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LnG's RawVeganBodybuilder Video Blog; CONTEST TOMORROW

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Nice surprise to see you today! Thanks for showing up during my workout....that was cool to see you. I didn't think I'd see you until tomorrow.


I think we'll leave around noon if that is cool. I'll call you if anything changes, but for now, let's aim for noon for our departure.


Thanks for helping me out when I locked my keys in the car.


Much appreciated!


All the best bro.



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Posing video is uploaded; how exciting! First time i've looked at my physique like this. Was good to take in. Hope you enjoy!


20_POSING, which I am terrible at_(03/16/09)

6 weeks out, showing what I got. Please no criticism. I am aware of the fact that i'm the WORST poser on earth. Just so show progress and you'll see how much better it improves once I go to a posing trainer and actually practice! Stats. 184.5lb in the am approx 5-7% bf.....


"Refueling Day" (saturday)


Spiralized Zucchini, Sundried Tomato Sauce, Dehydrated Broccoli, Dehydrated Mushrooms, Spices

1/2 Avocado, Sliced Roma Tomatoes, Spices



Couldn't sleep last night. Too much on my mind, nothing more than that. Getting dropped off at 24hr fitness by 10am over here, training for 1 1/2 hours and tanning. Then RC is picking me up and we head to corvallis. 2 more sessions.... together... brothers in iron! Some youtube footage on session #1; doc footage workout #2. Big day for training BUDDAY.


I'll prob just do an hour or so of cardio in the am.


Thanks for supporting me everybody. It's awesome to have others stand behind you and be able to do the same in a community that really means something to you

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Thanks for the props, L&G. Last Thursday's ab workout was tough! My log says 11:20a-1:10p. As I recall, you did 30 minutes of cardio afterward, then tanning at 1:45p, which means we had 1:50 of abs. Yowza! I had trouble putting my socks on the next day and took a full five days for recovery. Ready to hit the abs again soon!

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the ab comments love em! tytyTY I am glad, I feel they're going to be my conditioning weapon and my legs my size weapon everything else is proportioned but smaller than other competitors for sure, even between us three imo which is OK. I'm still hyped confident and ready


current update overworked rundown lacking sleep sore throat fighting getting suck


Answer? cancelled shift tonight tomorrow morning slept three hours today will alot tonight and this weekend one work sessions not two until monday. Regenerate rejuvenate keep healthy is the game plan. Ate alot by dieting down standards. Not by regular standards. Probably at or slightly above maintenance for my activity and weight/bf level right now which is ok. It happens. I needed comfort and to recover. I'll let eveyrone know when i'm 100% again. I hope my diet doesn't go off kilter i know it won't. Once you go off diet it can sometimes be hard getig back on track but this will NOT HAPPEN..... right?




STATS: these are approx measured by myself so they could be off


Body Weight (am, empty stomach) 182.5 lbs

approx bf: 5-7%? i think; hydrostatic analysis next week to follow up with gold standard in accuracy




Shoulders 48 1/2"

Chest 41 1/2"

Waist 32 1/2"

Arms 13 1/3"

Hips 39"

Quads 24"

Calves 15 1/2"

Forearms 11 1/2"

Neck 17"


I have an 'ideal' measurement symettrical proportions chart somewhere to calculate these into but i may not get that for awhile to compare to no time. But at least you see where i'm at. I'll get on Robert and Octopussior to do the same so you can see all our stats head to head BUDDAY. Let's do this thing make a statement that Vegan Bodybuilders are here to stay and we're doing it the SWOL way BUDDAY

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Posing video is uploaded;


Great job, but I have a little comment on your body... while posing it seems that you have a very hollow lower back and you have to do lots of work keeping your stomach flat, which doesn't look very natural. It's just a thing I noticed. For the rest compliments on the good work.

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and you have to do lots of work keeping your stomach flat, which doesn't look very natural.


it most certainly is! on it.........


Posing is a lot of work



9:30am posing session with 'Bam Bam' this sunday. thendanisays will do the filming. Will perhaps leak out some footage if not definitely a practice session


VegFest was a blast. Almost fully recovered from lack of sleep. Only 5 hours last night didn't help so much.


Been a delay in posting a new vlog. I have so much footage! I need to put some stuff together. Rainra offered to help but i need to send him the stuff i'd like pieced together. I did shoot my cardio session today which was alot of fun!!!


Vlog Entry #21: 2 mile ascent on super steep hill with Chelsie!; 03/25/09

switching it up from the old interview vlog trend. Nice cardio session today. I think I will do more cardi othis evening after my workout as well

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Have you not seen me blasting the twisted evil logo all over the place for the last 3 months!? NO SMILING.... lol



Man VegFest really set me back and just not sleeping in general. Last night was the most pathetic excuse for a workout I have ever had in the last 10 years. I have never had such a terrible experience attempting to train as I did yesterday. I just walked out 40 min later without having trained much there. I slept for about 8 1/2 - 9 hours last night. Let's hope that helped do the trick. I am going to try and get 8 hours of sleep a night every night for the next 7-10 days. I need to heal, be energized etc etc. 1hour sleep nights and 4 hour ones just don't cut it; especially with the workload and dieting down i'm doing with my body right now and the undue stress of bulking 6000+ cals a day only to cut them all out immediately thereafter and go at a deficit. I need to chill this week and rest. I'll be training hard, if my body allows it. It should as long as I sleep.


I am continuing to fight off whatever was trying to come out since last wednesday when I felt like something was attempting to get the better of me. I cancelled my two shifts at the end of last week before VegFest and tried to sleep. I felt better but then VegFest was lack of sleep and high activity all day and it started to come back. While I have not actually gotten sick; my body is fighting off and feeling rundown. I'm winning but i'm not at 100%. Sore throat every day last 4 days. It's getting better and better though. On sat and sunday i had no voice. Some flem hacking up lightly since last night and small coughing but nothing taking me out of comission.


Matter of fact going to train in a few and then later this evening as well.


Let's make sure i continue to SCHEDULE REST and get alot of sleep this weekend. I need it going in to the next 5 weeks

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DCNinja, MaryStella and Joelk, thank you for cheering me up, been out it. Throat still a wee bit sore this mornign but i'm feeling much better and getting my stuff together!


Nobbi, forgot to thank you for the advice. I have a training session 9:30am this sunday with a prof posing coach. Let''s see how that goes


Couldn't find new cam, found it now but too late. Filmed this in poor quality; SORRY!


@Jaleel; This shirt's for YOU Gave it to me first comp I ever did and won. I dont think they ever actually produced clothing but I love it!


22 _ The thank you vlog! _ (03/26/09)

Nothing more than a whole bunch of thank yous all around! Although, Dani thought it was my best vlopg EVER Lots of smiles thank you and clear discussion. for me, at least.... lol. (meal? zucchini spiralized , tomato blended , pine nuts 1/4 cup)

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