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LnG's RawVeganBodybuilder Video Blog; CONTEST TOMORROW

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Dude! Finally some pictures! These are awesome.


Dude LnG, you look even better than you did in Oregon. You look way more defined, and I didn't even think that was possible. That side chest pose looks sweeeeeeeeeeeet! It also looks like you were much more confident in your poses. I really wish I could have been there.

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Looking way good. My friend Jessica just said hot hot you were. Lol I wont tell Dani.. Oh wait. Damn, well compliments from the peanut gallery anyways. BTW Looks good defination was amazing, with more size and holding that defination youll do amazing.

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Throughout the past couple days I stumbled upon this website & your blog, and have read over the entire thing. Your story and blog have given me renewed inspiration, and the knowledge needed, to set forth and conquer my goals: One, to eliminate meat from my diet to live a healthier lifestyle and separate myself from unethical treatment of animals. Two, to hit the weights with intensity once again. Get SWOL budday (so 2009?)!!! Three, become involved in the physical activities that once brought me joy. Four, spread the word of vegan-ism & its benefits.


Thank you and all the best LNG & veganbodybuilding.com!

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