so....I'll take it......whatever it takes to get us to turn it up a notch and take it to the next level....I'm ready for it.


We've got a touch road ahead and a short time to travel that road but the journey will be incredibly rewarding, that is one thing I am certain of and it will no doubt be a great display of personal development on both of our parts and on the part of our other teammate, Jimi Sitko.


I'll catch you later man, get back to eating.


RC - Wit u

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I've been growing my hair for 17 months, since my son cut it all off when he left back for Iraq (is in states right know). I told him he could cut my ponytail when he gets out of the Army. I felt at home here with some long haired vegans (guys). But if you have to cut your hair to get to the next level,so be it. To bad you didn't get it on tape. Maybe whe you do your underarms and body. LOL

I hope you blast em all. I gonna have to get my checkbook and send off a couple of buck. I'll PM you when I do, so you can check with Robert, so he doesn't spend it all on his next permanent, or hair cut. LOL

You guys are gonna inspire me to go pick a fight with gravity.

Muscle up!

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Vegan Joe...You are awesome man!


Amy - I take offense to your comment


Oh yeah....this is Lean and Green's Blog.......ummmm, think quickly......."yeah buddy?" Just purchased a luxury vehicle? ........


See you later on tonight, and back in the gym tomorrow!


Let's make it happen man! 12 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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new vid below


Zack.. patronize me all you want..... ; oh and thanks for the hair comment.


xjohanx.... i still love the way you spell SIKED; haven't forgotten! Thanks for your support my friend. We're going to make a HUGE presence out there. Progress is unfurling SUPER QUICK right now.


RC it is funny thinking of you as malicious as you're the exact opposite. I'll trash talk, step up! Hope we get to train together today if our schedules coincide


Vegan Joe; that's sick. What an great thing to do for him. Thank you for your contributions and always kind and encouraging words. Oh and don't worry bout RC spending it all on a hair cut once he loses.... I will be responsible for buzzing it RIGHT OFF! >:-) Don't worry; we'll catch some good footage going forward. I won't let the world miss out on RC getting his PT chopped off.....


Thanks Amy and Harley! I still miss my long hair but I show no fear; and now i have nothing to lose while RC is going DOWN >:-)


There's been a delay with uploading; i have to fix a couple of things with my connection. Sorry for the delay; these vids should be getting posted sooner....



07_Sunwarrior, Eating BIG, Getting Swol (02/01/09)


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This post is a doosey but all the info is good and it isn't a rant. Just keeping all updated with the busy regimen of training and what's been going on


I was trying to keep this a strictly "video blog" response thread even though there were times I wanted to just type something up quickly. I suppose it's a good idea; agreed Robert. I actually have a video to upload and I need to make another one soon but in the meanwhile, I will update with some stuff and try to keep this journal a little more up to date, even if I don't get a chance to film vids and upload. It will keep excitement going RC... i'm with ya


So where am I right now?? I'm in the lobby of our gym (24 hr fitness), and i'm in between workouts. I generally work in the early evenings so i carpool with Dani in the morning and getan early workout. Then I rest for 1-2 hours and get a second workout. BUDDAY. Robert and Natasha should be here shortly to join me for workout # 2. It's 1:01pm ROBERT; where the heck are ya? You said you'd be here before 1pm. I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiting. Need that second workout. need to throw some d's on it. There he is right on cue singing throw some d's on it lolol BUDDAY!!!!!


Today? Finished a back attack workout. about 60 pullups wide and narrow and then 20 worksets, mainly an 8 rep range with some drop sets for the last work set of several exercises. I enjoy doing 4-5 sets per exercise.


Workout #2 today? I have calves, forearms and another 20min cardio session; probably on the stationary bicycle.


My plans for cardio right now are a 2 days on (20 min sessions, low intensity 130bpm hr age28) and then 1 day off over and over again and to gradually add to this as time progresses.


I'm starting to wonder if i'm eating too much/gaining too much but then I look at myself and realize i'm still below 10% bf and that I can afford to pack some size on. I guess i'm just nervous about coming in at peak conditioning because for the last comp i was alot lower in bf 11 weeks out. I know i'll be ok; I just hope i don't have to starve myself at the end too quickly and deplete all the builded muscle just to lean out the right way. I'll figure it out i'm sure.


It's basically getting to the grind right now and time is ticking to start to get ready to eat less and bump up the cardio even more as the days go by. I'm on it! The time is now....


Some highlights from last week:


*Weekend posing workshop with one of the best trainers in the nation and an npc judge for over

20 years. Fitness/figure/bbing competitors flew in from everywhere to be there to work with him.

Felt like i was on stage; we all posed together. Pretty freaking intense lineup! He was hardcore

and made sure we understood to take his advice seriously and put it into action. We need to

make arrangements to work with him going forward to develop a sweet routine and handle the

prejudging like champs....

*11 total workouts:

*Every single exercise STRONGER

*Squat Highlights --> 360lb X 2 reps …. 560lb partials on 12th workset for 4 reps

Bench Press / Shoulder workouts going up; training hard. Although shoulder has been getting

finnicky as of late.

*70lb db shoulder press for 6 reps on my 4th workset

*Feeling the effects of heavy and frequent sessions (the last 3 days i have been sleeping in excess

of 7-8 hours a night and i wake up still a bit fatigued and glued to the bed. It also has

something to do with the fact that with many days of overeating; my nights were disturbed with

waking up to go to the br/nightmares/nightsweats from too much food intake bf bed which

always happens to be with heavy meals pre bedtime... etc etc... ALTHOUGH, i did eat heavy before

bedtime the last two nights and my body was ok. I guess it's a combo of my body being overtired

and shutting down as well as it getting acclimated to the fact that the food intake is not going to

be slowing down....

*3 plate on chest crunches for 6 reps a set plus drop sets; behind neck crunches with a 15lb dumb

bell behind the neck for 100 repetitions total. Core gets WICKED sore for 4 days after i train it

every time.


Daily living and this new regimens effects on it:

*Gas out of control. 2 enema sessions during the week; helped IMMENSELY and immediately. Dani

was very appreciative of this. It has been better past couple of days but it's probably going to

continue on full force in waves. The onset of it in excess had alot to do with loading 20gm a day of creatine and it taking effect over the course of that week and the following. It's still going to be more than usual though because I take in so much protein. Upwards of 2+ grams per lb of bodyweight...

*I feel like I Never stop eating!

*woke up @ 183lbs! / weighed in at 187.5 in evening with clothes on at RC's house. About 8.7%



Average Daily Food Intake:

*6 cups sprouted mung beans and dehydrated broccoli florets with garlic lemon and sea salt.

*4-5 Lara Bars

*120gm of protein intake from sunwarrior

*230gm of protein intake from algae

What can I say???? I'm a fan of excessive intake of protein well above recommended values and logical values when I want to build at a rapid pace. It seems to work for me

I went from 170lb - 183lb in 1 month.

*4-8 cups sprouted buckwheat in dehydrated form mixed with carob and stevia and served with

2-3 handfuls of strawberries and home made pumpkin seed milk. Once upon rising once upon

going to bed. Prob 2500 calories worth i'm imagining.

*2 1/2 tbsp Cacao Powder



Non Raw: Creatine Monohydrate (12gm a day); AAKG (10-20gm a day)

Raw: Kola Nut (stimulating) , Cissus Quadrangularis Herb (healing / tp repair rotator cuff...





Next post should hopefully be my vid of 1/4 squats at 505lb for reps, budday! Just need to set up the upload......

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It's def ALL about the Lara Bars! lol They're like crack for raw foodists. I should be eating cleaner but whatever it's portable bulking food.


Put anotha AAAAAfffv on Washer


This is a video from me and RC's training session last on Feb 1st. Just picked it up from his cam to upload. I am going 515lb quarter/partial squats. I wound up working my way up to 560lb quarter squats. Next week I am going for more. this week I did some ass to the grass squats well below parallel with 225lbs x 8 reps x 5 sets and then some other stuff. Oh and for those of you who have seen Pumping Iron, you should get a kick out of my brooklyn/ferrigno style self motivating banter (still addicted to the twisted evil emoticon, lol)


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